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HBK and Hate the theme on an intense episode of Raw

Will John Cena embrace the hate? Photo by: Stacy Podelski

Monday Night Raw was very intense on 2/13/12, as the Flagship Brand was trying to build-up not only the Elimination Chamber pay-per-view, but the granddaddy of them all-WrestleMania. Two of the main themes of the night is the continuation of the ‘Hate’ message, and HBK’s return to the company.

Here are the full results from Raw on the latest episode:

The Flagship brand begins with a video segment of the Kane/John Cena rivalry.

Live Kane promo bound and determined to get John Cena to embrace the hate, teases ambulance match for the Elimination Chamber pay-per-view.

Jerry Lawler introduces first ever Elimination Chamber Match debate, with all of the participants from the pay-per-view.

Participants fans most want to see include C.M. PunkDolph Ziggler and Chris Jericho

Thus far the WWE Universe is loving Punk and totally ripped John Laurinaitis

On why he will win the Chamber bout, Punk says, “Because I am the best wrestler in the world.”

R-Truth really selling his crazy ‘good guy’ gimmick to the fans

The Miz is speaking as to his chances at the Chamber

Kofi Kingston speaks-but no real reaction

Time for Y2J doing his heel stick

Interaction between the stars

Kingston vs. Jericho announced, as a confrontation with Y2J and C.M. Punk happened-while the two were arguing…Jericho goes to turn around and was greeted by a thunderous Trouble in Paradise.

Kofi was saying he will not be overshadowed by anyone anymore, and made that statement stand with that one move to Jericho.

Y2J def. Kofi Kingston: good back-and-forth action between the two stars, but Jericho uses his ‘Codebreaker’ finishing move to pick-up the victory.

Raw goes backstage where Shawn Michaels greets his best-friend Triple H-stay tuned for this one!

Up next Randy Orton vs. The Big Show

John Cena and Zack Ryder interact with each other, as Ryder wishes to profess his love to Eve. Cena vows to get the Diva for the wheelchair bound star. Wants to keep Zack safe from Kane, who is bound to attack the young lion to get at the resident Superman.

David Otunga and John Laurinaitis seen in the back, as the A-List has a plan to make the Exec GM of both Raw and SmackDown

Daniel Bryan comes out to watch the Orton/Show bout:

Randy Orton vs. The Big Show: Disqualification: Daniel Bryan came in and whacked Orton in the head with the World Heavyweight Championship. D-Bry also takes out The Big Show, to stand tall in the ring with the strap.

This was an okay bout, Orton pulled off an amazing DDT off the top rope…but messed up on the first of two RKO attempts. Got to love the WWE Universe getting on Randy, saying ‘You Messed Up!’ to The Viper before the second (more successful) RKO.

The WWE may try to sell fans on a Bryan/Orton feud, but fans will have to stay tuned to see what happens in the Elimination Chamber to see what direction the company wishes to take Smackdown.

It is now WrestleMania season with the return of HBK!

Shawn wants to see his best-friend accept the challenge of The Undertaker. HBK calls out Triple H, wants to see his former DX-running mate beat the ‘Streak’ of Undertaker this year.

Triple H comes to the ring. Hunter says he wishes he could see his friend more, which Shawn replies he will ‘work on it.’ The COO says that he will not face Taker at WrestleMania.

Shawn calls-out Hunter calling ‘The Game’ a sell-out for the events that had happened as of late. HBK called his best-friend a coward.

Hunter to HBK, ‘We are the end of an era, the smash mouth era, and the Undertaker is all that is left. I am not going to end that era for no reason.”

Shawn wants Hunter to look him in the eye and tell him that he really does not want to end the Undertaker. Triple H refuses, starts to walk away, proceeds to take off the jacket, looks at Shawn and says-‘No.’

Video promo by Undertaker, as the Phenom himself is trying to provoke the bout at WrestleMania.

Very intense segment, great build-up for WrestleMania by all participants.

R-Truth def. Dolph Ziggler via the small-package move. As of late Truth has been on a roll, and it’ll be i interesting to see what happens next. Very quick bout though.

Raw goes backstage with Santino Marella and Zack Ryder, a comedic moment for Valentine’s Day. Not much to it, just give people a chuckle after the tension build after the whole Triple H/HBK/Undertaker promo.

Beth Phoenix is at the play-by-play booth for the Tamina def. Brie Bella via the Snuka Splash. Seems like the company will push Tamina until Kharma is ready to get back in the ring. Should be a good one as Tamina is one of the few that can match Beth strength wise in the ring.

Video plugging The Rock and his new movie “Journey 2-The Mysterious Island” and the bout with John Cena at WrestleMania.

Cena was going to respond, before hearing screams in the back. It is Kane and he is taking Eve in the ambulance. Kane was about to drive away with the Diva, before she jumps out and into Cena’s arm, a very passionate kiss by Eve to Cena as Zack Ryder looks on.

That one move by Eve plants the seeds of a Ryder/Cena feud in the future. Eve tries to explain, but tells Ryder that she ‘just wants to be friends.’ Things not looking good for Zack.

C.M. Punk def. The Miz: Using the anaconda vice the straight-edge star picked-up a quick victory over The Awesome One.

Raw goes backstage where Kane and his ambulance returns to spread the message of hate. It has been six years, Cena is comfortable in his own skin, that he is proud to be who he is and what he does.

John Cena comes out (to rousing boos) apologizes to Zack Ryder, realizes this is Kane’s plan all along. To turn everyone against him and leave him alone to embrace the hate. Says that he will adapt, overcome and win at the Elimination Chamber.

Zack Ryder comes out in a wheelchair, crutches his way to the ring to encounter Cena. Ryder slaps the microphone out of Cena’s hand, before slapping John. Zack was going to attack John, before a counter and a held punch.

Ryder leaves the ring, cue Kane, who says that Cena has finally embraced the hate. Says on Sunday will be the last time John will compete until WrestleMania.

After the video promo, Cena was going to counter when Kane comes out grabs Zack by the wheelchair and pushes the young lion off the entrance ramp.

Raw ends with Ryder being taken to the hospital. Stay tuned as things continue to heat up in the WWE!

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