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Citi and Mets Alumni Association hold Softball for Heroes event

Mets-greats (l to r) John Franco, Darryl Strawberry and Ed Kranepool pose for a shot. Photo by: Stacy Podelski

Citi and the New York Mets Alumni Association teamed up with the MyGoodDeed organization to hold the Softball for Heroes event at Citi Field on a beautiful Sunday afternoon.

The Softball for Heroes game, was a part of a series of activities to support MyGoodDeed, and was probably the highlight for many. Throughout the day one could see both the participants in the softball game, along with the Mets-greats in attendance having a great time.

With Mets legends such as Ed Charles, John FrancoEd Kranepool and Darryl Strawberry cheering on a few lucky participants, who had the opportunity to purchase a spot to play softball at the home of the New York Mets. Afterward fans were invited to watch their team take on the Atlanta Braves. All proceeds will be donated to MyGoodDeed.

MyGoodDeed is a non-for profit origination that annually organizes the 9/11 Day of service and remembrance (9/11 Day) which seeks to provide a positive and forward-looking way for Americans, and others to forever honor and remember the victims, survivors- and many others.

The 9/11 Day of Service was co-founded by David Paine and Jay Winuk-who are very good friends and co-workers. Winuk lost his younger brother Glenn-an attorney and volunteer firefighter, in the line of duty at the World Trade Center.

Mr. Winuk was kind enough to take time to chat with 1495 Sports before the Citi Softball for Heroes event took place, and tell us more about his organization.

“We wanted people to see the other side of 9/11 not the attacks, but the fact that people were getting together to do something good and help out,” Winuk said of the philosophy of the 9/11 Day of Service. “Millions of people in all 50 states and countries all over the world now mark 9/11 by doing acts of kindness and good deeds.”

As for Paine, he found inspiration to start this special day-from an event the New York Mets organization, including players, planned to donate a day’s wages to the relief efforts. Not only did the team do that-but they also volunteered their time and energy to making supplies got to ‘Ground Zero’ during the time of the attacks.

One of the many leaders on that Mets team in 2001 was Franco-who was also the captain of the Mets during the time of the attacks. John was kind enough to chat with 1495 Sports about the day’s events.

“I think it is important for the Alumni Association to come out, team up and to give back to the community,” Franco said. “You have Darryl, Ed Kranepool, Ed Charles, and I here-just to say thank you, sign autographs and watch some of the action.”

On the importance of giving back today, “It is always important to come out -give back and help out in any way you can. I know the Met Alumni Association has been doing that since Day One of September 11, 2001, and the Met organization has always been behind anything charitable concerning 9/11.”

One of the more special moments for the old-school Mets fans at Citi Field, was when Ed Kranepool showed he still had game, cracking a single into left field for one of the lucky teams in attendance.

The participants of the winning team, and the Most Valuable Players’ were also in for a treat; as the team received an autographed baseball by David Wright-along with the MVP of each team receiving a Tom Seaver autographed baseball.

All in all it was about more than just a game at Citi Field today, as all the members of the team really had an opportunity to shine and bond during the course of the day. It just goes to show the true spirit of New York, that a simple thing like sports can bring people together.

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