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Eat Smart Program a Hit thanks to Amazin Mets Foundation, GrowNYC Empire BlueCross BlueShield

As an Athlete one of the keys to success is being able to eat healthy, in order to perform at their best every single guy and gal that steps onto the field have a very strict diet that they follow.

For someone like Mets Outfielder Mark Canha, who announced recently that he is starting up a food review blog on YouTube called BigLeagueFoodie Chronicles, where he and his teammates go around to different restaurants and trying meals, food is a joy.

Canha, who hails from San Jose, California, first fell in love with food when he was younger when his Father made a cheese risotto dish that sparked the outfielder’s passion for food.

To see more of what Mark had to say fans are encouraged to check out the video below:

Photo Gallery from the Eat Smart Program can be found below. Photos by: Stacy Podelski/1495Sports:

Also huge s/o and thanks to Chris Miceli ~Director of Small Group and PEO at Empire BlueCross BlueShield for sharing these thoughts with us:

In addition, fans are encouraged to check out the following videos from the day:

Now thanks to his time with Oakland and New York, the outfielder has ventured out to use his voice and platform to be able to speak up more about food and how important that it can be.

When it came time for promoting one of the Amazin’ Mets Foundation new programs in the Eat Smart, the franchise knew who to call when it came time for helping them out.

Partnering up with great companies such as GrowNYC have teamed up with Empire BlueCross BlueShield, Canha spent the day at PS 201 Discovery School for Inquiry and Research in Queens to teach the younger ones the importance of healthy eating and living on a daily basis.

It is a day that is fun and festive as the Educational Leaders made learning about food and the preparation of the meal easy and simple. Not only that but the food that was in front of the children on that day came from the New York market, and that taught them a ton about sustainability.

Overall, the program is a success, and hopefully one the Amazin’ Mets Foundation runs more frequently as it is in the early years that children are the most influential and are able to hear the words that Canha as well as the rest of the counselors are able to share with them.

To find out more information fans are encouraged to check out the links below:

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Local Non-Profit in New York | The Amazin’ Mets Foundation (amazinmetsfoundation.org)

GrowNYC | The Sustainability Resource for New Yorkers

Empire New York Medicaid (empireblue.com)

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