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There is Something Special about Gotham FC as team prepares for Mother’s Day Clash

With the sun shining on Gotham FC, the members of Gotham FC all were playing together and continuing to build the chemistry that they hope can help propel them throughout the 2023 NWSL Season.

Fans can check out the video below to check out sights from the team’s training session that was held on 5/11:

Also check out the following photo gallery from the training session the team had on 5/11:

On the day that the franchise announced their partnership with Shady Grove Fertility, and fully embracing their athletes as people one can tell the genuine caring that those on the team have for the other.

That has been one of the main keys for the team being successful is the fact that one can tell how much the team cares for the other, how much they support each other and how much they want to play for and win for each other.

There are a ton of great storylines leading up to the team’s next match, that is going to be held on May 14 at Red Bull Arena. As the team is not only celebrating Mothers everywhere, they are also celebrating Asian American and Native Hawaiian/Pacific Islander (AANHPI) Heritage Month along with it being a battle of the stars of Brazil.

One of the more impressive stories that came out of training is the juggling act of one Allie Long, as she is balancing being a new mom with her responsibilities with being a professional women’s soccer player.

There has been a ton of dedication that has gone into Long and the training that she has put in, as well as learning how to travel with her new family. One of the many fortunate things about this year’s Gotham FC squad is the fact that the support and love that the ladies have shown for Long and her family.

To hear more from Long and how she has been able to juggle being a Mom and a part of the Gotham FC roster fans are encouraged to check out the video below:

The support starting with Head Coach Juan Carlos Amorós, who is a father, leading the way in showing that there can be support for the person as a whole and in every aspect of their lives.

In addition to celebrating the Moms that are going to be in attendance, there is going to be a battle of the soccer stars of Brazil as Bruninha of Gotham FC takes on Marta and Adrianna of the Pride.

To hear  Bruninha’s story is one that will leave many in awe, as she had left home at an early age to fulfill her dream of player soccer in New York. The adjustments that had to be made, to go along with how to figure out a new culture and a new language and new customs all within a very short time span is something to be admired.

Fans of Gotham FC can check out what Bruninha had to say about her experiences by checking out the video below:

In addition, fans can check out what Head Coach Head Coach Juan Carlos Amorós had to say by checking out the video seen below:

Sunday is going to be a day filled with fun and festivities as Gotham FC plays host to the Orlando Pride on Sunday, May 14 at 5:30 p.m.

For more information on Gotham FC fans are encouraged to click on the link seen here:

NJ/NY Gotham FC (sportngin.com)

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