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Burning Up The Track At The Pocono 400

By Robert B. Leckington, MCM
Sunday 7/24/2022 9:00pm

LONG POND, PA. Growing up we all see how action-packed being at a NASCAR race is like when it is on TV, but a lot of us don’t get an opportunity to see first-hand how amazing it really is. The camaraderie of the fans as they camp out all weekend along the outer section of the track, the bustling busy-bee workers that make the event go smoothly, the advertisers that we see the names of along the walls of the track that get televised — we see on-site peddling their products. The drivers and their crews lined up along pit row before their qualifying race each day is something to see. And then once the race starts, the rumbling of the cars vibrating on the track, the loud motors, is nothing like what we see on television. You hear it, you FEEL it. Such an event that anyone who is a true-blue NASCAR fan should experience at least just once in their lifetime.

UPDATE: Since the writing of this article 15 minutes ago, post race inspections have disqualified Denny Hamlin in the number 11 car and runner-up Kyle Bucsh. The new winner is Chase Elliott, driver for Kendrick Motorsports.

The M&M’s Fan Appreciation 400 NASCAR race held this past weekend in the Poconos had many positive qualities that any first-time observer may find attractive, possibly spurring future race visits based on such a positive experience. The “Tricky Triangle” as the Pocono Raceway is called, is like a vacation city within a migrating vacation city because it is only one stop for an industry that makes several across the country with notable locations in Florida, Alabama, North Carolina, even in California, among others.

Something that you would not notice but would somehow expect would be seeing multiple drivers that lay in wait, possibly to finish the race if the main driver is not able to. This little tidbit is something that you do not see on television, you only hear or see the main driver’s names; you know who they are. Kyle Busch, Kevin Harvick, Ricky Stenhouse, Jr., Bubba Wallace among others, all were present this past weekend. Even race commentary being provided by co-announcer Dale Earnhardt, Jr was a highlight to the race.

During live action on Saturday, Kurt Busch became ineligible for Sunday’s Cup Series Race due to a single car wreck during a qualifying run mid-day. Ty Gibbs took his place.

1495 Sports is proud to bring the following photo gallery from the M&M’s Fan Appreciation 400 NASCAR event. Photos by: Robert B. Leckington:

Denny Hamlin, a driver for the Toyota team in Car 11, won Sunday’s Pocono race, his seventh win at the tricky triangle tying Jeff Gordon for most all-time wins, and his 49th win overall. In turn this also marks his third Cup Series win.

Early in the race, multiple drivers lost control over their cars mainly due to track issues, but also to equipment malfunctions. Since the track was brutal toward the drivers, in an interview after a qualifying run on Saturday, Hamlin stated, “Every time I come here, there is a lot of different things here, it’s a challenge”.

1495 Sports also encourages fans to check out some of the videos Robert B Leckington was able to take from Day 2 by clicking on the link below:

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