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Mexican Strap match makes U.S. debut April 1 in Dallas

Cesar Duran has signed a Mexican Strap Match: Aramis vs. Gino Medina for Friday, April 1 at Cesar Duran’s MLW AZTECA UNDERGROUND hosted by Gilley’s in Downtown Dallas with a special 2pm matinee, featuring an MLW Fusion TV taping and interactive experience.


Grab your tickets at http://www.MLWLucha.com and Eventbrite.

As the bloody feud boils over in MLW, Cesar Duran has signed one of Lucha Libre’s most popular and unpredictable stipulation matches: a Mexican Strap Match!

A Mexican Strap Match features luchadores surrounding the ring, similar to a lumberjack match. The key difference: each ringside luchador is equipped with an unforgiving leather Mexican strap!

Guaranteed to see vicious attacks on the competitors if they spill out to ring, expect the ringside luchadores to crack their Mexican leather straps on both Aramis and Gino Medina when the fight goes out of the ring. Who knows? The Mexican leather strap could come into play even if Gino and Aramis are in the ring!

A bitter Gino Medina attacked Aramis after losing a trios match a few weeks back on FUSION. Now, this feud escalates as the Mexican Strap Match makes its debut north of the border in Dallas on April 1.

Will Gino Medina or Aramis be on the receiving end of the unforgiving Mexican leather strap? Find out April 1st in Dallas Cesar Duran presents MLW AZTECA UNDERGROUND!

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