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Time to Paint the City Blue as New York City FC wins first MLS Cup

New York City has their first ever Major League Soccer Championship as New York City FC will bring home the title in what was a dramatic, intense and action-packed victory over the Portland Timbers on Saturday.

The match had a bit of everything, some amazing opportunities some stellar defense and even extra time that eventually led into penalties.

The match started with some great action as both teams shined and showed off some quality scoring chances, it wasn’t until the 41st minute when Taty Castellanos was able to get a header into the goal for an early 1-0 lead.

New York City FC played defense and kept the Timbers off the board and had seemed as if they were going to win the MLS Cup in regular time, but in the 94th minute Felipe Mora was able to find the dramatic equalizer to tie up the match.

1495Sports is proud to bring the following MLS Cup-Post Match Press Conference featuring Ronny Delia, Taty Castellanos and Sean Johnson:

The two teams headed into the extra time period and wasn’t able to find the game-winner, thus sending the two teams into the rarely seen penalty kicks. When the penalties started the Boys in Blue were able to get some stellar shots in to give them the lead.

Then it was keeper and Captain Sean Johnson making some huge saves to keep his team in the match. Finally it was Alex Callens time to step in and see if he could win the match, Callens lined-up his shot taking a big breath in to see where he would try to position his golden opportunity and found the exact spot that he was looking for in capping his place in the history books along with New York City FC in becoming Champions.

Now it is time to paint the City Blue, as New York officials are currently planning how to properly celebrate the Boys in Blue who were also Champions off the field in giving back to the Community.

It was announced recently by Mayor De Blasio that New York City will have a celebration to honor New York City FC that will be held on Tuesday, December 14 at 12 p.m. at the New York City Hall. The event is open for the public.

To celebrate winning the Audi 2021 MLS Cup – Major League Soccer’s most important trophy – for the first time in Club history, New York City Football Club (NYCFC) today announced the City will host a ceremony on the steps of City Hall to honor the team and present them with keys to the City tomorrow, December 14th at 12:00 PM.
“This is a historic win for NYCFC and for New York City,” said Mayor Bill de Blasio. “The grit, tenacity, and resiliency this team has displayed this season and in the final game has been an inspiration. On behalf of 8.8 million New Yorkers, congratulations to our champions! We can’t wait to celebrate with you at City Hall.”
“We knew the journey to becoming Champions would not be easy, and we took the responsibility of playing ‘For the City’ seriously. We can’t wait to bring our City’s trophy to the steps of City Hall and celebrate together,” said NYCFC CEO Brad Sims.

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