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Marie-Eve Dicaire learned invaluable lesson from Claressa Shields fight

Popular Canadian boxer Marie-Eve Dicaire learned an invaluable albeit disappointing lesson in her decision-loss to now-undisputed world super welterweight champion Claressa Shields (11-0, 2 KOs) on the March 3rd “SUPERWOMEN” pay-per-view event.

Dicaire (17-1) suffered her first loss as a professional and in boxing that often leads in one direction or the opposite: learning from the overall experience and improving as a boxer or continue fighting as just a former world champion chasing opportunity. Two weeks after the Shields fight, Marie-Eve was right back in training, rather than wallowing in her first loss and feeling sorry for herself.

“Clearly,” Dicaire said, “I learned a lot. I went right back to the gym with a precise plan to take my boxing to another level. I’ve realized many things, some good and some bad, but it will definitely help become a more complete fighter.”

“After two weeks off, I had more than enough. Also, during the last year we experimented with a new way to work. I go to the gym for intense training for a few weeks, then take a few days off to rest. This method has brought me to another level, so we decided to work this way for my upcoming camp, because I felt great in the ring. I’m an overachiever. I can’t rest when I know I lost. I needed to get the work done to enjoy true vacations. I know I will be in the ring again soon.”

Losses ultimately lead to changes but Dicaire’s goal of becoming undisputed world champion remains the same. What’s changing, though, is her style, at least to some degree, especially considering she has zero knockouts during her pro career.

“I was born ready, so the sooner, the better,” Dicaire spoke about winning another world title. “I want to become a unified, undisputed world champion and this is why I am already back to work. We’re working on improving some of my weaknesses that weren’t a priority before. I’ll be working on improving my power and inside fighting during this training camp.”

Dicaire also learned that her support system has grown, remarkably, even after the initial setback on her otherwise undefeated record.

“I thought I was going to deal with the loss alone with my family and close friends,” Dicaire concluded, “but it’s been the exact opposite. I have never experienced so much support from fans during my entire career. It is like everybody is aware I have everything it takes to become champion of the world again and they’re with me during this new journey.”

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