Mets Nationals Play Two in Nations Capital

The New York Mets (26-31) have a glimmer of hope when it comes time for the 2020 Major League Baseball Playoff hunt. Thanks to a 3-2 victory over the Washington Nationals (23-34) and a San Diego Padres victory over the San Francisco Giants that same day.

Now the boys in Blue and Orange will have to sweep the Nationals in the doubleheader that will be played today (Saturday) and get a huge assist from Giants and the Philadelphia Phillies who need to lose the rest of their games. There is another alternative route the Mets can take, which is the Milwaukee Brewers would have to lose at least one of their remaining two games for a chance to be had.

If anything the team who has just been trying to focus on what they can control, will just probably zero in on how to beat the defending World Series Champs who have two very tough pitchers on the mound in Max Scherzer (4-4, 3.67 ERA) in the opener and Anibal Sanchez (3-5, 6.80 ERA) in the game to be played at night. Slated to take the mound for New York will be the duo of Rick Porcello (1-6, 5.46 ERA) and Jacob deGrom (4-2, 2.14 ERA).

The franchise will have to figure out how to get into the playoffs without Michael Conforto, who is on the injured list due to left hamstring tightness in a game that he played on Sunday.

It will be interesting to see who will step up for New York, as they have not been able to figure out Scherzer who has been able to throw a no-hitter against New York in a doubleheader which was played on October 3, 2015. If he is able to earn a victory against the Mets in the opener, Scherzer will be able to finish .500 for the 11th straight season and tie with Clayton Kershaw for the longest active streak.

deGrom is still in the hunt for his third consecutive NL Cy Young Award and will hope to replicate his last outing, which was a Seven Inning 14-stikeout performance to assist him with that bid.

The games between the Mets and the Nationals are set for 3:05 p.m. and 6:05 p.m. with the action airing on the SNY and MASN Network.

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5 comments on “Mets Nationals Play Two in Nations Capital

  1. Yeah, it’s toast. I pretty much figured we were out of it last week. Just been too challenging a season. Hopefully, the new ownership will give us a better team next year

    • Patti
      Hey had a heck of a season, it’ll be interesting to see what the new owners do. If you were a part of management who would you sign player wise?

      • Gotta do everything to keep deGrom and Thor. They are central. Alonso has to have at least another year to see if he figures it out. He had a good year, just wasn’t connecting as much and a lot of people are already ready to cast him out – I’m not. Keep Nimmo, McNeil, Cano, and Davis. Everyone else is up for grabs.

      • Keeping deGrom and Thor will be huge, you know fans will be pissed if either leaves for whatever reason. I’d give Pete more than a year, I mean the guy just got called up from the Minors and it always takes I’d say a good 2-3 years to really get into a groove of things. In terms of free agent is there one that you would think the Mets should try to grab or maybe focus on prospects and keep building for the future?

      • I’ve always been in the build from within camp, but they need to do something to mollify the fans for at least next year. Sepends on Cohen’s style of ownership – is he ready to dish out money to free agents or going to work harder on the farm system? I’m hoping it’s the farm system, but we’re too good of a team not to be a contender. There’s a lot of great players, they just need to work on a few things. Major one is the bullpen. If they could find a good closer or two, I think they could take it all.

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