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WWE RAW Espisode 6/22 -Things are a bit Head Scratching as We Work Our Way To Extreme Rules

Overall some of the matches on the 6/22 episode of Monday Night Raw were incredible. Really enjoyed the second part of the Apollo Crews vs Shelton Benjamin bout as both men really got to show their amazing athletic ability. Unsure if there is any way for the WWE to allow for these two men to go at in in a longer match that truly shows off how amazing they are that would be something the fans at home would really appreciate.

Also thought the bout between Charlotte Flair and Asuka was amazing, as the WWE is really cementing the legacy of Asuka as one of the greatest Women’s Wrestlers to step in the ring. There are a few that can match submissions with Asuka (a match with Shanya Baszler would be one that many fans would really enjoy right now). One could tell that there is something about Charlotte Flair that brings out the best in Asuka and vice versa.

In the WWE always finds new ways to surprise me as a fan department, I was sitting there last night thinking for sure that Nia Jax was going to come out and interrupt the bout between Charlotte and Asuka-to set up a rivalry between Nia and Charlotte. Instead they had Nia attack Charlotte afterward. I, for one thought this was a brilliant move to allow for Charlotte Flair and Asuka to tell a great story in the ring.

The start of the night was amazing as well as Dolph Ziggler challenged Drew McIntyre for the WWE Championship. This fan is really hoping for these two men to really be allowed to go at each other, tell a great story in the ring and whoever emerges with the Championship it’ll be a very well deserved win for that man. Dolph has shown for years that he has the IT factor and providing many great matches and memories but is the company really ready to end the reign of Drew, who is doing an amazing job as the champ so far. Will see at the Extreme Rules Pay-Per-View.

There were a few things that were really muddy and or confusing for me as a fan, and if the WWE fans in the world are reading this -you can feel free to voice your opinions and let me know if you agree or not.

The segment with MVP talking to Apollo Crews is one segment that got really muddy for me. I enjoyed the fact that MVP continues to try to convince Apollo as to why Apollo would need the former US Champion by his side. The thing that is really confusing with this last promo was -does MVP  want to guide Apollo Crews or challenge him for the United States Championship. There was no real direction in where they wanted to take the rivalry.

Being someone who is still in the ring and a manager there is an interesting line that MVP has to walk and I wonder what he and the rest of the staff that are a part of the WWE creative are trying to convey to the fans. MVP and Bobby Lashley are an interesting duo and thus far it seems as if Lashley is in fact more focused and going after more higher profile matches with MVP instead of Lana….just the thing is what does MVP want to do with himself.

From what is seen from this fans perspective he has been able to put on some amazing matches so far, so would he want to wrestle some more. The potential for dream matches with MVP in the company are many-but I can also understand that MVP is a businessman and wanting to guide some people to new heights as well. I am actually surprised that MVP has not thought of he and Lashley challenging for the Tag Team Championships.

Also a little surprised that he would have Lashley go after Apollo Crews-unless the ultimate goal is for him and Bobby Lashley to have both Singles gold and the Tag Team championships (much like they are trying to do with the Golden Role Models Sasha Banks and Bayley).

A little surprised that the WWE would move on from the Bobby Lashley -Drew McIntyre rivalry so quickly, but it does keep things fresh. Most fans may agree the Heavyweight Championship being more dynamic and defended against different opponents makes things way more dynamic and interesting for those at home. Just one who is a fan of Bobby Lashley may dislike seeing him get lost in the shuffle again, because it took him a very long time to even get that one opportunity to begin with.

Overall it was a really fun night of WWE RAW, the only other thing that was confusing was the crowd noise. Am not sure if the WWE was trying to edit in the crowd noise of if that was the way the trainees in the Performance Center actually reacted. There were some moments where the crowd noise was just off and that also left me confused.

Also a little unsure of what the WWE is trying to do with one Liv Morgan, the woman has been promoted so heavily as to now wanting to stand on her own two feet-but now because she has lost a few matches she may somehow reunite with Ruby Riott. I can understand the WWE maybe wanting to reignite the Tag Division again as who can really challenge Sasha Banks and Bayley; but aren’t there other matches that both Liv and Ruby have before reuniting.

Would like to see what the current women’s roster for RAW looks like and maybe imagine some of the possibilities for feuds that could happen right now. Can the WWE call up someone from NXT to give them a shot on the RAW roster or will they just try to figure out what to do with their current roster. Something to keep an eye out for.

Other Pro Wrestling News 

Rumors are circulating that the Undertaker has made his last ride in the WWE ring. There have been many moments where fans thought that the Phenom was going to step away from the ring to only be surprised by his appearance at whatever big event the WWE is having. It has been interesting to now see after all this time the man who plays the Undertaker and his private life being shown for the world to see.

This fan figured with the introduction to the Cinematic Matches that would help open new doors and dream matches for the Undertaker. That the legacy of the Deadman can live on, but now to hear that he is going to retire is interesting. It will be interesting to see if the future Hall of Famer will in fact retire or come back for one last match.

Wednesday’s have been fun so far with Pro Wrestling fans having both the NXT and All Elite Wrestling products to choose from. The matches that have been seen in both NXT and AEW have been incredible so far. This fan has been hoping for years to see NXT on Television, as I had hoped it would do the talent a ton of good in promoting them, their style of matches and their storytelling. It is great to see for example an Adam Cole and how amazing he is in the ring before (if/when) he gets his call to either RAW or SmackDown.

This fan even wonders if that talent could even opt to stay in NXT if the time comes to going to RAW or SmackDown. So far the only talent to get a call to a different company has been Matt Riddle.

Recommended viewing for all reading this is AEW Dark that is showcased on the AEW YouTube page. They are able to highlight so many of the talent that isn’t seen on the TNT network, and sometimes they build rivalry and feuds on Dark that then get leveraged to television. What is great to me is the fact that the talent that is seen on TV has been participating in AEW Dark. They just had current champ John Moxley on there, which is a tremendous opportunity for anyone in AEW Dark. Imagine if you are an up and coming talent and you get to wrestle the current AEW Champion in Jon Moxley and have a great night against him-that is a career defining moment for any young lion.

Am really excited to see Keith Lee vs Johnny Gargano vs Finn Balor in what should be an epic bout in NXT. They have had some incredible matches in the black and gold brand and enjoy how they promote some of the newer talent that is within their roster.

What do you all think of some of the matches we have seen thus far from WWE, NXT AEW or heck we can even talk Impact Wrestling. Feel free to leave your thoughts and enjoy what is going to be a great week of Pro Wrestling.

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