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Sporting Events Postponed, played to No Audience or even Suspended due to Coronavirus

The rumors were in the air that the Coronavirus was coming. The spread of this virus rocked the international market and now has made its way to the United States. So far it has completely changed the way that the world of sports has played. At first most College and Universities were going to play in front of no crowds, now most are starting to agree to cancel their events.

There have been so many events that have been postponed, delayed and or even canceled thanks to this virus. Even now a league like the WNBA whose season runs mainly during the summer months is trying to figure out what the best course of action will be.

For the most part places are starting to cancel, getting everyone to stay in doors until maybe this bug spreads. So far established Conferences like the NCAA’s Northeast Conference has decided to cancel most of their spring games. Even Major League Baseball is delaying a ton of games thanks to this quick spreading bacteria.

The staff of 1495Sports strongly advise everyone to please stay on top of whatever league and sport that you follow and send positive energy that this virus goes away as quickly as it came. Make sure you sanitize things, make sure you are prepared and to all having to travel please be safe with your travels.

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