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Tyson Fury claims WBC belt in dominating fashion

As there were many great sports events all throughout Saturday everyone was waiting for the main event of the night, as Deontay Wilder took on Tyson Fury II. This was the second fight between these giants, the first one ending in a majority draw. The matchup was interesting when you take a look at the numbers. Before the fight, Wilder was 42-0-1 with 42 KO’s and Fury was 29-0-1 with 21 KO’s. Fury is 6’9 271lbs and Wilder is 6’7 231lbs. Fury had the advantage in height and weight, nonetheless, these two men are absolutely massive.

Tyson Fury was the first to walk out to the ring. His entrance was an interesting choice, but as all big boxing entrances, and was dragged out too long. Fury came out sitting on a throne that was on a moving platform with a kings crown and cloak. Wilder walked out to a mini performance by the winner of the Netflix original “Rhythm and Flow” rapper D-Smoke. His appearance was his usual crazy, transformer looking, diamond studded suit of armor.

The fight started off slow and steady with both fighters just feeling each other out. The first three rounds were just that, with Fury out landing Wilder 30 to 21. Towards the end of the third round, Fury dropped Wilder with a mean right to the back of the head that sent Wilder to the canvas. After round three was over, Fury decided to kick it up a notch. Fury hit Wilder 27 times, while Wilder only landed 7 more punches through round five. Halfway through round 5, Fury once again dropped Wilder, but this time with a nasty hook to the body. Wilder didn’t look the same after getting dropped a second time. The total strikes landed up to this point were in favor of Fury, 57-28.

With Fury already doubling the amount of punches landed through five rounds, he stepped it up to another level in round six. Wilder only landed 3 punches that round while Fury unloaded, landing another 17 blows to the head and body of Wilder. Fury tasted blood, literally, as he licked the blood off of Wilder’s shoulder during a clinch. Round seven was the end of it all. Wilder looked out of gas, legs wobbly and throwing almost no punches. A combination of jabs and rights had Wilder backing up, eventually backing himself into a corner. Fury capitalized on that opportunity by throwing a flurry of punches until the ref had seen enough. The Gypsy King, Tyson Fury wins the fight by way of TKO in round 7.

Wilder was not happy about the stoppage, claiming that he was ok and still had gas left in the tank. Wilder said in a post fight interview, “I just wish my corner would have let me go out on my shield. I’m a warrior. But no excuses.” It was a good decision by Wilders corner and a good stop by the ref. Wilder had no realistic shot to win that fight. He was gassed, not throwing many punches, and his power seem to fade. Instead of getting battered over and over, stopping the fight at that point was a very smart call. There is no reason to potentially risk your career when there is no chance of victory. Much respect to Wilder for toughing it out and never wanting to quit, but Fury earned the win with a flawless performance, showing everyone why he’s the baddest man on the planet.

The question surrounding this fight is what’s next? Wilder technically has 30 days to exercise the option for an immediate rematch. The rematch clause that is added to the fight contract, states that the winner is obligated to give the loser an immediate rematch. If Wilder does decided to exercise that option, we will be seeing a Fury vs Wilder III. Personally I believe Wilder should look elsewhere for another opponent because Fury outclassed him twice, but came out with the TKO victory this time. Fury is just 100% the better boxer and there is no doubt about it. It would be for the better if this rivalry went its separate ways. The only fight that makes sense to make, would be Tyson Fury vs Anthony Joshua. Joshua is the next best heavyweight in the world, with a record of 23-1, holding the IBF, IBO, WBO, and WBA championship belts. The only belt he doesn’t have is the WBC belt, which Tyson Fury now has. Anthony Joshua refused to fight Deontay Wilder for some reason, but there is no better fight to make than Fury vs Joshua. If Wilder doesn’t exercise the rematch clause, lets see if we’ll get what we want.

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