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King Henry Carrying Titans to the Promise Land

Derrick of House Henry, 22nd of his name, King of the Titans and all men, protector of the football and the NFL is the one true king. And there is no debate about it right now.

Tennessee Titans superstar running back, Derrick Henry, has not only been sensational as he literally and figuratively wills his six-seeded team to glory, but historical as well. According to an awesome stat from Graham Barfield of NFL.com, Henry has set an all-time record for rushing yards in any eight-game stretch in NFL history. During his last eight bouts, King Henry has eclipsed a comically insane 1,273 yards with 11 touchdowns on 203 totes averaging 6.27 yards per carry. With his latest massacre of the Baltimore Ravens defense, the Titans now rematch the sleeping giant Kansas City Chiefs in the AFC Championship game on Sunday at Arrowhead Stadium.


Head coach Mike Vrabel and offensive coordinator Arthur Smith made a common sense, but genius decision heading into this season; commit to Derrick Henry. It would seem very strange not to, but last year’s OC Matt Lafleur stubbornly refused to give Henry at least 20 carries a game. Instead, he opted for a head scratching approach where Henry and scat back Dion Lewis would have a sort of running back by committee. That thought faded after the late season tear Henry went on in 2018. Since that fateful Thursday night game against the Jacksonville Jaguars last year, a game when the beast officially woke up with a 17/238/4 performance, it has been the Derrick Henry show in Tennessee.


The 6’3 245-pound Titan with 4.5 speed moves like a locomotive after his one cut up the field. He often leaves behind a pile of bodies and trail of smoke making it look like a sight from World War I. Just ask the New England Patriots and Ravens, two of the best teams in the NFL this season, whom he has totaled 64/377/1 in the two combined postseason wins. The 2019 rushing champion will look to replicate his 188 yards and two touchdown effort from week 10’s victory against the Chiefs, who allow an average of 128.2 rushing yards per game, on Sunday.


With his fourth straight 30+ carry game in sight, a 100-yard game is such an afterthought that the question becomes, “Will he hit 200 yards on the ground?” Henry usually grows stronger as the game goes on, so it is entirely reasonable to see him eclipse that total. For good measure though, he has recorded seven 100-yard performances over his previous eight contests.


Only about once or twice a decade do we see a six seed make a post season run and win the Super Bowl. We’ve seen it from the 2005 Pittsburgh Steelers and 2010 Green Bay Packers. The one we are currently witnessing is as impressive as any in recent memory. Thanks to that thoroughbred that wears number 22 on his jersey, the Titans have a great opportunity to begin the new decade as the world champions. In a contract year, Henry is delivering an all-time great string of games at the most crucial time after he posted a jaw dropping 303 carries for 1,540 yards and 16 touchdowns in the regular season.


It is said that heavy is the head that wears the crown. And that crown belongs to the one true king, Derrick Henry.

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