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New York Jets Quotes from 12/23

New York Jets fans check out the following quotes from Head Coach Adam Gase and Quarterback Sam Darnold…this is compliments from the team after the 16-10 victory over the Pittsburgh Steelers

Head Coach Adam Gase:

Opening statement…
After the game, Alex Lewis ended up having an ankle, played through the game, finished the game, really gritted it out. We’ll kind of see how this week goes. Really, that was the one that really kind of popped up that was new. So, just updating Tom Compton with the calf, we’ll kind of see how this week goes. Kelvin Beachum with the ankles and Demaryius Thomas with the hamstring and then you have Steve McLendon and Henry Anderson both kind of coming in just really banged up, which they’ve been for a while. We’ll see how this week goes. I think the majority of these guys will have an opportunity to practice this week. We’ll just take it day to day and kind of see where we end up at the end of the week.

On what December wins mean for the Jets moving forward…
I think the biggest thing just for the organization is, winning home games is always important, just kind of creating that type of culture, feeling comfortable, playing in your own stadium. There is an advantage to not traveling and those type of things and having a winning record and then keep building off of that, that’s going to always be important. I think just any time you win, it’s exactly what you want. You want to keep building on the last time we won and then kind of had a little bit of a setback, but just trying to put multiple good games together and finding ways to win, whether it’s October, November, December. It’s just trying to find ways to win.

On if it’s his decision or Gregg Williams’ decision to remove a defensive player from the game…
Those guys, they’re managing the game the way they need to manage the game. If I ever feel like a move doesn’t need to be made, then I’ll step in. But I hired Gregg Williams for a reason and that was to do exactly what he’s been doing and that’s putting in the culture we’re looking for, the attitude we’re looking for, the swagger we’re looking for. I’m not here to micromanage all the things that happened on a play to play basis. If that’s the move that they feel like they needed to make, they’re always going to get a yes from me. I don’t think I’ve really ever stepped on anybody’s toes in that aspect of it. I trust these guys. I trust that defensive staff as far as making those right kinds of decisions. If I ever did feel that I needed to step in, then I would.

On if he’s ever been around a staff where the coach gives autonomy to a defensive coordinator…
Yeah, I think my first year in Miami, there were a lot of conversations going into games, but once we hit the game, those guys needed to make the decisions that they needed to make to try to win the game. I probably got more involved as my time went on in Miami. I think that was part of the reason why I hired Gregg was to do a great job with that side of the ball. I think that the move that they made, that’s what the game called for and that’s why I’m fine with it. Our guys are always going to put the players out there that they think can help us win that series, win that down. Changes throughout the game, you never know, sometimes guys go back in, but if they feel like somebody is in a good rhythm, then that person is going to stay in.

On if Sam Darnold could’ve done a better job securing the ball during the strip sack…
I wish I could say yes but, T.J. Watt, that was a pretty violent hit and a violent strip and talking to him afterwards, there’s a reason why this guy is doing what he’s doing. Like he (Darnold) even said, “It feels a little different when that guy hits you.” He got him pretty good, just that whole play, going back and looking at it, I hate the call that I had, I hate the personnel grouping that I had, I put us in a bad spot. He was waiting on a route which is 100% on me, I wish I would’ve stayed with a different personnel grouping which would’ve helped him in that situation get the ball out quicker, it was just a bad call by me that forced him to hold onto the ball.

On how he thinks Darnold did managing the game and having no turnovers aside from the strip sack…
That would be the only play where, and like I just said, it’s more on me with the call but he played that game exactly the way that we talked about it on Wednesday, when we met with our team and we talked about how we had to play that game, offense, defense and special teams, it was, outside of that one play, our guys executed what we wanted to do as a team. That was what really excited me because we took what we talked about on Wednesday, we practiced the right way, and then we went out and executed it. We knew that that was the type of game it was going to be, we knew it was going to come down to those last drives of the game, it was going to be a tight game, and our guys did a great job as far as executing that game plan and Sam did a great job of understanding especially at the end of the game when there was about eight minutes left of huddling, using the clock, finding a way to get first downs, just making sure all those little details were right. I know he wish he could have the one where the snap was a little low and he started drifting back and he dropped it, I know that play he wishes he had back but sometimes those little type of things happen, we just can’t have them happen in that situation.

On if he feels like the team is heading in the right direction and close to being successful…
I really will probably have time to look at kind of big picture type things when the season is over, but for right now, I personally just need to focus on this next game in Buffalo. This is a team that we lost to by one point in the first game of the year, obviously, they’re headed into the playoffs and we’re not. We need to just do a good job of finding a way to win a division game.

On Darnold’s throws into tight coverage and why he was fine with those passes…
The one that was almost an interception, that one was on me. The corner did a good job, they cut a route, Minkah Fitzpatrick left the middle of the field, he took Robby Anderson, the corner dove back and got in the throwing lane. We were trying to really take advantage of Minkah doing that and Joe Haden did a great job as far as replacing him and that’s really what caused that. At the end of the day, Sam was doing what I asked him. I’m not sure what you’re talking about in the third quarter but when you’re looking at it overall, the way that he operated in this whole game, that was a really good defense that we were playing and when he has to make decisions under the amount of pressure that he was under where he was moving around, and trying to get throws off, sometimes you have to make split-second decisions but I thought the majority of them were really good.

Quarterback Sam Darnold

On what gives him confidence about the team’s future…
I think every single day, we’re continuing to come in here with a worker’s mentality and with that mentality just putting our head down coming back to work every single day no matter what the result is. Even today I saw mostly everyone in here doing some form of treatment or watching tape. We are just continuing to move forward. Like I keep saying, we have great guys in the locker room, and we are moving in the right direction.

On if he thinks his game management has gotten better as the season has gone on…
Yeah, to some degree. The fumble was definitely not part of that plan. I think in that course of the game it could have swung things in the other direction, but it is a good thing that we have a very resilient team. We were able to come back even though the score was tied at halftime, we were able to come back and put a couple good drives together and I thought we’ve done a really good job, but yeah, I’ve done a lot better job in terms of managing the games here in the last half of the season.

On Coach Gase taking the blame for the strip sack and saying it was a bad play call…
I don’t think so, I don’t think that at all. It was a perfect play call, there was a guy open, I just have to throw it to him, get the ball out of my hands and not hold it so long back there.

On the challenges that Buffalo presents…
Yeah, they have a really good defense, top defense in the NFL. I think we just have to come out and continue to do our job and make sure that we take advantage of some of the opportunities that we get in the game. I think a big thing for this game, just like really every game, but especially this last game that we played, it’s going to be eliminating the negative plays, continuing to move the ball forward and not have any penalties or really any negative plays. I think that’s what this defense and this team that we are playing thrives on and we just have to win at those and make sure that we go out there and execute the way that we know how.

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