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Combat At The Garden Electrifies with a Great Night of Combat Sports

In front of an electric crowd in the Hulu Theatre at Madison Square Garden. The Combat at the Garden event impressed from the start to the finish of the night. Featuring a Combination of Glory Rules and Mixed Martial arts competition, this is a yearly event and one that fans should definitely check out again when it returns to New York City.

Here are the results from what was an amazing night of fights


Sal Nicchitta  vs Daniel Notlyaskiy

It was a fast based bout and both young men impressed and were able to show off some impressive skills for young fighters. These will hopefully be two that will be future stars for a company such as Glory in the future (or any combat sports company)

Anthony Micucci vs Argo Kostanyan

Both gentlemen were equal after the first round with neither competitor having the advantage. Argo had an impressive Superman punch attempt in the Second Round, but both gentlemen were able to exchange great strikes with the other. It was an amazing bout that would have been a tough one to score on any card that they were on.

Carlos Torres def Ruben Morales

This was a low kick rules bout that saw the two competitors feeling each other out early. Both fighters showed some impressive striking techniques and both were incredible with their speed and agility. Winner by majority decision was Carlos Torres who just showed some overall amazing striking ability.

Tyrese Cunningham def Mardon Hakimov

Tyrese had some impressive high knee strikes in this Glory rules bout. Cunningham had some really impressive speed and footwork. Tyrese was definitely dominant throughout the bout showing some great aggression, placing several good kicks to the head and body. Mardon was equally impressive, but it was not enough to overcome Cunningham who was the clear victor on this night.

Mansher Munch Khera def Josh Myers

Both gentlemen showed some great striking ability exchanging some great strikes in the first round of the Glory Rules bout. This was going to be a hard one to score as the action was fast and furious between these two fighters.  In the end it was Khera that was able to earn the hard won victory over Myers.

Brian Parpan vs Abner Morales –Draw

Brian was showing some impressive knees to the body in the first round, but Abner responded with an impressive kick later on in the bout.  Brian continued to dominate in the Second Round of action, connecting with both his fists and his feet. Morales had a knockdown blow, but Parpan was really impressive and strong. Morales had an impressive third round, opening up with an athletic strike to the head, but Parpan was extremely aggressive and dominant. In the end the judges called it a draw, which was a bit of a surprise but easy to understand. Both men really impressed and will be a great addition to any combat sports company they are a part of in the future.

Pat Altinbasak vs William Alomar

Altinbasak was really dominant throughout the fight, and was able to seal off the victory with his knockout in the Second Round of the event.

Michael Carim Jr def Pablo Gomez

Both men came out of the gate really aggressive and really trying to show off their power and their speed. Carim Jr was really impressive with his strikes, and Gomez was unable to defend. After a while there was no way that Gomez could continue as Michael was able to pick up the TKO victory.

Angel Rodriguez def Josh Carender

Rodriguez had a great strike of the knee to the body in the first round of his glory rules bout against Carender. Josh was able to respond in an impressive manner getting some great quality kicks and punches to the body.  There were friends and family on the side of Angel who was able to strike a knock down blow late in the fight. Rodriguez was the clear aggressor and the clear victor in the bout with two very spirited warriors.

Anthony Dilemme def Garvin Mitchell

In this MMA contest  both warriors tried to establish body position. Mitchell was able to gain the top ground and was able to work the body. Dilemme was able to get some great body strikes in brining Mitchell down to his knees. In the end it was the aggressive Dilemme that was able to pick up the victory over Mitchell.

Jon Fox def Jeremy Garcia

Fox had a great kick to the head in the first round of his fight with Garcia, but Jeremy responded with great strikes to the body. Each men countered with strikes throughout the night to try to gain the edge in the advantage.  In the Second Round both showed great strikes to the body with the knees,. Things started to open up later when Fox showed some great kicks and punches to the head.  Each guy was still trying to establish ground and see what the other would do strategy wise.  In the third round Garcia was able to strike a knock down blow, but Fox was able to respond with some great strikes of his own. In the end it was Fox earning the victory thanks to the judges decision.

Aly Franco def. Meredith Connolly

Both ladies were trying to establish who would be the in the fight. Connolly was impressive getting some great strikes to the body. Franco countered each punch holding her ground against the energetic fury that was Connolly. This was a hard one to call as both ladies were really aggressive and getting some great strikes in. Franco was able to connect with some great knees and punches in the Third Round. It was a split decision but it was Franco getting her hands raised in victory. The crowd was not too happy with the call, but it was overall a great fight by two really amazing competitors.

Christian McAuley def  Julio Carlos

Both men came out with some great strikes to the body. Carlos showed some great kicks to the body in the first round, but McAuley had some great punches of his own.  In the second round Carlos had some great kicks and punches to the body clearly being the aggressor in the fight. Christian wanted to make sure he made his presence felt as prior to the round ending he was able to strike with an impressive high kick to the head. McAuley and his never say die spirit was rewarded in the Third Round with a knock down blow, he continued his aggressive display, but Carlos responded right back with some great jabs. This was a hard one for the judges to call but the winner by unanimous decision being McAuley

Robert Varricchio def. Jonathan Bray

Varricchio was able to gain the dominant position via a single leg takedown in the first round of MMA competition at Madison Square Garden. Each competitor felt each other out but it was a body throw and hard hitting blows that got Varricchio the victory on this night. Robert lived up to his name Ruthless truly being aggressive from start to finish during his bout.

Elijah Abouelazm def Christopher Piono

Abouelazam had some great knees to the body and was able to rock Piono and earn the early first round victory with a devastating kick.  It was a really impressive fight and victory for Elijah who was able to light up Hulu Theatre with a great smile after his win.

Sophia Mirabella def Ana Maldonado

The ladies fought hard to try to see who would be the more dominant. Later in the first round Mirabella was able to land a punch that send Maldonado back on her heels a bit. In the second round Maldonado was able to get some great strikes in, but Mirabella was able to stand her ground and get some great punches in. Ana was bleeding pretty bad sometime late in the second round and really hung tight. In the third round  Sophia attempted a nice spinning elbow backfist combo and continued to show some great aggression by connecting with strikes to the body. It was Mirabella earning the ISKA Championship Belt thanks to the combination of aggression and great striking ability.

The Main Bout of fights was on UFC Fight Pass and featured the following amazing fighters:

Fight Card

Mike Misa def Jason Lee 

Misa was able to connect with a great knee to the body early in the first round of the fight, and was the more dominant and aggressive of the two fighters.  Lee was able to land a knock down blow around the 1:30 mark, but Misa responded later on in the bout with a flurry of blows that rocked Jason. Mike connected with some great knees to the body, as well as kicks to round out the first round of action. Jason Lee was able to respond to end the round on a great aggressive tone. Around the 2:25 mark in the second round Mike connected with a wicked hook that rocked Jason to his very core; Misa was more aggressive and dominant in the bout.  To end the Second Round of action a very confident Mike Misa finished with two strong knee blows bringing Lee down to the canvas. Misa had a really dominant Third Round around the 1:12 mark showing some great jabbing and knee strikes, he is going to be a star for any company he is going to fight for. Really a truly impressive fight.

Pat Carrol def Walter Howard Jr

Both fighters landed some really tough punches in the first round of action.  These blows were hard and heavy. Around the 1:10 mark Carrol was able to land a nice low leg kick to Howard to get his opponent a tad wobbly. Pat, who had the crowd clearly on his side took some really tough shots especially prior to the end of the first round as Walter landed a punch square in his face.  Carrol was able to land some great body blows to end the First. To start the Second Round  Walter was able to connect with a great kick to Carrol’s body, while also getting in some great combination of punches and kicks. Prior to the end of the Second Round Pat was able to land a nice kick to Walter’s body, but the aggressive striking and offensive dominance continued for Walter. In the Third Round Walter continued his offensive display just landing jabs right to Carrol’s head. This is one heck of a fight as both competitors were able to put on a display for the fans to enjoy. Howard reigned down some really hard knees and punches with the Third Round coming to and end, as there were some really great combinations on display during this bout. Very much to our and to the fans at the Garden’s surprise Carrol was able to earn the victory. That was a really tough one to score though, as Carrol did have some moments of brilliance and great strikes during the bout.

Sherod Abdullayev def. Darius Davis 

Sherod impressed early in the first round, getting in some great punches and knee strikes to Davis. It was Abdullayev who landed a knee blow around 0:26 of the first round to earn the knockout victory. Sherod was definitely more aggressive and hungry for the victory on this night. David was just never able to get out of the gates with any kind of offense, and will hopefully do better in his next fight as we didn’t get a chance to see his full potential with this bout.

Rick Schaefer def Dwayne Holman 

Both men started the First Round with some great punching and kicking combinations to feel out who was going to be  the aggressor in the fight. Holman landed a great knee strike around the 1:18 mark of the First Round, but Schaeffer responded with a great low kick. The crowd clearly on Schaefer’s side. It was hard to score the first round as both guys came out with some great combinations. In the Second Round Schaefer was able to connect a beautiful round house kick and really started to be the more dominant fighter. In the end it was Schaefer that earned the victory on what was a truly impressive fight.

Jennie Nedell def. Amanda Ginski 

Amanda was the clear aggressive fighter against the current champ Jennie.  Around 1:20 Ginski had a beautiful kick to the head of Nedell, who was able to stand her ground and keep fighting.  Nedell was able to get some good punches and combinations in during the bout. It was a tremendous back and forth fight but at the end of the day it was Nedell that was able to get the victory and retain her Championship.

Melvin Ramos def. Maurepaz Auguste

To start it was Ramos getting some good kicks and punches into the start of the bout.  Auguste was able to land some good low kicks but thus far the more aggressive was Melvin.  Both men really took their time to measure each other out and see what the other was going to bring.  Ramos was able to land some great knee strikes. Right before the end of the First Round Auguste got some hard fists and kicks combos in. To start the Second Round Melvin was able to land a really hard kick, landing some great jabbing combinations.  Maurepaz was able to respond with a great punch around the 1:42 mark, but Melvin thus far was really more aggressive and dominant. Thus far we would predict it would be a split decision victory, but still one last round to fight. Melvin was just overall really impressive with the amount of strikes he was able to land.  Maurepaz is going to be a fighter to watch for any combat sports company as he is just an overall tough opponent to go up against. Ramos was able to earn the victory and the Championship much to his surprise. He was in one heck of a fight, but he really was the more aggressive of the two fighters and really earned the Championship victory.


Jonathan Di Bella def. Nicky Burgos

With the crowd clearly on Di Bella’s corner Burgos came out aggressive and with some fast and furious strikes. Burgos was able to connect with some great jabs early, but Di Bella got some knees to the body in response. Jonathan had a really impressive roundhouse kick right before the end of the first round, but Nicky responded with some fast and furious fists to end the round. Di Bella was able to strike on some knock down blows in the Second Round, but that only made Burgos respond even stronger to his competition.  Burgos had a great kick around the 1:24 mark, but Di Bella was just too strong and fast. Di Bella is the Champion for a reason and really showed why with the combination of his impressive speed, power and agility. One could tell that Nicky got frustrated with his opponent, really finding it hard to come up with a good strategy to defeat his foe. Di Bella was way too strong both with his strategy and with his skills and was able to retain his Championship.

If you are a fan of Combat Sports you are going to want to check out all of the amazing Combat Sports Events that are happening at MSG. The Combat at the Garden event is one that happens pretty frequently so be sure to stay tuned for when the next event will be and support some great up-and-coming fighters.


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