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Opinion Piece-Minor League Baseball Being in Trouble Not Best for Anyones Business

Business it is never an easy field to get into, there are so many difficult decisions that have to be made. Especially in the business that is the world of sports.

Being a dreamer is so easy, because one can live in a fantasy land where you can do something that you are passionate about. There are times where a dream can come true and times that you land up with the next best thing.

I am writing this today as someone who is starting out as a business person and a dreamer and would like to speak too for a second to some people that have a really big decisions to make.

First the About me

I have had some experiences both as a volunteer but as a professional in the world of sports and through all of those experiences Through all of it about 10 years ago I decided as a journalist I would start up this website as a way to tell the stories of others. It was a dream of mine to be able to cover the wide range of New York Sports team the way I had envisioned it. I am still as a person and a brand learning things on a daily basis.

Luckily enough because of this platform and the work that I’ve done as a freelancer.  I’ve been able to share some of the stories of others, I have had the honor of meeting so many dreamers and people who give so back to the community. So what I am writing today comes from me, my experiences and my heart.

One of the reasons why this site exist is to inspire others. So that they can see some really amazing people with some special skills in the world of sports as they make their way and progress in their careers. Now I myself as a storyteller am hoping to help some other story tellers (the people who also drive the stories that are behind the scenes help save their jobs).

What the article is about

Recently I had read that there were people out there having to make a really big decision to restructure Minor League Baseball and take away teams from fan bases, who love the team that is in question.

It is in the really early stages but according to Baseball America there are 42 teams to no longer exist and do business in the fine cities that they are in. There are so many facts and figures on this that can all get dizzying and confusing.

There are two teams in particular that I’ve had the honor of being able to obtain a credential with via 1495Sports and that have given me an opportunity as a person and dream chaser. One with the Binghamton Rumble Ponies and the other is the Staten Island Yankees. Both have  allowed me as a journalist to share some of the stories of some amazing young men, as they have progressed in their careers.

Both the Staten Island Yankees and the Binghamton Rumble Ponies have been able to produce Big League Players. They have both been also to provide a place for a Major League Baseball player to rehab until they were ready to play for the Mets again. One of my fondest memories with the Binghamton Rumble Ponies was having the chance to interview Lucas Duda when he was on a rehab assignment and making his way back to the Mets. We have had the pleasure of interviewing so many amazing players and meet so many amazing people and don’t want to make this about me-but instead some really great people who should not lose a job because of this restructuring deal.

These teams allow the fans not only an opportunity to see the pastime that they love, but also an opportunity to see the future of whatever franchise that they cheer for in action. And from what I am hearing all of that is going to be taken away soon.

It is not only the fact that places like Binghamton and Staten Island are having a piece of Americana being taken away from them, there are also people lives and jobs that are at stake with this retraction. People who maybe had a dream like myself for working in sports. There are people who may have dreamed about working for a professional sporting organization….now all possibly be taken away by this really big decision to restructure Minor League Baseball.

I can understand that decisions like these must be difficult, especially there is money involved, travel, so many working pieces in the world of sports business that this journalist is just starting to explore and learn. But I sincerely hope that somehow someway if someone somewhere is reading this that they remember there is so much more at stake then just numbers and dollar signs.

There is that five year old little kid that may go to a place like a Richmond County Bank Ballpark or a NYSEG Stadium for the first time to experience their very first ballgame. There is that life long season ticket holder, who has followed the team from day one because they just love baseball. There is the owner of the team, who maybe as a little boy always dreamed about owning a baseball team, and now has that chance to do so.

There are groundkeepers, the vendors, the people behind the scenes who are all busting their buts to make sure things at the stadium running smoothly. And also there is that amazing young man wearing the uniform on the field, who is just looking for one place to show his talent in fielding and hitting all in the hopes that not only the Mets, but some Major League Baseball team someplace will give him an opportunity to play ball.

There are so many lives that are at stake with this Minor League Baseball restructuring deal, and we hope that all who are having to make this decision….dig down deep and realize that this deal…taking baseball away from people who love it…is in fact not best for anyone’s business.

I wish them well, as someone who is just entering into the world of business I can’t even imagine how big of a decision it is-but as someone who loves sports I sincerely hope that somehow someway that there is a chance that these amazing teams will be saved. I also hope that someone somewhere will read this and maybe take some action. People may not realize how much power there is in a simple letter and or show of support. One regular person may have the power to change things.

Write to a local politician and let them know that your team is in trouble. You would be amazed at what you can do with your platform. I have been showing my support via social network (twitter and facebook), to show love and have decided today as a journalist to write this article in the hopes it may inspire someone to help save what is America’s game.

I have decided today to use my voice and my platform to try to help out some really good, hardworking people and to try to make a change. I really hope others do the same.

Let us join together and make sure that the people in power know that these teams are in fact worthy of saving, it all starts with one…because dreams and business can in fact coexist and be a real thing for real people.

To find out more about the Staten Island Yankees fans are encouraged to click on the link seen here:


To find out more about the Binghamton Rumble Ponies fans are encouraged to click on the link seen here:


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