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A Star is Born-Interview with ‘The Alien’ Kristen Stadtlander

Kristen Stadlander after her amazing Main Event with Tenille Dashwood at Create A Pro Wrestling. Photo by: Stacy Podelski

When you find your place in this world, it is a beautiful thing. People will know that you are where you belong, and you know it as well. You know that you are home. Whenever you see Kristen Stadtlander in the ring wrestling, you know that is where she belongs. With her curious alien gimmick having told some of the best in ring wrestling stories of her young career so far, and she is just getting started.

“When I first started to train for stunts, I was in a place mentally where I had left my first college as an athletic training major because it didn’t feel right. Luckily my parents were super supportive and once I started training for stunts, it was the first time in my life I finally felt like I knew what I was supposed to be doing,” Stadtlander said of her journey to the world of stunts and Pro Wrestling. “Wrestling became an option two years later because I was able to meet Tony who is one half of a Tag Team by the name of the Down Boyz, who work at a company by the name of Victory Pro Wrestling. After sitting and watching them do it for about two years, I felt like I needed to be in the ring and doing what they were doing.”

Kristen had gained a ton of popularity with the fans of Victory Pro Wrestling, and eventually made her way to Create A Pro Wrestling school, who have trained some of the fastest growing stars in the world of Professional Wrestling.

“I heard about Create a Pro by being friends on Facebook with some of the VPW guys and saw they were doing some of the shows, so I decided to check it out.” Stadtlander said about how she had heard about the school.”

Since joining the school Kristen has debuted in Five States outside of New York and is the Champion of two promotions. Stadtlander is the first ever female graduate of the company, and just recently was in the first ever women’s main event of the company with former WWE and current Ring of Honor star Tenille Dashwood.

She had this to say on being in the first women’s main event of the company, “It was such an honor. When I first heard about it, I was extremely nervous, because I was thinking that if I didn’t do well that I would be a disappointment; but everything went so perfectly and Tenille was such a pleasure and honor to work with.”

The transformation from her time at Victory Pro Wrestling to her current time at Create a Pro and the other various companies for Kristen has been an amazing one. Her stock has risen in leaps since she started her current ‘Alien’ Gimmick, but her performance goes beyond what she wears in the ring, as she has the athletic prowess to match performing moonsaults and flips that are equal to the male counterparts in the ring.

On the Alien Gimmick, Stadtlander had this to say, “It is a weird extreme version of myself. Most of the greats in wrestling will always say be the best character you can be is one where you take yourself and times it by ten. My whole life I never really fit in anywhere, but I always had something interesting about me not everyone knows. Aliens don’t fit in with humans and there is so much curiosity about them that is so intriguing. That is kind of how I feel.”

Fans have been gushing about the work of Stadtlander thus far, who recently has worked with such companies as Queens of Combat and had an impressive match with John Silver at Beyond Wrestling. Both companies are recognized as some of the top in the world of Independent wrestling.

“The feedback from the Beyond match was absolutely incredible and unexpected. I was in awe by the number of positive things I heard about it. I never thought it would have turned into something as big as it did,” Stadtlander said.

The world of Pro Wrestling is not an easy one to get into, especially in the physical realm, as injuries can strike at any time. Prior to making her way to the ring Stadtlander had one injury, which was a broken heel. Kristen shared her thoughts on how she got through that and staying mentally strong,

“The broken heel happened before I debuted. It was at the end of my third month of training. I broke the heel in my left foot. I went to practice everyday and sat and watched. I think it actually helped me more than just in the ring training would have done.”

Times like that take a lot out of you mentally, one could get anxious to get back to work and the regular routines, but Kristen had an amazing ability to stay mentally strong. She had this to say on that,

“It is hard to stay mentally strong when you are very hard on yourself in this business, and I’ve had a lot of breakdowns. But luckily, I have an amazing support system in my family and my boyfriend, to always bring me down to earth when I go insane.”

Thanks to the amazing support and love she has gotten from her friends, family and loved ones this incredible young lady has achieved goals that people can only dream about. Like being in a small segment for the WWE’s Mixed Match Challenge, as well as the most recent all Female PPV Evolution. Kristen has also done a ton of stunt work as well and was an extra in the Movie John Wick 2.,

On the amazing experience she had with working on the set with John Wick 2 and the WWE Kristen had this to say, “John Wick 2 was the only movie I’ve worked on so far and it was one quick scene in the actual movie. It was long and the shows they gave us to wear were extremely painful (haha). But it was cool being behind the scenes, however I’d rather be on set as a stunt person rather than an actress.” Stadtlander had this to say on working for an extra for the WWE, “Extra work for the WWE is always a cool experience because you never know what is going to happen. Everything is always getting changed randomly so it is always fun.”

Fans should keep an eye out for the Alien, as her stock is about to keep rising and one can see this star easily soaring in the ranks of the WWE NXT System (the developmental system for the WWE) and even standing among the many great women in the WWE.

“Goals right now include wrestling in more places and for bigger companies and being one of the greatest wrestlers ever. I want to change the way people see women’s wrestlers and show what hard work and dedication actually looks like,” Stadtlander said. “I don’t want to be a great women’s wrestler, I just want to be a great wrestler.” “I never thought it would have turned into something as big as it did and her advice to those going after a dream is; Nothing ever gets easy. You must be consistent and prove why you want it and why you deserve it. It is extremely difficult to get good and even harder to get noticed. Don’t be afraid of failure, be afraid of giving up.”

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