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Mets Yoenis Céspedes to Have Surgery

The New York Mets announced on July 25 that outfielder Yoenis Céspedes will undergo surgery to remove bone calcifications in both his right and left heels later this week. The surgery will be performed by Dr. Robert Anderson in Green Bay, WI. Céspedes is currently on the 10-Day Disabled List.


Céspedes complained of severe pain in both heels following Friday night’s game at Yankee Stadium. He underwent an MRI Monday at the Hospital for Special Surgery in Manhattan along with seeing a foot specialist.


Yesterday’s MRI and subsequent testing showed bone calcifications in both the right and left heels. The pain, as a result of the calcifications, has caused him to alter his gait in an attempt to manage the discomfort, which has resulted in stress and injury to other parts of his legs.


The consensus among the team doctors and specialists is that all conservative treatment options to manage the pain have been exhausted and that surgery is now recommended.


“This is something Yoenis has dealt with for a number of years and it was a matter of managing the pain with anti-inflammatories and preventative treatment,” Mets Senior Vice President and Assistant General Manager John Ricco said. “It has now progressed to the point that he felt he could not manage the pain despite all the measures taken to help him prepare to play.


“Yoenis did everything in his power to be on the field as he wants to play and be out there with his team. The health of Yoenis and his return to the field is our primary objective.”


“I have worked hard to manage the pain and fight through it, but it got worse and worse,” Céspedes said. “The doctors are confident nothing else but surgery can address this injury and allow me to return to full strength.”

For more information on the New York Mets fans are encouraged to click on the link seen here:



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