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Juicy Drop and WWE’s Santino Marella Daring Kids to Test Their Limits

Testing Your Limits for one day went beyond pushing the boundaries of your tastebuds via the Juicy Drop Candy, for one day the catchphrase gave a voice for those who may not have had one in the past, for a day it gave a voice to anti-bullying.

Featuring WWE Superstar Santino Marella and Bazooka Candy Brands’ Juicy Drop line and their official luchador Señor Sour who were both on hand to interact with fans to not only get them to Test Their Limits with the Juicy Drop products, but also help raise awareness and funds for the Champions Against Bullying Cause.

Held at Dylan’s Candy Bar in Manhattan, New York, fans that were in attendance had the opportunity to spin the “Wheel of Dares,” win candy prizes, get autographs, and more in addition for every participant that was in attendance was able to learn more about anti-bullying.

1495 Sports is proud to bring the following videos from the event:

Interview with WWE Star Santino Marella:

Sights from the Taste Your Limits Event:

There are plenty of places to learn more about Anti-Bullying and creating a more positive environment for people to live in and we encourage our fans to click on the following links for that information:

Champions Against Bulllying


The Be a STAR Campaign


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