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New York Jets Quotes 3/20/14

Here are some New York Jets Quotes for 3/20/14

John Idzik:

Opening Statement:

“Welcome into spring.  It’s been quite a winter for us weather wise, so it’s a good day for us to get into spring.  We’re nine days now into free agency.  And we felt like this would be a good time just to provide a check point to our fans and everybody out there as to where we are and our plans going forward.  We really have operated off of a consistent plan.  We said all along that we would be judicious and selective in free agency.  And by that, provide a very thorough evaluation of the players and type of people that we bring into the building.  And of course assign a value to that.  Then the next step, as you are afforded the ability to actually talk to the players in free agency, we’ll visit some.  We’ll take the exploration to the next step and see where that leads us.  And so far, nine days in, and the days leading up to free agency we feel like we’ve been productive.  And yet we also recognize that there are still opportunities that await us as we go forward, not only into free agency, but all the other avenues such as waiver claims, potential trades, street free agent signings, and of course the draft, which will always remain important to us.  But in the days leading up to free agency and the first week for us to be able to re-sign seven of our own players, a lot of times that goes somewhat unrecognized.  Because they’re not from a new team, sometimes they aren’t perceived to be free agents, but they are all free agents.  But to have those guys, one, want to be back with us and to be able to get them back was big for us.  I’m talking about players the likes of Darrin Walls, Ellis Lankster, Jeff Cumberland, Nick Folk, Leger Douzable, Calvin Pace and most recently Willie Colon.  These guys are important to us.  They feel what we felt coming down the stretch of the 2013 season, and leading into this off season.  So we felt like we made significant gains in retaining those players.  And of course we also were able to add two unrestricted free agents in Eric Decker and Breno Giacomini. With our own players, obviously we’ve lived with them.  We know them very well.  So there’s less guesswork there, so to speak.  But with new players we do our due diligence to see what role they would play, what type of person they are, how they’re going to mesh with our team, with our organization and ultimately we visited Eric and Breno.  Of course I spent a little time with Breno, so I had a deeper knowledge of him.  But with both of them in their visits, they were very good.  It just kind of solidified what we believed to be Jets.  So we’re very fortunate to add them to our team and we look forward to working with them as we go forward.  And again, this is kind of a check point, barely a week in, but we also recognize we still have some things to do.  There’s opportunities that await us.  Not only in free agents, but also in our draft prep, and we’re continuing on those paths.”

On the cornerback position:

“As we said, we still recognize that there’s work to do, not only in the secondary, but we’ll look at every position.  And certainly when you lose a player, we experienced that at right tackle, sometimes you’re able to act quickly, if you feel it’s a good fit from both ends, and other times if you just don’t feel that way then it may take a little more time.  And so that’s where we are with our corners.  Again, we were able to get Darrin and Ellis back.  We feel like we’ve got some guys familiar with what’s going on, some depth, but we recognize we’re always in a quest to improve our talent and our depth, especially at corner.  So, we will do that.  We will do that in the days to come.  We’ll evaluate what’s out there in free agency and obviously the draft looms.  Again, there other avenues, as well (for us to improve).  As we proceed through free agency and approach the draft there may be trade talks.  There may be roster transactions, players come available that maybe of interest.  So we’re very open minded and we feel like we’re prepared to act. “

Whether the team feels it has missed an opportunity in free agency this season:

“No, on the contrary, I think we landed two unrestricted free agents in the first week that we’re happy about Eric Decker and Breno Giacomini.  So we don’t look at it as missed opportunities.  But free agency is very fluid, especially that first week.  There is a lot of things flying all at once.  And what we do is we try to cast the net wide and determine who is interested in us.  And we let them know that we have an interest in them.  And then it’s not until you actually get down to brass tacks and taking it to the next step where you really gain a feel if it’s going to be a fit.  But to come out of the first week with two players like Eric Decker and Breno Giacomini, we’re happy with that.  That doesn’t mean we’re going to stop.  Free agency is not only a nine day proposition, it goes forward.  So we’re going to apply the same principles, but I don’t look at it as though we missed opportunities.  I look at the opportunities we were able to take advantage of.  And that’s not only the two newcomers, that’s the Jets that I had mentioned before.”
On if the team should be considered in “win-now” mode:

“We’re always in a win now (mode).  I guess you can say we’re always aiming to win.  We’re in a very competitive league.  But what we’re trying to build here is sustainable success. We’re not going to put a finger in the dike and try to do something for short term gain if we feel like it’s going to hurt us in the long term.  We want to do things that are going to help us in the short term, but we realize they’re going to have to help us in the long term, too.  That’s how we define winning.  Winning is not just a one-time thing to us.  Winning is something that’s going to be pervasive here.  It’s going to span time.  That’s what our aim is.  When we define winning, that’s not just winning the first week of free agency.  It’s not winning the draft.  It’s not winning our preseason games.  It’s winning going forward in what we do.  It’s sustainable success.  So that enters into everything that we think about here. “

Rex Ryan:

On how he currently feels about the team’s cornerback position:

“Well, I feel really good about our corners.  Obviously Dee Milliner, he’s a young man that we had a lot of high expectations for, and he started to fulfill those expectations later in the year.  We kind of predicted that he would go through some growing pains and then come out of it and that’s exactly what he did.  So (we’re) excited to get him into the conditioning program, finally have him for a mini-camp and training camp.  You’ll recall that he missed all of our OTA’s last year.  And then as far as training camp he was almost hurt immediately with an Achilles injury, so he missed a ton of time.  We kind of had to give him the old baptism under fire.  But as the season progressed you could see that he was getting better and better and more comfortable.  And there is an adjustment period now with these young corners, because what’s not open in the college game is still open in the NFL.  And that ball is coming your way.  And I think sometimes it takes a little while to make those adjustments.  But I was really proud of the way Dee filled in.  I’m excited.  Obviously we have Kyle Wilson who has been in that nickel role for us for a while.  We were willing to get Ellis Lankster back, who is an outstanding special teams presence for us, but will maybe have more of a chance in different roles.  Darrin Walls is kind of like our relief pitcher, he filled in for us, so we’re comfortable there.  [They are] guys that have been in our system a while.  And there’s another guy, Ras-I Dowling, a guy that we really thought a lot of.  I thought a lot of him when he came out of college.  He’s a big guy, has size, really excited about him and the way we saw him progressing into this system as the season went on.  There’s going to be opportunities there.  And like we said, that doesn’t shut the door on other guys coming in.  But I’m happy with the guys that we have. ”


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