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New York Jets Quotes 3/14/14

Here are some quotes for our New York Jets fans for 3/14/14:

Wide Receiver Eric Decker:

On when the Jets first reached out to him:

“Saturday is when things [got started]. My agent reached out to me and said that the Jets were interested. Tuesday, we set up a visit with them, and I had a great time. I was there all day Wednesday I had a chance to see the office, the staff, the facility and the surrounding communities and really enjoyed my visit.”


What he considered attractive about the Jets:

“I have a lot of respect for the organization. I think the history speaks for itself. I think also the culture that they have there, what John Idzik is doing, and really the coaching staff again, the owner. I think New York [and] New Jersey is underrated.  I got a week to spend out there and really, it’s a beautiful place. They treat their coaching staff and their players first class and I think that’s important. I want to be part of a culture that wants to win, that wants to do big things. That was definitely an attraction for me.”


On if he views his role as being the Jets number one receiver:

“My opinion is, I don’t think there are numbers or roles for certain people. I think everyone has a big [part] in the success of a football team. There are 11 guys on the field at a time. There is not just one guy that makes the difference. It’s going to be everyone together making the difference. I just hope to be a positive asset for this team and help from my experience, be a good teammate in the locker room, be a leader in the meeting rooms, on the field and do what I can to help this team win football games.”

Going from Denver’s passing offense to the Jets passing offense:

“I feel like the New York Jets have given me the most respect. [They] have welcomed me into their building and that’s important to me. I want to be an asset to a team and they expressed that with me. I think this team has a lot of potential. It’s a young football team and I feel like I’ve always played the underdog role throughout my life, throughout my football career, now, college and high school and I am motivated to help this team win football games. To me that’s the most important thing, [it’s] joining a culture that wants to do that. I enjoyed my time in Denver, but I am excited about this opportunity of being a teammate for the New York Jets.”

On what he can bring from playing in Denver that will help the Jets young offense:

“My goal is to take the knowledge and the preparation that I’ve learned these last four years with some great coaches, with a great quarterback and share that with my teammates. I think you win football games between Wednesday and Saturday and the preparation that we did as an offense in Denver, can be done in New York. Obviously my knowledge, looking into the different offenses that I’ve played in, on the field, in the film study room, those things I can share with my fellow receivers, with my team that will hopefully help bring along that knowledge and help their games as well.”

On if the fact that New York is the number one media market was a factor in his decision:

“Honestly, my priority when I was visiting was football. I wanted to do what’s best for me as a football player and this organization offered that. Obviously, being in the biggest, the best city in the country offers other opportunities, but what my mindset was is what’s good for me from a football standpoint. “


Doing his research on Geno Smith before signing with the Jets:

“My comment was just from film of last year. I watched the Jets and kind of what their offense schematically was. Geno was at quarterback and I was impressed with his development. Overall that is a personnel decision. That is something that isn’t in my hands or is my decision. I just figured my assets as a receiver would fit well with the New York Jets.”

On his impression of Coach Ryan now and before he came on his visit:

“Getting to meet him for the first time on this visit, he is just a genuine guy. What I have seen before was that he is a competitor. He is a fierce competitor [and] he loves his guys. That is what I got to find out. He really, truly cares about his coaches, about his players. He is a player’s coach and I respect that a lot. He is a guy that wants to make his players feel comfortable and confident so that you let loose and play with full confidence on Sundays.”

Tackle Breno Giacomini:

On when the Jets first contacted him:

“Well, they called me a few hours after free agency started. But you know I couldn’t really break it down for you guys because I let my agent handle all that business stuff, I kind of stay out of it.”


What he brings to the team:

“I think I like to play pretty physical. I know that’s the mentality that they have here, so I’m just going to try to play my role and get better every single day. I’m just trying to bring a little bit of nastiness that I have in me and just play like an O-lineman should play.”

On the biggest selling point on deciding to come to the Jets:

“Well you know, I like the way they play. We played them. I like their defense. We’re on the East Coast so I’m close to home now, and my past relationship with John Idzik has been really good, so that was one of the main things to come over here and try to help this team win.”

Bringing his Super Bowl experience to the team:

“Just the grind of every day. Every week is literally a championship week because, for example, two years back we lost the division because of half a game. So we’ve got to treat every game like it pretty much is a playoff game. And I like to work hard, so just my work ethic and all that stuff. I hear these guys are great teammates to each other and they love to work, so I think I’m going to fit right in.”


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