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LIVE SCORING UPDATES: Manhattan WBB v. Siena 3/6 ~Final

1495 Sports is proud to bring the scoring updates as the #7 Manhattan Women’s Basketball team (9-20) take on #10 Siena in Metro Atlantic Athletic Conference Championship Action on March 6:

Starters for Manhattan:

Allison Skrec

Ashley Stec

Nicole Isaacs

Monica Roeder

Shayna Ericksen

Starting for Siena:

Kelsey Booth

Ida Krogh

Meghan Donohue

Tehresa Coles

Ciara Stewart

First Half:

Allison Stec hits a three-point shot for the 3-2 lead with 17:44 left in the first half 

Ashley Stec hits a jumper for a 5-4 lead with 15:38 left in the first half

Shayna Ericksen with a jumper to help Manhattan cut the Siena lead 12-7 with 12:53 left

Nicole Isaacs and Ashley Stec with a combined five points (Isaacs three-Stec two) as Manhattan trails Siena 26-13 with 9:11 remaining

So far the Siena rebounding and three-point shooting has them seeing a 26-13 lead with 7:50 remaining

Manhattan is fighting but every time they cut the lead Siena hits a three-point shot the lead is now 38-20 with 4:28 remaining

Shayna Ericksen lay-up and Ashley Stec shot and the foul on Siena as Manhattan continues to fight

Nicole Isaacs three-point shot for Manhattan as the Siena lead is 47-28 with 45 seconds left

Second Half:

Manhattan trails Siena 49-35 with 17:32 left

Siena has regained the momentum to take a 55-35 lead with 15:51 left: again rebounding and three-point shooting

Monica Roeder with back-to-back buckets as Manhattan Trails Siena 57-39 with 14:27 left

Shayna Ericksen does a great job following-up a shot and drawing the foul for Manhattan -Siena leads 61-43 with 12:32 left

Nicole Anderson did a great job drawing fouls and hitting free throws on the last two plays helping Manhattan cut the Siena lead 64-47 with 10:52 left

Siena with back-to-back good defensive plays and buckets for the 70-47 lead with 10:16 remaining

Monica Roeder hits a three as Manhattan continue to fight-Siena leads 72-52 with 8:24 remaining

Siena leads Manhattan 78-59 with 5:20 remaining

Nicole Isaacs has been amazing from the three-point range just hit another with 2:22 left -Siena with 83-62 lead

FINAL SCORE: Siena def. Manhattan 87-66

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