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New York Jets Quotes ~ 10/30/13

Here are some New York Jets Quotes for 10/30/13:

Head Coach Rex Ryan:

New York Jets logo

New York Jets logo (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Opening Statement:

“First off, I think the practice probably took a little longer than normal. We had a few repeats. (That is) not surprising. We are facing an opponent that is very multiple, both on offense and defense, so you put your stuff in and sometimes you have that. But I think our practice was really good, especially on offense. We had a lot of guys out, but some guys had a step up and I thought it was good, that it was very intense. I think our nine-on-seven in particular was outstanding, so I was pleased with practice. Obviously, we’re playing the Saints and it’s been well-noted that they’re 6-1, a great football team, well-coached, we know all those types of things, so it’s a huge challenge. With that I have my injury report (pulls out a sheet of paper with separate pictures of him and Rob Ryan on the back) (laughter): Willie Colon did not practice, he has a calf, you got (Jeff) Cumberland out with a concussion today, he did not practice. Stephen Hill with a foot, so he did not practice today. Santonio Holmes, hamstring, he did not practice, and (Jeremy) Kerley with his illness did not practice today. Nick Mangold was limited with his ribs, so that’s pretty much it on the injury report.”

On the Jets playing well against good teams this season:

“That’s true up until last week. That one, we knew that team was good, too. With us, we’re going to put it out there. We’re going to give everything we have. Clearly, we’ve played better at home, which is not surprising. We feed off the energy of our fans. That clearly helps us. Obviously, we’re striving for consistency that way and you have to be able to win away from your home field, but we do feel that energy and it’s pretty obvious how we play in front of our fans. We’ll definitely need that this week for sure. We know we have to get better. We’re striving and we’re working that way. We’re clearly not there yet. We have a tough match this week, but that team will get everything we have.”

Whether he gets caught up in the wave of emotion since this has been an up and down season:

“I think when the focus is really just about the next week’s opponent, that’s when you don’t get into anything else. It’s just about one game a week and that’s where the focus is. It’s not looking down the road, it’s not looking behind you and that’s really this football team’s mentality.”

On whether New Orleans offense is similar to Cincinnati’s:

“Similar, it’s a team that really pushes the ball vertically on you, probably more so than anybody. I told the team this, too, that quite honestly, they’re going to watch that tape from what happened last week, I wouldn’t be surprised if Drew Brees and company aren’t on the flight here early to make sure they got here. We have to play a heck of a lot better and we will. The way this team pushes the ball down the field, that’s who they are. Clearly, we have to do a heck of a lot better of a job than we did this past week.”

On getting better each week and putting together consecutive wins:

“Again, it’s focus on the present, right now. This is what we focus on and we have to get better this week. You can’t just say, ‘Well, in eight weeks, we have to be better.’ I’m anticipating that we will be better, but right now, we have to get better in a hurry and when we talk about fundamentals and technique, that’s what has to improve.”

Whether he is looking at personnel or scheme changes on defense after the Cincinnati game:

“I think you look at everything, but clearly we have to play a zillion times better than we did, and schematically, you’re always looking at different things schematically against certain opponents.”

Quarterback Geno Smith:

On facing the Saints:

“(It’s) a great opportunity for us again. Once again, a tough team (is) coming in. They have a great record. They’ve been playing great football on both sides of the ball, so we’ve got a tough task ahead of us and we’re going to prepare as we always do and get ready to go out there and fight again.”

Playing well against the good teams:

“I think we try and go into every week with the same mentality, just stay focused and continue to prepare. I just think we’ve done a good job at just executing in those games. We don’t do anything that’s much different than any (other) week. I just think we do a better job at executing in those games and I think we need to pick it up in others.”

On if Rex Ryan has given him any insight on Rob Ryan’s thinking:

“Basically, he was just telling me that you can expect anything. From what I’ve seen on tape, and that’s usually where I get the best tell, the best feel for (defensive) coordinators, he’s 100 percent right because they’ll dial up just about any blitz, no rhyme or reason to it. That’s just the way that he thinks, talking about the Ryan’s. They’re just going to dial it up. It’s going to be game plan specific. It’s not going to be the same thing I expect to see on tape. Be prepared for anything and just get my eyes in the right place and just stick to my fundamentals.”

Why it is challenging to face defenses that give multiple looks:

“The game’s about getting into a rhythm and a lot of times when you see different schemes and different things on the back end, it kind of throws your rhythm off. That’s what it’s basically there for, to try and throw your rhythm off, don’t allow you to see the same things over and over and over because nowadays quarterbacks are good enough that if you show them the same things too many times, they’re going to pick up on it and then they’ll have an answer for it. It’s usually to throw you off as a quarterback, especially as a young quarterback, so I can expect those things from that defense.”

On what he has learned in the first half of the season:

“Being patient is the key in this game. Not to force things, not to try and put too much on your own shoulders and take the game into your own hands. Just getting the ball in the hands of the playmakers, allowing them to do all the work.”

If he is happy with his improvement in his recent games:

“It’s always good to see progress and see improvement, but by no way, shape or form am I happy with the way that I’ve played over these past eight games. I think I could have done a lot better. I do understand that there’s lots to learn, but I know what I’m capable of. For me, it’s just about sticking to it, just continuing to work hard, staying level headed. That comes naturally. So, (I’m) just going to stick to my guns, just work hard and try and improve every single day.”

On what he will focus on every game:

“Every single game just focus on taking care of my job, putting us in the best situation to win games and when the game’s on the line, going out there and getting it done.”

Corner Back Dee Milliner:

On if he has confidence that he can correct physical mistakes:

“Yes, of course. In the game I had a couple of plays where I had bad eyes. In (this) league if you have bad eyes, that leads to a big (play). (I’ve) just got to be more mentally into it and more physically into it and just go out there and make plays.”

On Ryan saying he will be the best rookie cornerback in the league by the end of the season:

“I’ve just got to continue to work and get better and just see how things go. That’s the only thing I can worry about.”

If he expects Drew Brees to target him:

“Yes, always. I’ve put on film that plays get over me here and there. He watches film. He’s one of the great quarterbacks in today’s game. He’s going to be out there and of course I’m the new kid out there so he’s going to look to attack me on things.”

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