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New York Jets Quotes ~10/28/13

Here are some New York Jets Quotes for 10/28/13:

New York Jets logo

New York Jets logo (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Quarterback Geno Smith:

On Cincinnati’s first two sacks using a safety blitz:

“It was a free guy. Every single protection has a weakness and a strength and it’s our job to identify that. I think they did a good job early at scheming things up and making it difficult for us to get things protected with the clock running down. My job is to not take those sacks, to get the ball out and to find an outlet other than getting sacked.”

How difficult it is to stick to a game plan when down early:

“Well, we can’t worry about that. Honestly, we do obviously understand the circumstances of the game, but we’ve got to go down there and score and it’s our job to lift our defense up when they give up scores. That’s something that I think we should have done a better job at, but we didn’t get it done, plain and simple. We didn’t get it done in any phase of the game and it’s very rare for us. We’ve got to move on from it very quickly and just come back and respond.”

On how difficult it is to get ready to face the Saints:

“It’s going to be another challenge. That’s been a week-to-week thing for us. Every single game has been a tough challenge for us. The Saints have a great team. They’re led by Drew Brees and Sean Payton and their defense is playing a lot better than they were last year so we’ve got to prepare ourselves for it and just come out swinging like we always do.”

If he has struggled because he has faced good defenses:

“Yeah, that would be a reason. But also I just think we need to do a better job of executing. Defenses are going to be tough in this league every single week. Everyone has first round picks and everyone has a great defensive coordinator, but we’ve got to do a better job of executing and just getting the ball in the end zone.”

On if anything stood out as better or worse after watching film:

“When watching tape it’s never as good or as bad as you think it is. It’s pretty much as we thought it was coming off the field. We just didn’t execute well in all phases of it and it’s something that we’ve got to get better at and we’re going to work hard in practice and try to correct those mistakes.”

What the strengths of the team are:

Defense, (and) the running game. The offensive line has played great up until this point and I look for that to continue. Our ability to make plays on third downs, our ability to stretch the field vertically. We have a ton of strengths but I think it’s all about execution. We’ve got to be consistent and we’ve got to execute every single week.”

On what gives him confidence that the team has a good enough offense to win:

“Well, we’re 4-4 right now – at .500. We’re in a situation where we’ve got to keep climbing. We’ve got to stay confident and I’m forever going to remain confident because we have a great bunch of guys in this locker room and we’re led by a really good offensive line. The backs run the ball extremely hard and they pick up first downs and then the wideouts have been doing a great job. We’ve just got to stay the course, continue to prepare as we always do and just get better.”

His expectations for himself:

“Personally, I don’t worry about my own expectations. I don’t worry about that. It’s about this team and it’s about us winning. Those things will come later on down the line, but right now I’m focused on winning every single game.”

Linebacker Demario Davis

On not watching film after a game:

“Basically, you never want to have what happened yesterday happen to you, but it’s the NFL. There (are) great competitors on each team. It’s going to happen. You’re going to have games where you have your highs. You’re going to have games where you have your lows. So when you have a game where you have a low like that, pretty much you just want to let it go and start focusing on the next one so that we can come out and perform better next week. And that’s what we’re doing, focusing on the Saints.”

How the team cleans up mistakes to get ready for the Saints:

“The thing is just technique football. We just have to be more efficient in our technique, in what we do, (and) listen what the coaches are asking us to do on the front end and the back end. We can all become more efficient in what we do. It’s all going to come down to just playing with good technique.”

On how surprised he is by the defense’s performance:

“I don’t know. You can say shocking. It’s tough. You think (when) they get out quick and go up 14-0 that you’re going to put your feet in the ground and be able to fight back, but it’s kind of like quicksand. The more we fought, the deeper we slipped. But it happens. It’s part of the game. Now it’s onto the next one. ”

How disappointing it is to give up a touchdown on the first drive:

“A big point of emphasis of things we wanted to do was start fast. We’ve had games where we’ve started fast and we’ve had games where we haven’t. I think you just have to keep driving towards doing the things we need to do to start fast and at the end of the day it’s going to come down to our technique. So, we’re going to try to get better this week at practice and we’ll try to start fast against the Saints.”

Defensive Lineman Muhammad Wilkerson

On how the team makes corrections to go up against the Saints:

“Pretty much, (we’ve) got to fix those mistakes that we made in the game. We know Drew Brees is an elite quarterback and they throw the ball, so we’ve got to learn from mistakes from the Cincinnati game and get better for New Orleans.”

If there is anything the team does to regroup:

“No. We’re brothers. We’re all going to stick together and, like I said, learn from these mistakes and get better. We’ve just got to keep on believing in each other. That was a tough loss, but we can’t let one loss turn into two losses.”

How the team can learn from mistakes without watching film:

“We’re pros, so you’ve got to watch film eventually on your own. I know guys are going to watch their mistakes and learn from it and get better and correct them.”

On what led to not playing Jet football”

“I honestly can’t say. We talked the night before the game. Coach Thurman asked individuals from each group to talk about what we needed to do to win the game. At the end of the day, we just didn’t get it done collectively as a defense.”

Center Nick Mangold

On what Coach Rex Ryan said to the team today:

“We all know that what (we) put out there yesterday was not what we need. We’ve got to get better and we’ve got to put the work in this week to do that.”

How to ensure execution on game day:

“One, you put time in the classroom, study and see what you can from film and know the game plan inside (and) out. Two is to get on the field and rep it, as many times as you can. Go through the scenarios in your head of the different looks you can get for certain plays, for certain formations, stuff like that. Doing that should build a pretty good combination going into study. ”

On how to gauge how good this team is”

“We need to find consistency and the up and down, the win one, lose one, isn’t going to get us to where we want to be. So, we need to focus in and make sure we do the job that we need to, to get a win and then follow that up and get another win.”

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