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New York Jets Quotes ~ 10/24/13

Here are some New York Jets Quotes for 10/24/13:

New York Jets logo

New York Jets logo (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Cornerback Antonio Cromartie:

On Coach Ryan saying he had an outstanding game last week:

“Last week is last week. It’s a new week now. I don’t harp on games that are already in the past. My biggest thing is I’m trying to focus on what I’ve got to do for this upcoming week and just try to build on it from there.”

If he felt he was more physical last week:

“I felt like I did okay with (being physical). For me, it’s just getting back to the basics and just playing football.”

On if he has improved in playing physically:

“I don’t harp on myself every day in practice. I think just me trying to be physical with the receiver at the line knocks off a lot of timing with the quarterback or puts me in a better position also. That’s something that I try to look forward to and just try to do my best at being that aggressive type of cornerback that I know I can be.”

Wide Receiver Jeremy Kerley:

On his game last week:

“It’s just stuff that we had practiced and practiced over and over again, so it wasn’t like it was a surprise. Every third down I felt like the ball was coming to me, as (I do) every play, but more if it’s on third down, so I just made sure that I made the catch, secured the position, got the yards.”

How confident he is in his chemistry with Geno Smith:

“I think he and I have got a real good feel for each other. We’ve been making sure that the reps have been consistent over and over again, making sure that we capitalize on every opportunity that we have. If we don’t capitalize on it right there, we try to get it again, if not on the field (then) in the film room. I think as long as we stay consistent we’ll have success together.”

Running Back Bilal Powell:

On the running game establishing themselves on Sunday:

“I mean it’s good, things like that open up the pass. When you have a balanced offense it keeps the defense on their heels and allows us to do more, go more in depth into our playbook, just open up and have everybody else relaxed.”

If the running game helps establish a rhythm for the offensive line:

“It does. The more you run the ball, everyone starts to catch a rhythm. You had guys out there blocking on the perimeter by the receivers. The offensive line did a great job and Chris (Ivory) got going.”

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