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New York Jets Quotes ~10/17/13

Here are some New York Jets Quotes for 10/18/13:

New York Jets logo

New York Jets logo (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Head Coach Rex Ryan:

Opening Statement:

“I guess the first order of business is I know we’re reaching out to our fans, trying to have all our fans wear green for the game, so a Green Out if you will. I look at it as a sea of green so the Patriots get to see that. We’d like to have our fans wear green for this game if they wouldn’t mind. It would be fantastic (to) support us that way. As far as how practice went, I thought it was outstanding. Today was a great practice. You can tell the tempo’s up, the focus is up, and it has to be. It’s sometimes tough to prepare for the no-huddle and all that that we get from New England, but we’re doing our best to do that, get prepared for it. I like the fact we’ve seen them. This will be our second time. It’s not like it’s a surprise, but if you haven’t seen it the first time, I think if they want to be, they’re probably as fast as anybody even in the league so we have to be prepared for that. I think we’ve done a good job so far. Injuries – Santonio Holmes with his hamstring and foot, obviously did not practice today. Neither did the new kid, (Greg) Salas with his knee. Guys that were limited, Kyle Wilson was limited today. He was non-contact. He was wearing the red jersey so he was non-contact. Dee Milliner, hamstring and David Nelson, hamstring, were also limited today in practice. Everybody else (is) ready to roll.”

On whether it is easier or harder preparing for a team a second time:

“I think sometimes you start playing the what-if scenario, like, ‘What if they do this,’ ‘What if they do that,’ ‘They’ve seen us do this.’ So, you kind of anticipate maybe what their next move will be. I think you have to do that a little more, obviously, the second time you prepare for somebody.”

On historically having trouble when the team has faced the Patriots the second time:

“Well, I think for the most part it seems like it’s been in their stadium. I know that hasn’t been the case last year, but I think up until then, it seemed like we opened up in our place to start with and then we go to their place in the second half. It’d be interesting to see if that was it. Obviously, it wasn’t that way last year, but I’m pretty sure it was that way for the previous seasons. So that might have more to do with it than anything else.”

Cornerback Dee Milliner:

On whether he thinks he will be ready to play on Sunday:

“Yeah, hopefully I can be out there. I’ve just been sticking to what the trainers have been telling me. (I’ve) been working and staying active.”

If it’s frustrating not to be able to play due to injury and this not being how he thought his rookie season would go:

“No, not at all, but it’s going to come. But it’s been frustrating at times because I want to be out there on the field, I want to play. They brought me in to come here to play. So, I just want to be out there with them. I unfortunately had some pop ups here and there, but that’s going to come. (I) just have to work through it.”

On whether he’s been studying a lot in the classroom while he’s been injured:

“Yeah, that’s really (what) I’ve been doing while I’ve been down. Studying more, on film, just doing what I can if I can’t be out there running around or moving. I’ve got to do something, so (I’ve) just been getting the mental part down. I’m always around DT (Dennis Thurman) when I’m out there at practice or just listening to him and take it in (is) the most I can do.”

Linebacker Calvin Pace:

On New England:

“I respect them. I respect what they do. The have a system and they do things well. I don’t play offense obviously, but defensively, the thing I respect the most is that they don’t beat themselves, you have to beat them. And even my first year here when they had Matt Cassel at quarterback, the system ran. Different pieces, but they find a way to win. As players, if you play this game long enough, you can respect the way that they win. It’s not pretty all the time. You look out there and they have a bunch of guys you don’t know, but they find a way. I respect that.”

What has worked when they have beaten New England:

“We started fast. I think it’s been something to kind of catch them off guard and kind of put them behind the eight ball. The year that sticks out to me, the year we played them on Thursday when Leon (Washington) returned the opening kickoff and it kind of stunned them I thought. So, you always kind of need something like that to kind of just set the tone and start fast on them.”

On the challenges of facing New England for the second time:

“I think you just try to learn their concepts, their running game, the type of plays they want to run and the route combinations. Every game is going to be different. They might look at a matchup they like a little bit better this time around. The last five years that I’ve played them, stuff pretty much stays the same. They have some wrinkles here and there, but for the most part it’s going to be similar things. I think the only thing that’s a little different now is they aren’t featuring the tight end as much. They don’t have (Wes) Welker, but they have a Welker like guy in (Julian) Edelman. They don’t have Chad Johnson or Randy Moss, but they have that component in (Kenbrell) Thompkins and (Aaron) Dobson, so it’s different people but the same philosophies. If we don’t affect Tom Brady (it’s hard to win), that’s pretty much where it starts. We have to affect him.”

Center Nick Mangold:

Whether New England’s injuries on defense changes their approach to the running game:

“No, you now have to look at who’s in there and study a little bit more, especially when you look at Vince (Wilfork). Every game that I’ve played, Vince has always been there. You kind of rely on your experience, you watch the film, but you rely on your experience, and now there are guys in there who you don’t have experience with, so it’s going to be a challenge for us up front. It’s going to be a fun week. “

On the rivalry with New England:

“It’s an intense rivalry that I love being a part of. We know that it’s going to be a tough game and it’s going to be a hard-fought game. You have to put the work in to make sure you’re in the right position when it comes time on Sunday.”

Whether Sunday’s matchup with New England is as good as it gets as a competitor:

“It’s always an exciting game. The fact that we were already up there and now we get to play at home for the second round, it’s exciting. So, I’m glad to be in front of our fans and (am) looking forward to a good game (on) Sunday.”

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