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New York Jets Quotes ~ 10/10/13

Here are some New York Jets Quotes for 10/10/13:

Head Coach Rex Ryan:

New York Jets logo

New York Jets logo (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Opening Statement:

“Anyway, today’s practice went well. Geno (Smith) looked good, throwing the ball well. 23 years old I guess he turned today. Communication is getting better. I see us getting a little bit better. We know how physical the game is. Again the pads aren’t on because we know what is in store for us. We know this team is loaded for bear. Anytime you play Pittsburgh, it’s always a physical game so we’re certainly preparing for it. Guys that did not practice today: Santonio Holmes, with the foot/hamstring, Dee Milliner, with a hamstring, Kellen Winslow, with the knee. Guys that were limited today: Oday Aboushi, with the knee, Quinton Coples, ankle, Antonio Cromartie, hip and knee, Clyde Gates, knee, Chris Ivory, hamstring, Jaiquawn Jarrett, knee, David Nelson, hamstring, Darrin Walls, shoulder. So those guys were all limited.”

What he emphasizes to the defense about Ben Roethlisberger:

“Well, I’ll tell you after the game. (joking) He’s just big. You have to make sure you wrap him. There’s no question. He can shake you and he knows it too. He sees you coming and he’s like “I’ll just move my shoulders, I’ll shake him and get him off of me and throw the football. You have to do a tremendous job of wrapping him up and running your feet and hope help is coming.”

Wide Receiver Santonio Holmes:

On if Sunday’s game holds more meaning because it’s against Pittsburgh:

“At this point, no. The focus is improving our team and doing what we can do in the classroom and on the football field to make this a much better receiving corp and to get team victories. It’s not about anyone else but ourselves.”

His impression of Monday’s game:

“I was excited to see the team go on the road and get a victory for our guys. The play of our offense really showed great improvement. We’re looking forward to (more) coming this week, much more improvement to come, come Sunday.”

On Pittsburgh’s defense:

“One thing, I can talk to Geno (Smith) about is the play of that defense and the style and how aggressive those guys are, what they look to do, down and distance and how they play particular spots on the field. Field position is what they thrive off of and giving the ball back to their offense in manageable positions. Our job is to nickel and dime those guys all the way down the field until we get an opening.”

Center Nick Mangold:

On facing Pittsburgh:

“They have a good defense that’s going to be a tough challenge for us. They’ve had time, obviously, to prepare and really study what we do. We’re going to be on top of our game and make sure that we don’t let little mistakes hurt us.”

 On Pittsburgh’s defensive front giving up a lot of rushing yards:

“No. They’re still getting after it. I think you turn on the film and you watch them and you see them playing hard and they’re doing some different things. It’s different not seeing Casey Hampton in there, but to have a guy replace Casey, he’s got to be a pretty good player. It’s going to be a tough challenge for us and we’re going to have to bring our A game.”

On the team’s confidence level following Monday night:

“I think that it’s good. It’s always good to get a win in the NFL, but we know we have a lot of work, a lot of things to correct. We got in, got back to work as soon as possible and we’re hoping for big things Sunday.”

How much it helps to have a win like Monday night:

“It’s good to have that under your belt, but again, there’s still a lot of mistakes that we made that we’ve got to clean up and we’ll get right back to work. “

On how much he looks forward to playing a home game:

“Yeah, it’s always exciting to play at home. Our fans give us a good advantage here, so we’re expecting a good crowd and it should be a fun atmosphere to play a football game in.”

How the offensive line played Monday:

“I thought we did some good things (and some) things we obviously needed to clean up. In the end we did what we needed to do to get the win and that’s a good thing. We were working on cleaning those things up Wednesday. (We’re) moving on and getting ready for the Steelers now.”

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