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New York Jets Quotes ~ 9/30

New York Jets logo

New York Jets logo (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Here are some New York Jets Quotes for 9/30:

Head Coach Rex Ryan:

Opening Statement:

“Obviously, when you look at the tape (and) you’ve been beat the way we were beaten, as soundly as we were beat, you go back and you look at the tape and in the coaching business there’s always a saying that, “It’s never as good as you think. It’s never as bad as you think.” And that’s probably the case with this as well. But, with that being said, we’ve got to fix a lot of different things. Penalties are obviously one. We have to take care of the football better. We’ve got to really look at what we’re doing, and are we putting our players in the best situation? We’ve got to take a hard look. Not just with the players, but the coaches as well and that’s exactly what we’re going to do.”

 Geno Smith’s performance and pass protection from the offensive line:

“First off, some of those things were screen passes. It looked like, ‘Katy bar the door’, whatever you want to call it. We just have to get rid of the football in those situations, dirt the ball if you will, instead of taking the sacks. I think that happened a couple of times on screen passes. The protection, overall, I think at times our protection was outstanding. It takes one guy to miss and all of a sudden, obviously we give up five sacks and that’s not good.”

On the team after four games:

“Well, we’ve got a lot of work to do. There’s no question. We have to get better. You mentioned the protection. That has to get better. We have to catch the football better. We have to make better decisions. We have to quit turning the ball over. That’s killing us right now. It wasn’t obvious until this past game. The reason it wasn’t obvious because we played a really good red zone defense. That wasn’t the case yesterday. We gave up 28 points off of turnovers. That wasn’t case and that’s not what happened in this game. That has to get better. On defense, being consistent, we’ve got to play better in the back-end and we’ve got to start creating some turnovers. I think that’s the big thing. Obviously, it’s going to be a hugemongous challenge in front of us playing against a Falcon team that has a ton of weapons. That’s going to be a major challenge for us. We do have to attack the football down the field more on defense and we have to start creating some turnovers.”

How they can create turnovers:

“I think the big thing is just playing the ball in the air. We were in position to make some plays and two times we give up two touchdowns. That obviously can’t happen. Those are areas, whether it’s in individual drills or whatever, there are several things we can do. It starts with position and it’s going up and making plays. We have to work on that.”

Quarterback Geno Smith:

On if there was anything he saw on the film that was different from his initial impression yesterday:

“No. Really when you watch the film, I was always taught that it’s never as good as you think it is and it’s never as bad as you think it is. Judging by the scoreboard, we lost pretty bad. Those turnovers led to 28 points. I think if we take care of the ball, if we take care of those penalties, I think we have a fighting chance. It’s something that we have to clean up, we’re going to emphasize it. As far as those turnovers go, they have to stop now.”

On Coach Ryan saying that he is not thinking about benching him:

“It’s great to hear that from Rex. Judging by the way I’ve played over the last few games, there has been ups and downs, that’s understandable, but I think we have a chance here to be a really good team. A lot falls on my shoulders as far as taking care of the ball but that’s something I have to do. I know that I’ve been coached hard. No one wants to make those mistakes. It’s something that has to stop now in order for us to progress and to get better as an offense and as a team.”

What he saw on film in regards to the interceptions:

“Both of them were tight windows, tight throws. I mean all I can say from that is to just to have better ball placement if I’m going to make those throws. Otherwise, don’t even try it, don’t even attempt it. Just try to take a safe play, maybe check it down or go somewhere else with ball but not turn it over.”

On how he plans on making changes going forward:

“Just continue to emphasize it. We didn’t accomplish all of our goals, but in this league the windows are going to be tight, that’s natural. Like I said, it’s about ball placement, it’s about me putting the ball to a spot where I only my guy can get it. On those two throws, I didn’t do so. From (my) evaluation, it’s just something I have to get better at mechanically, physically and even mentally.”

What he is focusing on during this long week:

“(I’m focusing) on taking care of the ball, keeping two hands on the ball in the pocket, being disciplined with my reads and my footwork. Just studying the film, going over the same things that I pretty much went over for the last month or so. Just continuing to work hard, we have a long way to go, this offense is growing. If we clean up some of the minor things that can be major things that can cost us some games, then I think we’ll be fine.”

On how he’s adjusting to being a starting quarterback in New York and dealing with the media:

“It doesn’t really bother me much. I know that it comes with the territory, so I just do as I’m told. I love it (being a quarterback). I appreciate it. I look forward to it every single day.”

On the highs and lows so far this season:

“We’ve experience highs and lows. That’s something that can be a good sign, but it also can be a negative sign. So, you have to remain even-keeled. We have to continue to work hard and just stay. As long as we play consistently and everyone comes together, we’ll become a better offense. Turnovers and penalties have hurt us, (and it is) something we need to correct now in order for us to progress. It’s a good sign that we have a long ways to go. We have 12 more games (and) possibly a playoff stretch, so we have to continue to correct things, just move on from the experiences that we’ve had and just get better from them.”

Running Back Mike Goodson:

How excited he is to be back:

“Words can’t even express how excited I am. Just being able to be back out there. We just had a walk thru, to be back out there with my teammates and even just watching them go through a walk thru. Being able to be out there is cool.”

On if there is anything he can do to replicate game speed before playing:

“I think the stuff that I was doing was pretty applicable, I would say. It’s nothing like football, though. To be out there running and doing stuff like that, it’s nothing like being in football shape. Going through a week of practice, I think I’ll be ready.”

What he can add to the team:

“Just a spark. Hopefully a spark. Wherever they choose to place me, wherever they choose to put me at, just bring a spark.”

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