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New York Jets Quotes ~ 9/25/13

Here are some New York Jets quotes for 9/25/13:

New York Jets logo

New York Jets logo (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Head Coach Rex Ryan

Opening Statement:

“Today (was a) good practice I thought. When you move on, nice warm weather out there, so it was good to get through it, push through it. During (team) periods we started doing like 10 straight plays offense, 10 straight plays defense trying to work some conditions, which (was) a little different and then we had 30 pushups today. It is crazy, when you look at the total pushups. Obviously we’re 32nd in the league, probably closer to 33rd (in penalties) if that was possible and it’s just not us. That is not who we are, so we’re trying to fix it and we will fix it. I think we we’re fourth in the league in that last year in that and it’s something that’s been addressed as you guys know. Today, I thought the practice was good. It was pretty good tempo and when you put in new things, offense, defense, sometimes it’s a slower day, but they’re very few repeats, so that’s a good sign. With the injuries, we had guys that did not practice today: Oday Aboushi did not practice with a knee. Chris Ivory with a hamstring did not practice. Sheldon Richardson with his shoulder did not practice. And then guys that were limited today: Quinton Coples, ankle. Kenrick Ellis, back, Clyde Gates, knee, Santonio Holmes, foot, Dee Milliner, hamstring and Kellen Winslow, knee. Those guys were limited today.”

What it would mean for the team with they were to win three of the first four games:

“Well again, we’re a long ways from there. Obviously we’ve got to accomplish that (still). We’ve got a heck of a test right in front of us with Tennessee, so we’ll address it then. It’s amazing a quarter (of the season has gone by). I do like to address it in the quarters, but we’ll get there first. It is amazing you want to get out of the blocks. There’s no question about that. To look back on it, where we are now, this game right now in front of us, obviously you’re playing in a very hostile environment. Tennessee does a great job, their fans are great. It’s a big home field advantage to them, so we have to make sure we overcome that. The focus has got to be great when you’re there and you’re going against a very physical football team that’s not a surprise if you look at them. Ok, Mike Munchak’s the coach. I get it. There’s no doubt. They put a lot of resources in that offensive line this offseason and it shows. You have two really good guards with (Chance) Warmack the first-round pick, and then obviously (Andy) Levitre from Buffalo (and) the two former Pro Bowl tackles, so it’s a good offensive line. Very physical. They run the ball. You know they’re running it and they still run it, so it’s that kind of mentality with that group. And then on defense with Greg Williams coming over, you recognize that as well. They’re blitzing almost 50 percent of the time. (That is a) very aggressive team.”

On whether throwing the ball down field was the kind of offense he envisioned at the conclusion of last season:

“Absolutely and the fact that hey, we’re going to attack you with the run, but if you stick them all down there to play it, then that’s going to allow us to have some one-on-one opportunities on the outside and we’re absolutely going to take shots down the field. And that’s been the thing with the hiring of Marty (Mornhinweg) that was pretty obvious, that we would do that as well.”

Quarterback Geno Smith

On the Tennessee Titans:

“(They’re a) physical defense, they’re very fast. In the back end, they got veterans, guys who can hit, who can play the field. They’re going to pose a challenge for us. We’re going to continue to study and just try and focus on ourselves, continue to work the game plan and prepare for Sunday.”

On his progress:

“I’ve been making progress. The good thing is that it’s been steady, it’s been day-by-day. I try to take every single rep in practice as hard as possible and just try and perfect my craft. It’s a long ways coming. I’ve slowly been getting better. That’s always a good sign, especially with a young player, so I’m pleased with it as well.”

On how much the offensive line has been a factor to him being comfortable:

“It’s been a great factor. To have veteran guys like Nick Mangold, my guy, Vlad Ducasse, Willie Colon. All of those guys, they all do a phenomenal job, they all are very smart. They compete, they come to play and they make my job (much) easier when I’m out there and able to step (up) of the pocket and make some good throws.”

Playing on the road in a hostile environment:

“I suppose it will be tough but we’ve got to prepare for it. We’ve been practicing with crowd noise. We got to communicate and make sure everyone hears the calls in the huddle or if there’s no huddle, make sure everyone gets the signals. I expect it to be tough but I think we’ll be up for the challenge.”

On his progression in the huddle:

“I’m progressing. I’ve been getting better with every single thing. I think I’m slowly getting to where I feel like I can do every single thing they ask me to do. It’s still a work in progress, everything is going to continue to get better. As of right now, we can function extremely well. There hasn’t been any miscommunications in the games, but like I said, you still have to try and perfect it and be mindful of the fact that you have to enunciate and do all the things to make sure everyone is on the same page.”

If the team enjoys proving people wrong in regards to the rankings:

“I don’t think we’re trying to prove anyone wrong right now. We’re just trying to go out there and win games and we’re doing it collectively as a team, both sides of the ball, including special teams. As long as we continue to progress and get better and every guy comes out and competes, we’ll be fine. Later on in the season, we’ll have a chance to go to the playoffs and ultimately try to reach our goal.”

On the offense clicking against Buffalo:

“Yeah, we had a good game but we’ve got to move on from it. We’ve got a long season and we’ve got a tough week coming up. We’ve got to string together a bunch of good games and just continue to work hard in practice and do all the things that got us to that point and we’ll be fine.”

If the Titans not having committed any turnovers adds pressure to him not have turnovers:

“No, no added pressure. Our goal, my goal, is always to not have any turnovers. That’s one thing I think we must improve on in order to get better as a team and as an offense. It starts with me. I’ve got to be mindful of taking care of the ball and not putting us in the situation where we can give us easy points. That’s something that we emphasize in practice and we’ll try to get better with.”

Wide Receiver Santonio Holmes

On what stands out about the Titans defense:

“Today was our first day of really getting a beat on these guys. One thing we have to really focus on is (the tendency) that they have of stripping the ball and making big plays in their secondary. I saw that the Chargers really got after those guys and put up some good numbers and we can definitely look at our chances at making some splash plays (with) our offense.”

If having a big game was because he is building a rapport with Geno Smith…

“I think it all contributes to practicing and getting opportunities to get out in practice and get these timing plays down pat and just making the best of the opportunities that I get tracking the ball down, using my eyes and hands to catch the ball and just continuing to be focused at any moment and not allow myself to lose focus once I’m on the field.”

On what it was like to feel that kind of success again:

“I mean with the opportunities that were presented to me, like I said, I made the best of those opportunities. If each week can be like that, I’m pretty sure myself and the rest of the team will be very ecstatic to see we can produce numbers like we did last week. I know it’s going to be tough going forward because teams are going to have more opportunities to watch more film and get a chance to study the things that we do and we just have to be sound in our technique and our game planning and continue looking forward.”

On if he is happy with what he has seen from Smith in the three games:

“We’re more so happy with the opportunities he’s given us. He’s putting the ball in great positions for us to make big plays for our team. He’s helping our team out, running the football, making the right call at the line of scrimmage and our offensive line has really given him an opportunity to pass the ball.”

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