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New York Jets Quotes ~ 9/4/13

New York Jets logo

New York Jets logo (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Here are some New York Jets quotes for 9/4/13:

General Manager John Idzik:

Opening Statement:

“I thought we had a real productive training camp and great work throughout the entire time in Cortland and when we got back here (we) kind of switched gears a little bit and now we’re into regular season mode and we’re really excited about getting underway. ”

On his comfort level with Geno Smith starting:

“We’re very comfortable with Geno. He’s done a marvelous job preparing himself. He had a little hiccup with the ankle that slowed things down a little bit but he rebounded well and we think physically he’s back. He’s been into it mentally all along. We’re very comfortable with him.”

Smith’s performance against the Giants…

“Well, that was his first extended play in live NFL competition so he had ups and downs but I think the encouraging thing was that with the downs, he never let it affect him and that’s an admirable quality for an NFL quarterback. We’re going to have that. You’re going to have plays, we play against pretty stiff competition in this league so you’re going to have things not go your way and it’s how you react to that and I thought Geno did a nice job of that.”

How much room for error Smith will have:

“We play in the National Football League. Veteran quarterbacks make mistakes, too. We’re prepared for that. We’re not going to be too reactive with anybody. We’re all human and again, we’re playing against pretty stiff competition. We expect things to go the other way sometimes. It’s how you react to that that’s key and that’s what we’ll reserve with Geno and everybody else.”

On how important it is to stabilize the quarterback position and how long it will take:

“Well, that’s a tough question. It’s tough to quantify that. It’s very important to stabilize the quarterback position. I think we all know that this is a quarterback-driven league. So to the extent that you’re comfortable and you’re stable there, that’s a great thing. That’s what we’re working toward. How long that takes, we’ll see. We’ll continue to press forward and we’ll see how it goes.”

Head Coach Rex Ryan:

Opening Statement:

“Obviously, the decision was made that Geno (Smith) will start this game. Mark will not play in this game. He’s rehabbing like crazy. I will say this about Mark. He’s doing a great job rehabbing the injury and he’s doing a great job of being with Geno, in the meetings, on the field and everything else. That’s good to see. As far as Geno is concerned, I don’t know if he’s 100 percent, but he’s certainly much better than he was. So, I think he’s ready to go. We realized that as a team, rookie quarterback and all that, that’s certainly a challenge, the fact we’re playing Darrelle Revis, those two stud safeties and all that. It’s going to be challenging. But I think our guys are ready to rally behind Geno and the big thing that we tell Geno is that you just have to be part of the solution. I’ve always said it to the quarterback. Just go out and play the position, be part of the solution. You don’t have to think you have to carry this team on your back. That’s not the case. We have a good football team. I will say this about our team. We’ll be popping out of our skin to play. It’s a home game and obviously we know Tampa Bay, the way they play, they’re aggressive (and) they’re a high-energy team. So, it’s going to be interesting to see what happens out there. But we’re certainly looking forward to it.”

Whether Smith is starting versus Tampa Bay only because Sanchez was injured:

“When you look at it, clearly with Mark’s injury, the fact he’s not able to go, that factors into any decision. I mean, he’s not available. But with that being said, we’re very comfortable with Geno. I think we’re confident as a football team. As an organization, we’re confident that Geno is going to help get this job done. We recognize the challenges of a rookie quarterback, but I think each one of us will pick our own game up. Like I said, a lot’s been made of this football team. The beauty of it is we get to see. We get to prove it on the field. We are excited about it and we’re confident about it.”

On whether the team will decide the starting quarterback on a week-to-week basis:

“The only thing that I’m going to say is our focus is strictly on Tampa Bay and our starting quarterback is Geno Smith. That’s all I’m going to get into it because that’s the truth. Every bit of focus, I understand we have a game (on) Thursday after (this game), but our focus is (on) Tampa Bay. We owe it to ourselves, our fans and everything else to put everything we can into this game, and that’s exactly where our attention is going to be.”

How Smith is perceived by his teammates:

“I think our whole team is confident in Geno. They know the preparation that he does. First off, I think that’s how you gain respect, when guys know you work. Everybody knows that Geno works and he’s prepared. And the fact he has physical tools, we’re confident with him. I will say this, veteran, rookie, everybody alike is chomping at the bit to play. Everything will be officially fully behind us from things that a lot of these guys had nothing to do with. So, we are excited about our football team and like I said, we’re not hiding. We’re going to be there and we’ll see what kind of team we have.”

Quarterback Geno Smith:

On the challenges of a rookie quarterback in the NFL:

“There’s going to be challenges. I fully expect those. The key is to move on from it, learn from it. Just move on from it. It’s something that happens to every single quarterback. It’s something that’s going to continually happen as you play in this league. I’m accepting all challenges and I look forward to it.”

On how he feels going into Sunday:

“I feel great. The ankle is still something that I’m treating. It’s something that’s getting better day by day. Overall I feel pretty good. I’m able to go out there, I’ve been practicing well. I feel fine out there. Hopefully Sunday it’s the same.”

How he feels Tampa Bay’s defense will try to challenge a rookie quarterback…

“I expect everything. Many different looks, I expect pressure, especially early. They’ll try and rattle my cage. (Coach) Schiano is a guy who I’ve faced in college so we have some familiarity there, but I expect everything. I expect those guys to come out fired up. They want to make a statement, they’re (facing) a rookie quarterback, definitely want to hit me, get me out of my game. I expect those things and I look  forward to it.”

On the reaction he has received from teammates:

“Everyone has been supportive. All of my teammates, they’re great guys. Coaches as well. It’s something I’m pleased with, it’s something that eases a lot of the pressure off my shoulders knowing that I have guys who are right there, going to fight with me play for play. The offensive line has been great, those guys are ready to protect. I lean on my teammates. Those guys are the ones who ultimately get us wins. That’s really good to have teammates like that.”

Facing Darrelle Revis:

“I’m excited. Everyone knows about Revis Island. I’m excited to go against a guy like that. That’s what this league is all about, facing guys who are stellar performers. He’s one of those guys.  I look forward to facing that defense. He’s one of the leaders of that defense. It’s going to be fun.”

On if he feels rushed or if he feels ready:

“I’m ready. I don’t think I’ve been rushed. I don’t think they would put me out there if they didn’t think I was ready. Like I said, I’ve been preparing my butt off. It’s something that’s going to continue to improve. My preparation will never change. I’m going to go out there with the intent to have a great game.”

On the health of his ankle:

“It’s steadily improving. It’s a ways away from where it was when I was in Cortland. It’s something I’m going to continue to treat even if its feeling fine, just to make sure that I take those precautions. It’s going to get better. It feels good, I’m able to drive, I’m able to run full speed, do all those things I’m accustomed to. It’s something I just have to continue to stick with and it will get better.”

If he dreamed about his first NFL start as a kid…

“I always dreamed of being in the NFL, but it was always a long shot. You can’t really put too much into those things, especially as a kid. Yeah, there’s dreams, but at the same time you have to go out and chase it. To be here and to have an opportunity to start is great. But like I said, I’m not here to celebrate. I’m working hard like every single guy in this locker room is. We’re focused.”

Wide Receiver Santonio Holmes:

On whether he will play on Sunday:

“I still don’t know. Still haven’t gotten any word from the doctors yet on whether I should be playing or not, so I’m just going to keep playing it by ear.”

If he is encouraged by this week in practice:

“Honestly, I feel pretty good about the things I’ve tried to do thus far.”

On if he would relish the opportunity to play against Darrelle Revis:

“It’s my job, it’s what we get paid to do, play football, and the season is around the corner and it would be really good to get out there and help the team compete as much as possible.”

On Geno Smith:

“I think the coaches made a pretty good decision to start Geno and that’s going to be our guy that we go with for right now.  I look forward to seeing him get on the field and really turn this thing around for us and have a breakout season.”

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