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New York Jets Quotes ~ 9/2/13

Here are some quotes from the New York Jets on 9/2/13:

New York Jets logo

New York Jets logo (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Head Coach Rex Ryan:

Opening Statement:

“First off, with the quarterback situation, obviously nothing new there. What I can tell you is that Mark (Sanchez) did not practice today. As far as injuries are concerned, I just prefer to discuss the injury updates on Wednesday when we’ll announce them then. Mark (Sanchez) did not practice today. Santonio (Holmes) did get some work in today, which is good to see. With that, it was a bonus really in preparation for Tampa Bay, and (we did) not put in a whole lot of the game plan on either side of the ball or special teams, but (we) did get a few things in, some unusual things, that they do offensively, defensively. (We) just got some early looks at them, and that’s really what we focused on. For that, it was good. They flew around pretty (well). (We) started outside and then I had to move it inside when I guess lightning was in the area. One other thing, we did add a few new players. You guys have that list because there’s no way I’m going to try to pronounce big Ben’s (Ijalana) last name, so you guys figure that one out. But this is something we’ve talked about with John (and I) on improving the roster. If we feel there are some guys out there who can help us and improve our football team, then we’re certainly going to look at that. This is probably an example of that, adding four players to our football team.”

On whether signing Brady Quinn indicates Sanchez will not be ready for the opener:

“You can look at a lot of different things. (You) try to build the best team you can have. We might be heavy in some positions, (but) we’re obviously light in other positions. Just looking at them from a numbers standpoint, I can understand where you’re coming from, but when you look at them, you just try to get the best 53 that you can find that’s out there to help your team. That’s what we’re trying to do. When you look at our situation, I think we only had three outside linebackers. There are some spots we’re extremely heavy at and there are others where I think we’re a little light by traditional NFL numbers. Again, we’re focused on trying to put the best group that we can out there and fielding the best team we can. Could that change? Absolutely, it can change. But that’s really how we’re approaching this football team.”

On whether it is realistic Sanchez can practice enough on Wednesday to be considered to play on Sunday:

“The one thing we know about Mark is that he does have a really good grasp of our system. He’s been involved in meetings and walkthroughs. It’s just he hasn’t physically been able to practice since the injury occurred.”

If Sanchez has started throwing at all yet:

“Well, the only thing I’ll say, specifically, he has not practiced. Has he thrown a football? I think you should probably ask him. If he wouldn’t say, then I’m certainly not going to say. But he hasn’t practiced with our offense. He has not practiced with our offense.”

Quarterback Brady Quinn:

On what he sees as his opportunity here:

“It’s a great opportunity. The Jets are a historic organization. I think just to be able to work with a guy like David Lee and Coach (Marty) Mornhinweg, is a great opportunity for me.”

What the team has said about his short-term future here:

“Nothing right now. I’ve been brought in to do whatever I can to help the team.”

On whether he is a part of the quarterback competition to start on Sunday:

“I don’t know all those answers right now. I’ve got a lot of my plate. I just got here late last night and I’m still trying to get adjusted to everything.”

What advice he’d give to Geno Smith as a rookie quarterback:

“Just to stay humble and grounded. Keep things simple in life. I think a lot of times you get thrusted into a situation and a scenario and there’s so many things going on outside of you and if you’re just able to kind of live simply and keep life simple, it makes learning the offense and adjusting to the NFL game a lot easier.”

Quarterback Mark Sanchez:

On how he is feeling:

“I’m feeling better each day. (I) just keep rehabbing and hopefully I’ll be back soon.”

On the Jets signing Brady Quinn:

“I know that they just got rid of Greg (McElroy), he went to Cincinnati. I don’t know, just keeping a veteran guy around as an emergency guy, a guy who’s played quite a bit. Hopefully he’ll help us.”

If he has been preparing for Sunday’s game against Tampa Bay:

“Of course, we started watching film last week as soon as that last game was over. It’s a good group, a really good group. A tough defensive front, they really improved their defensive backs and their back end there. It’s going to be fun to see Darrelle (Revis) and all those guys playing.”

Quarterback Geno Smith:

On how he prepared over the weekend:

“This weekend was pretty simple. I had some time off. I came in, got treatment, did little things to get myself better for the week. Other than that, I had some time off, tried to relax a little bit, kind of tone down. I’ve been going really hard throughout camp so just had some time off.”

If the ankle is closer to 100 percent:

“(It’s) getting there. It’s getting better. (I’ve) been treating it daily. Every single day it’s felt better. I’m able to do a lot more now than I was able to do then. It’s just constantly getting better and it’s something that I’ll continue to look at and continue to work at.”

On if he feels ready to start:

“Yes. I’ve been preparing extremely hard and I think I’ve gotten a lot better. Like I said, this is only the beginning. I’ve got a lot to learn and I’m preparing for everything that comes my way. If my chance is Sunday, I’m going to go out there with the intent to lead my team to victory and that’s just the way it is. I’m always going to play like that, be aggressive. I’m never going to hesitate, never going to shy away from anything and just go out there and play ball.”

His progression throughout the preseason:

“I think it went well form a standpoint of just tremendous growth mentally. The physical things that come along as you continue to rep it and get better at it on the practice field. Coach Lee does a great job at constantly drilling us and making sure that my footwork, where my eyes are, all of that stuff is right on point. But mentally, I feel a lot better in the offense. I’m able to get us in and out of plays. I’m able to check into different protections and that’s something that I couldn’t do when I first got here. It’s all a part of the progression. It’s only going to get better as long as I continue to study.”

On his biggest strength and weakness:

“I don’t want to put too much emphasis on strengths and weaknesses. I think my game as a whole is something that’s steadily improving. Like I said, it’s only going to get better. I think right now, at the point that I’m at, I’m in a pretty good spot. I have a lot of opportunity here to showcase my talents and we’ll be able to evaluate strengths and weaknesses based on my play in the games.”

The biggest lesson he learned from the Giants game:

“(There were) a number of lessons. That biggest one I’ll say is some big plays are going to be there but you’ve got to minimize the mistakes especially with the defense like the one that we have, one of the best, I think, in the league. Minimizing mistakes but still being aggressive. I’m a naturally aggressive player and that’s one of the reasons why they like me here. As long as I continue to be aggressive while minimizing mistakes, not putting us in terrible situations, not turning the ball over, all of those key things, we’ll be fine.”

Cornerback Dee Milliner:

On his excitement for his first NFL game:

“I’m very excited, to be back out there on the field. First NFL, regular season game, so it will feel great to be out there. It’s going to be at home. The fans (will) come out there (and) hopefully we have a good game.”

Whether the defense has started to break down Tampa Bay’s offense:

On if he has been treating this week differently now that it’s the regular season:

“No, not really. Not at all. We (prepare) the same way we do in the preseason game. We prepare very well. Now, it’s just going to be a regular season game where it all counts. I’ve been trying to go at it harder than I have before.”

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