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New York Jets Quotes- 8/14/13

Here are some New York Jets quotes for 8/14/13:

New York Jets logo

New York Jets logo (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Cornerback Antonio Cromartie:

On if there is more speed on defense:

“It’s very noticeable. For one, you have guys running to the ball, soaring to the ball and that’s all that we’re trying to do. When you’re keeping things simple and making sure guys can go out there and play full speed, it makes things a lot easier for guys (to) go out there and go play full speed.”

On Dawan Landry:

“Definitely, Dawan is doing a heck of a job for us. This is his sixth year in this defense, coming into this defense, so he’s only been two years removed from it. He knows the defense as a whole, he knows everything, (and) he knows all the answers, all of it. When you have a field general that knows the ins and outs, it makes things a little easier for the defensive backs and also for the linebackers.”

If Landry’s experience is beneficial to the younger safeties:

“Definitely, I mean, yeah, everyone has to be critical. For us, it’s just the point of making  sure everybody is doing the best that we need to do and that goes for me and Dawan. We try to make sure that one, he takes care of his safeties and the safeties know what they’re doing, and for me as the oldest defensive back in the cornerback room, it’s just making sure I’m doing the things I need to do for them.”

On if he is looking forward to the pass rush helping the secondary:

“I’m definitely looking for that, but I think the guys that we have and what we’re trying to do, it’s going to turn out to be great for us. We added a guy in (Antwan) Barnes, and having a guy that can get off the edge as fast as he (is) and young guys coming on, like Ricky Sapp and those guys. Like I said, you have two interior guys with Mo (Muhammad Wilkerson) and Quinton Coples and we’re going to get to the ball. We’re going to get to the quarterback, force some errand throws and we just have to make sure as a defense and on the backend, we have to make sure that we capitalize on those mistakes.”

Quarterback Mark Sanchez:

On what he is looking to accomplish against Jacksonville:

“Just improve on some of the things from the last preseason game. Be real sharp with our personnel stuff and continue to improve as a team. I think we’re on the right track and I think the (games) are a good test for us to see the depth of our roster (and) what guys are going to help us come fall.”

How he feels the quarterback competition went during training camp:

“I think it went about as well as it could. I felt good throughout the duration of camp. I thought I threw the ball well. I was accurate. I did my best to take care of (the ball) and move the team down the field. I thought we did that really well in spurts. I thought we got a little more consistent as things went on. We just have to keep improving. I felt fine with the rotation. Hopefully soon they’ll make a decision and we’ll roll.”

On whether the team would name the starting quarterback for the regular season before the third preseason game:

“I don’t know. That’s the way they did it before, so I have no idea. It’s up to John (Idzik) and Rex.”

On mainting his professional working relationship with Smith after the regular season starting quarterback is named:

“Nothing’s going to change. Just keep practicing hard, playing hard, supporting each other. If you approach it that way, you just handle it. It’ll naturally take care of itself.”

On practicing against all the new faces on defense:

“They still look sharp. They still look as aggressive as always, as tough as always, in their front seven. Then, some of the talent like (Dawan) Landry coming in, he’s a tough guy. And a rangy guy. And he plays really well. I know Rex loves him. I know Rex was fired up about getting Barnesy (Antwan Barnes) in here too. That’s another big pick up for us that can help our pass rush. I think a lot of those new faces are really going to help us and then a lot of the talent that we already had in Antonio Allen. He looks a lot bigger, stronger, faster. He just looks like a more developed player this year and he had a great camp. (I’m) proud of those guys and the way they competed and excited to go play together, finally, for the rest of the deal here.”

On whether he feels that the defense is faster this season in practice:

“Guys aren’t open for long and they never are at this level. If somebody does make a good play on offense, it has to be a good play. Nothing’s just, screaming wide open and a laugher. These guys have played really well. They really tightened things up and on defense they look sharp. That’s just a testament to Rex. He knows defense really well and knows how to get guys to play for him, motivate them and they look good.”

If his experience has made learning the new offense easier:

“I think experience only helps. I don’t want to speak for Geno. I’ll speak for myself and just say that I thought the offense came pretty naturally. I think Marty does a good job of mixing up calls and keeping the quarterback comfortable and Coach Lee does a great job of just keeping us accountable every day for that install. Whether it’s a test in the morning on protections or routes or whatever it is, we had more tests, I felt like I was back in school.”

On if there is something in the offensive scheme that is helping the receivers:

“Well, I know Marty just does a good job of putting guys in the right spot, trying to get guys in a place to be successful in that position, but I think a lot of it has to do with the talent we have too. Guys, they really understand how to run routes at the receiver position, especially being with Sanjay (Lal) for two years. That’s when you get a feel for your coach and I think it helps a lot having him back. But I think (Jeremy) Kerley is only improving, Jeff (Cumberland) is only improving. The longer they’re around, the more experience they get, the better those guys play, so it’s a good thing. Hopefully, we have a good thing going and we’ll just keep building on it.”

Quarterback Geno Smith:

On how he felt his first training camp went:

“It’s the first of many. I think I did a great job of just picking up the offense. As an offense, we’re going to continue to get better. Everyone’s going to continue to gel. We have many practices ahead. A long schedule ahead of us and were going to continue to get better at everything single thing.”

If he feels like he will get more chances in this game:

“I just run the plays as they are called. I don’t know exactly what Marty is going to call. It usually differentiates between down and distance, and exactly what he wants to see. So whatever the play is called and when it’s sent into me, I’ll go out there and execute it. That’s what it’s about. It’s never about me. It’s always about every single guy on that field getting out there and working hard, and that’s what I try and do every single time. I try and go out there and lead this offense and take advantage of every single opportunity.”

On the most important thing he has learned up here at training camp:

“I’ve learned to continue to push no matter what. I’m not going to have the best days every single time, but that’s what we practice for. You want to get every single look, every scenario, and you want to just continue to work hard and progressively get better as an offense, and I think that’s something we’ve done overall. I think every guy is getting more familiar with the offense, and getting more comfortable in their roles and it’s only going to get better.”

On balancing getting along and competing with Mark Sanchez:

“We’ve done a great job having a great working relationship. We’re good friends off the field. Mark’s a very cool dude. He’s taught me a lot in my short stint here. He’s a consummate professional, he’s been through a lot and he’s handled it very well and that’s something that you can respect about the guy. He comes out there daily (and) he competes and that’s something that makes me better and makes him better as well.”

On a percentage of how much more comfortable he is with offense now than in rookie mini-camp:

“I wouldn’t say a percentage.  I’m a lot more comfortable. That just comes with repetition. It comes from studying the offense. It also comes from beginning to gel more with your wide outs, with your offensive linemen and everyone just coming together. We come out here and we practice hard every day, and that’s made us better.”

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