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New York Jets Quotes 6/13/13

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1495 Sports is proud to bring the following New York Jets Quotes for 6/13/13:

General Manager John Idzik:

Opening Statement:

“We tied up our offseason program and mandatory minicamp. We thought it went pretty well. We introduced a lot of things over the last couple weeks, especially this last period of the offseason program where we got down to football brass tacks. We installed a lot, on purpose (and) filled their heads with a lot to think about the next five, six weeks before we go to camp. I felt like it went really well.”

On whether he has concerns about the wide receiver position due to the recent stretch of drops:

“It was (a rough couple of weeks). There’s a couple factors there I think. One, we have a new offensive system, practically the entire side of the ball, (except for) the receivers coach, the new coaches on the staff. So there’s a lot of newness that way in just the installation. We’re relatively young. And, we had some soft tissues type stuff, some minor stuff, that kept guys out, so it limited their reps a little bit. I think all things considered, there’s a lot going on. Like I said, we’ve filled their heads to the brim with that and you may miss a little time, some may miss a little time with a strain here or there, that factors in. But, is that a concern? That may be a little strong. It’s still early, we’re in the installation phases. There is an orientation of sort to our offense for the young guys, to the NFL. There’s a lot of factors going on and we’ll just keep pushing forward.”

On whether he anticipates Santonio Holmes missing training camp, preseason or regular season games:

“We’re just taking those things a week at a time for him. (The) next five, six weeks, are going to be important for him. He’s going to be around here rehabilitating. He’s been very diligent about that. We’ll just see where that goes. Hopefully by the time we reach camp or into camp we’ll have a lot more information, that’s for sure. I think this will be good time for Tone (Santonio Holmes) to continue his rehab to take it down the home stretch.”

On his impressions of Coach Rex Ryan:

“He’s been fantastic. From day one, I kind of jumped in mid-stride and we started hiring coaches together, interviewing and hiring coaches together, going to free agency, evaluating our roster, draft, post-draft signings, minicamps, now we’re getting into more football type things. In a very condensed period of time, we’ve had a lot of varied experience together and it’s all been good. He’s a joy to work with. As you guys know, he makes it fun. I think he’s been energized. He’s a great teacher. My observations have been that he’s been energized by the whole thing and certainly I have (been) too. It’s been a joy to work with him.”

On his expectations for this season:

“Our expectations are to not look too far ahead. I think there is a danger in that. We’re just going to take it a meeting at a time, practice at a time, day at a time, week at a time and keep pushing it forward and getting better. And I believe that’s happened this offseason. I think our fans have seen that this offseason, some of the moves we’ve made, going through the draft, the post-draft, now getting into minicamp practices. You’re going to have your learning curve so to speak. I think we’ve made real progress. The team certainly feels it. We feel it. I trust that our fans will see that too.”

On if the team is a better team than the one he inherited:

“Well, that’s tough. I’ve only been here five, six months. I don’t know if it’s a continuum of sorts. I just look at the team as we sit today. We’re pleased with the direction we’re headed.”

Head Coach Rex Ryan:

Opening remarks:

“Obviously, (mini-camp), we conclude that today. I’m happy (with) where the team’s at. Clearly, we have a long way to go in a lot of areas but we threw so much at our guys. I’m really proud of the preparation that our guys showed and obviously I think we made a lot of strides in our strength and conditioning, that we had guys working out and all that kind of stuff. So I’m happy with that. With that said, we’ve got a ton of stuff to improve on. We know that. So this is just the beginning of the process. But again, I’m happy with how we went through the OTA’s and mandatory camp, really all the phase one, two, and three of the offseason program. So I’m happy with that. I am excited about having a little time away for the players. I think that’s good (to) get away from the building because I think they’ll need some down time. And then in six weeks we’ll come back and have at it. Then it just builds and builds and builds. Again, I’m happy where we’re at right now.”

On whether he reminded players to stay in shape to avoid injuries during training camp:

“Well, again this is their time. I mentioned that it is good to get away, I feel, away from the building and all that. What they do on their own time, this is their time, this is their down time. I don’t believe I can say anything about, ‘You have to do this, you have to do this,’ or whatever. Maybe I can encourage it by NFL rules but I don’t know. This is their time and I won’t be monitoring. I’ll have no idea what guys are doing, where they’re at or anything else. This really is, it’s a down time for the players, it’s a down time for me.”

On the offensive line:

“Well, it looks good so far to me. Obviously, it’s quarterbacked by Nick Mangold in there, and we’ve all become accustomed to the type of player he is. I think he’s stepped up his leadership. Whether it’s now kind of being the elder statesman, I guess, him and (D’Brickashaw Ferguson) or whatever, I see that more from Nick right now. He’s really taken that. (He’s) always been a sharp guy. He’s going to have two new guards playing with him so that certainly will be a challenge. But you have two veterans with Willie Colon – (I’ve) really been impressed with Willie, same thing with (Stephen) Peterman. We’re flipping all those guards. (Brian) Winters as well, that we drafted. I’m expecting big things from this young man. So I feel pretty good about where we are with those guys. Sometimes there’s a comfort level. The offensive lineman immediately wants (to say), “I’m the right guard,” “I’m the left guard” or whatever, but we’re not there yet. It’s about the competition. The best two will be out there and we’ll see who that is. But do I see good competition there? I absolutely do.”

On his assessment Demario Davis and his leadership:

“When we drafted the young man, I mentioned that I thought it was (unusual), and I recognize the fact that it is unusual to get a rookie to come in with such charisma and whatever you want to call it, leadership. But I thought when we took him, when we drafted him, I guess you either have it or you don’t, and he’s certainly a young man that has it. So, what have I seen? I’ve seen him come in (and) work extremely hard. It’s challenging. We put him in a position (where) he has to replace an outstanding player in Bart Scott, but he’s taken to it. We ask that WILL linebacker to do a lot of things and I’ve been really proud of him. He’s also playing the Dime in the sub-package, so it’s been very impressive. I don’t see what’s in the locker room all the time, but certainly I understand the type of presence that he does have.”

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