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New York Jets Quotes 6/11/13

1495 Sports is proud to bring the following quotes from the first day of New York Jets Mini-Camp

New York Jets logo

New York Jets logo (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Wide Receiver Jeremy Kerley:

On the team’s wide receivers:

“I feel like we’re coming along pretty good. We have some guys banged up. It will be good to get Santonio (Holmes) back. He has to do his thing, take his time and get healed up. You don’t want to bring him back too early and then (he) re-injures his foot again. He’ll be big part of the offense. I feel like the guys that are out there right now are working hard, trying to get better, trying to stay healthy. We like the pace, we like the offense. I love the offense. All we can do is try to build each other up and stay injury free.”

On the West Coast style offense:

 “I think it’s a little more downfield and I love it.  I love it, it’s every receiver’s dream to catch deep balls. I think it’s made for us, I think it’s made for us to go out there and showcase our talent and make plays.”

Wide Receiver Stephen Hill:

On Santonio Holmes’ presence on the sidelines:

“Santonio has been a 100 percent support system (for me) since last year. He’s teaching us stuff (about) off the field issues and on the field issues. Just making sure that we’re doing (the) right thing, staying into it if we’re not practicing or anything like that, making sure we’re still in it mentally since we can’t be out there physically. He’s been a great support system, just like Coach Sanjay (Lal) and Coach Marty (Mornhinweg) just making sure they’re coaching us up as much as they can.”

On going up against the Jets secondary:

 “Honestly, I’m just trying to make myself a better player. Going against (Antonio Cromartie), Kyle (Wilson), (Aaron Berry), all these corners, it’s always a challenge. You’re going to have a challenge in a game, you’re probably going to have maybe one or maybe two, but this cornerback corps is really strong and I can’t wait to see them out here playing. That’s what I’m definitely trying to do, just pay attention to detail and get in that competition.”

Head Coach Rex Ryan:

Opening remarks:

“First day of mandatory camp, obviously excited about that. It’s really no different than our OTAs because we’re a team that’s had 100 percent participation, so it’s very similar to what we’ve been doing these last several days. But again, it’s always a good thing. You realize you’re getting closer and closer now, so I’m looking forward to that. Today we put in I think five different coverages with moving parts so that ought to be interesting today. (We’re) just trying to challenge our defense mentally, throwing a lot of new things at them (to) see what we can handle. We’re doing a lot of shifts and motions on offense. I wanted to challenge the defense that way so we’ll see how they respond. Sometimes in a game you’ll make adjustments in a fire storm. Maybe it’s one or two defenses. Well, today it’s five or six. But, (we) put it in there and they’re feeling pretty good about themselves, we’ll see what happens today. I have a funny feeling there’s going to be more questions about former players than there are current players, but with that I’ll answer your questions.”

On whether it’s frustrating as a coach to not have any spring practices with pads:

“No, I think as long as it’s a level playing field it’s really not a frustrating thing. Everyone’s dealing with the same rules. I’m just happy we’ve had 100 percent participation. I think that probably puts us ahead of things. I’m extremely happy where we are right now.”

On the competition at safety:

“That’s an excellent competition going on right now with Antonio Allen, with Jaiquawn Jarrett, with (Josh) Bush and guys competing. There is this young man, (Bret) Lockett from UCLA, who’s doing some nice things (and) Donnie Fletcher. There’s some good competition at that safety position, certainly. The thing that I like doing is firing a bunch of new stuff at them. We’ll see how they adjust because that’s what happens in a game. (Over) the course of a game, (when) something’s not working, you have to make a change in a firestorm as we put it.”

On the expectations for the team being different than they were a couple years ago:

“It’s the same job it’s always been with one goal. Expectations may be that the general public out there maybe has certain (expectations). I can’t speak for them. You know what the expectations are there, but I certainly understand our expectations. We know that we have to, as we say, out-work and out-prepare everybody and that’s going to give us an opportunity, I think, to be successful. Obviously, we’re no different than 31 other teams in this league. There’s one ultimate goal and certainly we’ll be striving for that goal.”

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