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NY Jets Quotes more from Milliner and Richardson 4/26/13

1495 Sports has these quotes as the two newest members of the New York Jets Dee Milliner and Sheldon Richardson were introduced to the media on Friday:

On if they knew each other before now:

New York Jets logo

New York Jets logo (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


“Yeah we did. We played each other once and we met up again through people training, (Eddie) Lacy and a couple other players on the team.”


On what this draft experience has been like…


It’s a fun experience for me. That’s kind of wild, a dream come true for me, I’m pretty sure (Milliner) too. I mean, you know, he went before me so his experience is a little bit better than mine but it’s all fun and games (laughter). We got to know each other a little bit better during the week and we kind of hit it off since then. (He) might be my roommate coming in at the camp.”



“Oh man it’s been a fun experience, great experience. Get out here with all the other players and also just be in New York. I’ve never been up here before. Just to get around the city, you know, they got a great fanbase, the city’s great and just have a great time at the NFL draft.”


On playing on a defense against the AFC East teams:


We are concentrating on being productive, week in and week out, it doesn’t matter who we play. Whether it’s Tom Brady or Blaine Gabbert, it doesn’t matter, so, I mean, I’m just ready to play anybody.”



Yeah, just go out there (and) compete to the highest level. You know, you’re in the NFL now so everybody out there is a great player. Just going out there and doing what you can do, trying to get better each week. You’re going to go up against the best because this is the NFL, and just have to go out there, prepare well, be mentally prepared, and just go out there and (play) your game.”


On playing in Coach Ryan’s system:


For me, it’s going to be a great experience. I watched “Hard Knocks” two years ago (laughter) and I was liking the intensity he brought to the team every practice and that’s just what he wants, his team to get the same output, as much input as he put into it. He’s a great coach, I know he wants his defense to come with it. He tells me they finished eighth overall last year and he said he wasn’t happy with that and you have to respect a man like that.”



For me, I know it will be good because he’s a hard-nosed coach. You know, just like I come from a system that I was involved in at Alabama, he’s going to be hard on you, on his players. And then, at corner, he likes to be aggressive and in your face, press them up. And so that fits the same thing that I did, I’m used to, so I just know I’ll fit in with him.”


On expectations of starting this year:


No, it’s just you really can’t look at it like that, you just try to go out there and compete. Try to do what you do. Try to get better each day and then eventually that will come if you’re doing well and just doing what you’re supposed to do.”



“I want to start, let’s put it like that, but they didn’t draft us to come sit behind anybody, that’s for sure. The position we’re in right now we have to take control of it and we have to make the best out of the position we’re in now. And I’m pretty sure that me and Dee are going to most definitely put our efforts into getting a starting role.”

On playing in New York and being able to deal with the spotlight:


“I’m fine with it. It’s a conversation and you just have to know how to answer questions and not to give (the media) too much to go along with (and) write, so you just have to know how to keep it professional and have fun with it like I do, go or bad.”



“Yeah, you just have to watch what you’re doing, just pay attention to things. New York is a big city, a big market place, so you know whatever you say, whatever you do, (will) be well-watched and televised and put out there. So you just have to be comfortable, stay humble, stay relaxed about what you’re doing and you’ll be alright.”

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