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1495 Sports Jets Quotes 11/26/12

1495 Sports is proud to bring these New York Jets quotes for 11/26/12:

Head Coach Rex Ryan:

New York Jets logo

New York Jets logo (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Opening Statement:

“Obviously, it’s on to Arizona. There (are) five weeks left and that’s where our focus will be. I don’t know what else to tell you. I think with the injuries, the significant one with (Clyde) Gates, we’ll talk more about those specific things on Wednesday, but Gates (has a) concussion. We’ll see about his status and Tim’s (Tebow) ribs. We’ll see how he progresses throughout the week. I really don’t have anything (else to say).”

On conveying the message to the team that they can finish above .500:

“Yeah, our thing is just getting back and getting better. That’s what we have to do. If we don’t get better, then obviously we’re going to struggle. I think that’s the main thing. It’s getting better each day and, if you do that, then you’ll have opportunities. If we don’t get better, then we’re going to struggle. Whether it’s looking down the road or whatever, (it’s) understanding that we have five games left. Right now, the most important thing is to focus on Arizona and to win this game. You put everything you have into winning this football game. I think that’s the best approach you can have.”

On whether he’s seen a team that has practiced this well during the week and not produced on game day:

“No, I know the effort’s there. But sometimes I think what gets lost is that your opponent has a lot to do with it as well.  You’re playing against a good team. I’m not a guy, ‘Well, it’s just about us.’ If that’s the case, everybody would be undefeated. That’s not the case. Sometimes the opponent makes a good play or whatever. Obviously, New England’s the number one offense in football. They execute extremely well.  Did we help them with the miscommunication? Absolutely, and that’s a team that doesn’t need a whole lot of help.”

On his message today:

“I think the big thing is, no matter how much people want to dwell on what happened in the past, you have to move forward. Just like what we’ll do, every question has been about what happened and that’s fine that’s your job, but our focus (as) soon as I leave here, my focus is getting this team ready to go against Arizona.”

Safety LaRon Landry:

On whether the Patriots showed them something they hadn’t seen before:

“Like whoever asked me about communication, if they come out with a formation that we haven’t seen, we’re professionals, we get paid to play this game at high level and when we see something that we haven’t seen before, we communicate, we talk it through and we execute.  It doesn’t matter what they put out there, we have to get through it.”

On how he is mentally after the loss to NE:

“We have five more weeks and (I’ll) take it one day at a time, one practice at a time, like I’ve been doing. (I have to) go out there and give it my all and let the outcome speak for itself.  I can only control what I can control.”

On the morale of the locker room:

“You (can) see the energy. I think we’re still in high spirits from what I can see and sense and feel.”

Linebacker Bryan Thomas:

On if the focus of this week is on winning the next five games:

“No, the sole focus is on this one game. You can’t look ahead. What are we going to look ahead for? We’re not playing those guys. We’re playing Arizona. We’re playing the Cardinals. That’s what we’re looking forward to doing. We come in and get some great preparation. We go out and have a great week of practice and try to put it in on Sunday. That’s it, plain and simple.”

On the team’s mental errors:

“Mental errors happen every single game. You’re not going to go out and play one perfect game. That’s how football works. They did stuff and we have to make those corrections.  The bad part is it hurt us on a couple of big plays in that game. It’s over and we’re moving on. Like I said, hats off to them. It was a great win for them. Now our main focus is on Arizona.”

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