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1495 Sports Jets quotes 11/8/12

1495 Sports is proud to bring these New York Jetsquotes for 11/8/12:

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New York Jets logo (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

The Jets announced on Thursday that they signed linebacker Ricky Sapp from the practice squad to the active roster. Sapp, who was originally a fifth-round draft pick of the Eagles in 2010, missed the season after being placed on the injured reserve on 8/31/10.

Sapp was on and off the team and was eventually resigned to the practice squad on 9/11/12.

Sapp had this to say:

On being signed to the active roster:

“It’s my first game playing in the NFL, so I’m definitely excited, but I’m just trying to stay calm at the same time. I’m excited.”

On what he adds to the defense:

“I’m a pass rusher. I have a little bit of speed, so hopefully I can come in, add some speed to the defense, help out on special teams and just do my part.”

On Seattle quarterback Russell Wilson:

“I played against him in college. He’s definitely a great athlete. He’s really quick and he can move. It will be a challenge for us, so I’m excited to play against him again.”

Bart Scott, who had his ironman streak of 119 consecutive games snapped on Sunday due to ligament damage in his big toe had this to say:

On whether it felt odd to sit out last week:

“Yeah, it was weird.  Oddly enough, Miami was the game I missed in 2004 that, my second year.  I don’t know, maybe it’s a Miami thing.”

 On how it felt watching the game:

“It’s real boring watching the game.  Watching the game I was more nervous than when I’m playing.  I was more nervous, I was on pins and needles and the game seems so much longer than what it actually is when you’re playing.  A lot of anxiety and wishing that the guys played well and wishing I could help.  So it’s frustrating, but what it does is it gives you appreciation of what it is to play. When you play 119 straight you kind of take for granted that you just expect on Sundays to play.  When that’s taken away from you it really puts some perspective (on) what a blessing it is to be able to play.” 

On where he was during the Miami game:

“I was on the sideline trying to assist the young guys and do whatever I could do.  It was a tough loss, a divisional opponent.  It was good (to have) a bye week to get away and clear your mind from football and recharge your battery.”

On if he’ll travel to Seattle:

“It’s still a long time (before) the game, but it’s still one of those things where even if you don’t play, I’ve played so much football and situational football that you like to be able to pull some of the young guys over and tell them what to anticipate and help be a coach.  You help coach because the coaches have to coach the positions.  It’s tough for them to specifically talk to one player. It’s easy for me to talk to one player at my position because even though I’m on the sideline, I can see what they’re doing to them and how they’re trying to attack them.  (I) just try and do whatever I can to give them awareness of what’s going on.”

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