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1495 Sports Live Scoring Final: Yankees def. Orioles 3-2 in ALDS 12 inning thriller

1495 Sports has this scoring summary as the New York Yankees defeated  the Baltimore Orioles 3-2 in Game Three of the ALDS.

Having a clutch night for the Yankees was Raul Ibanez who had the pinch hit game-tying homer and the walk-off winner in the 12th inning.

Here is the compete scoring summary for all fans of the Bombers to enjoy:


Baltimore Orioles:

Nate McLouth LF, JJ Hardy SS, Chris Davis RF, Adam Jones CF, Matt Wieters C, Jim Thome DH, Mark Reynolds 1B, Ryan Flaherty 2B, Manny Machado 3B,  Miguel Gonzalez P

New York Yankees:

Derek Jeter SS, Ichiro Suzuki. LF, Alex Rodriguez DH, Robinson Cano 2B, Nick Swisher RF, Mark Teixeira 1B, Curtis Granderson CF, Russell Martin C, Eric Chavez 3B, Hiroki Kuroda P

Interesting Yankees facts:

Derek Jeter is batting .309 (195-for-632) with 20 HR, 60 RBI and 109 runs in 154 career postseason games.

RHP Hiroki Kuroda will become first Japan-born player to make a postseason start with the Yankeees

The Yankees are 112-69 (.619) all time in postseason home games

First Inning:


Baltimore Nate McLouth singles to center field for the first hit in the game

McLouth tries to steal and was safe at first but then was called out here comes Showalter to argue but is unsuccessful

The Orioles were unable to score in the top of the first


Jeter: strikes out swinging

Suzuki: popped out to second base

Rodriguez: grounds out

The Yankees and Orioles are scoreless after the First Inning

Second Inning:


Jones: grounds out

Wieters: grounds out

Thome: grounds out


Cano: grounds out

Swisher: single up the middle for the first hit for New York

Teixeira: hits into a double play to end the inning

Yankees and Orioles are scoreless after the Second Inning

Third Inning:

Baltimore: * Notes

Reynolds:  grounds out

Flaherty: home run to right field for the 1-0 lead

*The last Oriole to homer in the postseason was Eric Davis in Game 5 of the 1997 ALCS.

Machado: strikes out

McLouth:  single to left field

McLouth steals (1) second to put a runner in scoring position

Hardy:  lined out softly to the shortstop

Baltimore leads the Yankees 1-0


Granderson: strikes out swinging

Martin: doubled (1) to left field

Chavez: ground ball but the runner advances to third base

Jeter: triples (1) to center field to tie the game at one

*Jeter’s 5th career postseason triple. The last was 10/19/10 in Game 4 of the ALCS.

*Jeter ties George Brett and Rafael Furcal for the most triples in postseason history with 5.

Suzuki: flied out

Yankees and Orioles are tied at one

Fourth Inning:


Davis: Walked

Jones: singled to left field

Wieters: lined out

Thome: ground ball

Runners on first and third for:

Reynolds: Hit by a pitch

Bases loaded

Flaherty:  ground ball for the final out

Game tied at one


Rodriguez: strike out swinging

Cano: flied out to left field

Swisher: grounds out

Sixth Inning:


Machado: homers (1) to left center field as the Orioles take a 2-1 lead

*Manny Machado, 20, is 2nd-youngest player with a postseason HR. Andruw Jones hit 2 HR when still 19.

*Ryan Flaherty and Manny Machado are the first rookie teammates to homer in the same postseason game.

McLouth: flied out to left field

Hardy: strike out swinging

Davis: popped up to end the frame

Baltimore leads New York 2-1


Teixeira: flied out

Granderson: lined to second base

Martin: single to left field

Chavez: strike out swinging

The Orioles lead the Yankees 2-1

Sixth Inning


Wieters: grounds out

Thome: grounds out

Reynolds: grounds out


Jeter: single up the middle

57 multi-hit postseason games and counting for Derek Jeter

Suzuki: fielders choice

Ichiro beats out the double play with his great speed

Rodriguez: check swing strike out

Cano: strike out on a foul tip

Baltimore leads New York 2-1

Seventh Inning


Flaherty: ground out

Machado: hit a ball into foul territory in which Chavez was able to grab for the out

McLouth: grounds out


Swisher:  strike out swinging

Teixeira: flies out to center field

Granderson: strikes out swinging

Baltimore leads New York 2-1

Eighth Inning


Hardy: ground ball

Davis: flied out to left field

Jones: strike out swinging

Pitching Change for Baltimore: Darren O’Day is now pitching

Gonzalez’s 8 strikeouts is the most by a rookie pitcher vs. NYY in a postseason start since Don Newcombe K’d 11 in Game 1 of 1949 WS.


Martin: ground out

Chavez: Popped up to third base

Jeter :  strikes out swinging

Derek Jeter who was limping throughout the game is now taken out.

Derek Jeter has only come out of 3 postseason games and those were all blowout losses. ’99 ALCS Gm3, ’01 ALCS Gm3, ’01 WS Game 6

Ninth Inning:


Wieters: lined out to first base

Pitching Change: Boone Logan to Thome

Thome:  strike out swinging

Pitching Change: Rafael Soriano NP to Reynolds

Reynolds: strikes out swinging

Now pitching for Baltimore Jim Johnson:


Suzuki: flied out

Raul Ibanez: homers (1) to right field to tie the Yankees and Orioles at 2

Raul Ibanez: 1st Yankees player to hit a game-tying HR in 9th inning or later of postseason game since … Alex Rodriguez, 2009

Cano: lined out

Swisher: flied out

10 Inning:


Andino: single to left field

Machado: sacrifice bunt moving Andino to second base

McLouth:  lined out to shortstop Nix who turned a double play


Teixeira: flied out to left field

Granderson: struck out swinging

Martin: ground out

11 Inning:

Now Pitching: David Robertson


Hardy: strike out looking

Chavez:  strike out looking

Jones: flied out to right field

Now pitching for Baltimore: Brian Matusz


Chavez: strikes out swinging

Nix: flied out to left field

Suzuki: popped out

12 Inning


Wieters: ground out

Thome: ground out

Reynolds: reached on an error

Andino: ground out


Ibanez homer to right field to give the Yankees the 3-2 victory

12th postseason walk-off homer in Yankee history. Last was Tex in ALDS Gm2 10/09/09 vs. Twins.

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