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1495 Sports is proud to bring these New York Jets quotes from 9/20/12.

Head Coach Rex Ryan:

Opening Statement:

“Yesterday’s practice, I thought we had an excellent practice.  Really, the scout team did a tremendous job on both sides, but in particular our offensive scout team because they have to try to simulate Miami’s no-huddle offense and it’s tough.  (The) coaches did a good job. We tried to put some of their plays in our verbiage, all that kind of stuff, so we were out there flying.  We were actually quicker than Miami’s offense, which is saying something. I think it’s good, the communication has to be quick, the calls come in quick, communication has to be sharp and I thought our guys did a really nice job of that.  I think practice was over in who knows how long, but we zipped through it.  Certainly, that’s something that is hard, unless you can do things like that or prepare your scout team like that, it’s hard to simulate.  We used to hold up a card and say, ‘Okay, you guys do this, wait until they come out of the huddle, get lined up, then give your play to the defense’, but I don’t think that gets them ready just for how quick it is in a game.  They can do the assignments on a card. So we decided to do that, and we’ve done that several times during training camp we’ve done that, but it wasn’t an every-down deal like it was yesterday.  It was kind of interesting, but I thought our guys did a good job of that.”

On if it’s a relief to know Revis is cleared for contact:

“I’m definitely happy that he’s cleared for contact, without question, I’m happy about that, for his sake. He loves to play, but if he’s healthy, I think that’s the big thing. As a coach, having probably, if he’s not the premier defensive player in the league, he’s certainly up there, so having him as a player, obviously, you’re happy for that also.”

On how motivated the team is to face Miami:

“It’s a divisional game, so you should be fired up about it because it’s so important. For us to be off to a 2-0 start in our division would be huge. That’s where our focus is.”

Defensive Coordinator Mike Pettine:

On how the defensive game plan changes when Darrelle Revis is out:

“It changes, but not a lot. We felt confident moving (Antonio) Cromartie around a little bit, but it definitely affects some of the calls, where you felt comfortable leaving him basically alone on half the field, whereas when he’s not in there, it’s a handful of things.”

 On Revis announcing he was going to play clears anything up:

“It’s good news. No, I think we had a pretty good feeling he would be able to go. I think we were just very cautious with Pittsburgh and giving the sensitivity to (his injury), that we just wanted to be safe. He was upset he couldn’t play, but the policy is the policy, and we’ll obviously adhere to it. He’s going through all the necessary steps this week and he’s ready to go.”

On the Dolphins pace of play:

“They don’t huddle.  They kind of cluster near the ball, but it’s not one of those where they’re keeping you from (substituting), it’s not super, super up-tempo.  I want to say, they’re snapping the ball around anywhere from 15 and 20 seconds left on the play clock. It’s certainly a concern because it’s a 1:00 game in Miami and it’s to their advantage.  Having that type of system in South Florida, you saw the Raiders, I thought, faded late. Just look at their first two games, they’ve outscored their opponents significantly in the second half. Where they’ve had their issues has been in the second quarter, but the second half, they’ve really worn teams down.  I think that’s one of the reasons why they’re, I think, second in the league in rushing. A lot of those yards came late. It’s a concern and we’ve talked to our guys (about).   A big focus this week was handling the up-tempo, and we’re simulating as best we can in practice.  But we’re going to win this game on and off the field, as far as the hydration, taking care of ourselves. Not all the sudden realizing, I wake up Sunday morning, “Oh, I think I need to get myself hydrated,” that’s a week long thing. Our guys, we’ve played down there before, but I don’t think it’s been this early and it hasn’t been at 1:00.  I think the forecast is sort of a typical Miami day, 85 (degrees) and a chance of thunderstorms, but we’ll be prepared.”

On preparing for Reggie Bush:

“The easy answer is, you widen your guys and you talk about contain. I think just as important is, you don’t want to open, we call them vertical running creases, where the guy gets on the edge and just runs up the field and says, “Hey, I turned it back in.”  That creates a vertical lane as opposed to a horizontal one.  We just have to play with great technique and it’s important for us to be aware of who the back is, when he’s in the game. There’s some things we do schematically, maybe defend him a little bit more, outside in, instead of inside out. I think all their backs are capable, but he’s already shown this year that he’s special.”

Cornerback Darrelle Revis:

On how he felt during practice:

“I felt rusty after the practice, (with) full-contact. There’s still protocol we have to follow. I couldn’t engage anybody yesterday. They couldn’t touch me as well. Usually, if you’re injured, you have to wear the red jersey and I told them I didn’t want to wear it. I felt like I could play full-contact Wednesday. Today, it felt good. I actually got a couple jams in on press. I got physical with some guys, so it was good. It was good today. I felt good. Contact actually felt good today, hitting guys, and guys were able to hit back.”

On if he got the feeling he was going to be cleared for Miami:

“I didn’t know. Everything is very day-to-day. One day you can feel like you’re 100 percent, (on) another you cannot feel like you’re 100 percent. With these concussions, you have to consistently feel 100 percent every day. So I could have a good night’s rest and come in the next day with a headache. What the doctors are looking for (is) that you come in consistently in the morning 100 percent day-to-day.”

On Miami’s receivers:

“They still have two great receivers in (Brian) Hartline and (Davone) Bess. (Ryan) Tannehill, his go-to-guy is Hartline. He looks for him a lot. On third downs, he looks for Davone Bess. We’re familiar with those guys. Our secondary is familiar with them. We played them the last couple of years. We feel pretty good coming into this Sunday and we’re going to compete. We will compete.”

On the challenge of playing in the Miami heat:

“It’s a really big challenge for us. We’ve been very proactive in coming out here and practicing very up-tempo, a lot of no huddle stuff in practice too, to handle this on Sunday. It’s going to be hot. I remember last year in the game, our last game, it was very hot. I remember needing to come out some times because it was so hot and I wasn’t feeling well. We understand that and I think guys have been doing extra conditioning and certain things so it won’t be (an issue).”


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