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1495 Sports is proud to bring these New York Jets quotes for 9/19/12.

Head Coach Rex Ryan:

On Reggie Bush’s performance last week:

“He had like 197 total yards, I think, in that game.  So clearly, Reggie Bush is, everybody knows, he is a special player.  (He) has great speed, that’s the first thing that jumps out at you.  He’s shifty, he runs with a little bit more power than people give him credit for.  But, I think the big thing is, his last three home games, he’s rushed for over 100 yards. So he likes playing at home, he’s doing a tremendous job. This past week in particular, he had some explosive runs.  He made a great run; the touchdown run (and) he broke like five tackles.  Obviously, we have to do a great job of getting a lot of guys to him and getting him on the ground, put some hot sauce on him, if you will. (joking)”

On impact facing a rookie quarterback has on the defensive game plan:

“I think normally, it would definitely be a factor.  I think with (Ryan) Tannehill being with (Mike) Sherman, I think he’s probably the veteran quarterback of the group.  He’s had, certainly, the experience running this offense and it shows.  He’s very confident back there.  You can’t tell by looking on the tape that this is a rookie quarterback. He’s a tremendous athlete, he has a nice arm, and I think he obviously has a good grasp of the system.”

On if it’s hard to establish a rhythm with the two quarterbacks:

“No, I don’t think so. When you look at this past game, for instance, we only had three Wildcat plays. But really, the Wildcat is a personnel grouping and sometimes you want to go with that personnel grouping, sometimes you don’t. We’re going to do what we think is in the best interest of our team. I feel pretty good about it and we’ll see as the weeks go on (how much we’ll use it). You can play a lot of it, or you can play less of it. It’s just more of a game plan situation for us.”

Quarterback Mark Sanchez:

On how the week has been going and what he can learn from last week:

“It started with a good day of practice today, but (we) just came up short last week. Really, we can’t dwell on it too much and we have to keep pushing forward, try to get another win and end up 2-1.”

On Miami’s defense:

“We see the same thing every year, (a) physical, tough strong defense (that’s) great in the back end. It’s one of the toughest front sevens we will play, similar story (to) the week before. We have to hold up in protection. We have to run the ball well and it’s up to me to find more completions than I did last week.”

On what he saw went wrong after looking at the film:

“We didn’t convert on third-down. Same thing we said after the game, we went one-for-seven in the second half. We just (didn’t) run enough plays. I think, watching the film, you never want to be done with your evaluation that quickly of the week before. There were only (about) 58 plays. We have to run more plays and the only way to do that is to convert on third-down, so we’ll be better on that.”

On the team’s current mindset:

“It’s still early in the season. There’s no time to hang your head. We have to keep pushing forward and keep improving.”

Quarterback Tim Tebow:

On the challenges they face playing the Dolphins:

“It’ll be exciting. It’s a big game for us. They’re a good team and they got a big win last week. This team knows them very well, playing them twice a year, and I got to play them last year. We have some of their old coaches here so I feel like we’re able to learn a lot about them. I feel like we got a good grasp about who they are and they’re a very good team. We’ll have to be very well prepared.”

On if he thinks he has made the impact he expected so far:

“I’m not sure. I just want to be ready when my number is called and be ready to go and provide a spark, try to be someone that can help this team win football games.”

On the importance of the Miami game:

“It’s definitely a big game for us. They’re a good team and they got a big win last week. We’re going to have to be prepared.”

On how different the Miami team looks this year from last year:

“I mean some of the guys are different. I felt like they were a good team last year. They did a lot of good things and I feel like they’re going to be a good team this year. They’re very good at stopping the run. They’re very good at using multiple pressures; a lot of different guys come on blitzes and pressures, a lot of different coverage’s. They disguise it well and they show you a lot of different things. They’re very multiple and I think that’s something you see watching the game last week against Oakland.”

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