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1495 Sports Impact Wrestling Results: No Surrender PPV 9/9/12

Fans of Impact Wrestling can stay tuned for this page for the No Surrender pay-per-view on 9/9/12. Includes thoughts from longtime wrestling fan Stacy Podelski:

Jeff Hardy def. Samoa Joe in the Semi-Finals of the Bound For Glory PPV series:

Good back-and-forth action between these two lions, in the end it was Hardy that was able to pick-up the victory. For whatever reason Impact Wrestling hasn’t given Joe a chance at the Heavyweight Championship-hopefully that changes soon.

Hardy will now take on the victor of the other BFG Semi-Final bout as  Bully Ray takes on the  ‘Cowboy’ James Storm

James Storm gives his thoughts to Jeremy Borash in the back. Vows that he will get the job done against the heel. Bully Ray is the only guy that has beaten Storm, who says that it is now his time to shine.

Bully Ray vs. James Storm in the other Semi-Final bout of the BFG series:

Thus far the two matches to open up No Surrender are very entertaining. Several near-falls in both bouts and all four stars have been able to tell a great story as to why they should advance in this Bound For Glory series. Storm was about to revive the fallen official before Bobby Roode smashes Storm with a beer bottle draping Ray’s arm over Storm for the victory.

Rivalry between Roode and Storm renewed after tonight.

In the Finals of the BFG Series it will be old rivals Jeff Hardy taking on Bully Ray. Hardy and Ray have ran into each other in the tag scene and know each other well, so it’ll be interesting to see what happens in this bout tonight.

This fan predicts that Hardy may take the final victory, as the star has been on fire in the company as of late.

Miss Tessmacher gives a very emotional speech as to why she can beat her best friend and mentor Tara for the Knockouts title.

Tessmacher def. Tara:

Tessmacher got livid at one point in time at the fact that her very good friend was trying to get the one-up on her. The champ started to get fired up during the bout.

Tara was going to hit the Widows Peak, but a reverse by Tesssmacher earns the champ the victory.

Hulk Hogan confronts Bobby Roode, James Storm comes barging in and starts to beat-down his rival. Stay tuned for this one

Video segment about how Aces and Eights broke Austin Aries arm, stay tuned to see the Champ in action later on tonight

Austin Aries comes out to the ring and grabs a microphone. The crowd at No Surrender is red-hot tonight, great energy by the people

Aries says that tonight is not about wrestling, it is going to be an all-out brawl against the man from Aces and Eights who broke his arm

Austin Aries vs. The Arm breaker from Aces and Eights:

Aries has just brought the fight to the arm breaker, just starting to beat-down on one of the members of this heel group. The Champ makes a mistake to trying to take the mask of the arm breaker off as the momentum is now on the side of the heel.

When it seemed as if all hope was lost Aries pulls out powder and blinds his rival. The Champ just put on an amazing high-flying move as the fight between these two now heads outside of the ring.

Big brain-buster by Aries, just about to pull out the mask when the rest of the Aces and Eights come to the ring. Thankfully the Impact Wrestling roster comes out, as there is all out mayhem in the ring

Hulk Hogan comes out and decides to bring a bat with him. Hogan grabs a microphone and says to shut down all the doors and to get the Aces and Eights back to the ring.

Jeff Hardy was hurt during the altercation, this may affect the BFG series later on tonight. Hardy’s shoulder has been injured, as one of the members of the Aces and Eights just tossed Jeff into the ring post like a dart.

Video package for the Sonjay Dutt vs. Zema Ion for the X Division Championship is next

Zema Ion def. Sonjay Dutt:

Probably one of the most exciting bouts of the night. The company really gave these two guys time to shine, in the end though Ion was the victor.

Rob Van Dam def. Magnus:

Thus far from top to bottom everyone has really performed well, told a story and put on a great bout. This is Impact Wrestling’s finest moment with the exception of the Aces and Eights group. Here is hoping that the company gets rid of them soon.

Kazarian and Christopher Daniels are set to take on A.J. Styles and Kurt Angle next for the Tag Team Championships

Kazarian and Daniels def. Styles and Angle

Each of these matches has one-up the other, as this is probably one of the best tag bouts this fan has seen in a while.

Probably the one thing that spoiled this bout was the heel antics by Daniels for his team to gain the victory tonight. It only adds to the characters of Kaz and Chris, just would have liked to have seen a clean victory on this one.

Review of the PPV thus far

Hogan talks to the police and warns them to protect the next bout

Bully Ray promo in the back saying that this whole Aces and Eights thing needs to stop. A little part of him feels sorry, but only a little. Vows to beat Hardy and Aries, and tells fans that they must respect him for everything he has done.

Semi out of the page of one C.M. Punk that promo was, well done just not that original considering what the WWE is doing

Bully Ray is supposed to take on Jeff Hardy, the music for the star has hit twice thus far and no Hardy as of yet

Here comes Hulk Hogan who says that he and Ray have a problem. Bully says that he and Jeff wishes to win this tournament.

Hogan says that Bully should give Hardy four days to recover to face his former rival during a Impact TV show

As Hogan continues his speech Hardy’s music hits as the star finally does come limping out

Jeff Hardy def. Bully Ray

After a complete beating by Ray, Hardy gains his second wind and hits the Swanton Bomb on his rival. After several moves later and a second Swanton Bomb Hardy picks-up the victory. Hardy beats all odds to earn the win over a stronger Ray.

Hardy is set to take on Austin Aries at the Bound for Glory pay-per-view as No Surrender ends with Jeff celebrating with the fans.

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