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Head Coach Rex Ryan opening statements:

“It’s finally here. I almost feel as schools are starting up (and) public schools are starting up on Thursday, you kind of feel like you’re starting school when you come back in for the first Wednesday of a game week and the first game of the regular season. There’s so much excitement from me, I feel that excitement. What’s this team going to look like? I have a good idea of what it’s going to look like. You have that first test on Sunday, against a team that really has improved. When you look at it defensively, they were one of the weaker teams in the league last year statistically in every area except one and that was turnovers. It starts with (Jairus) Byrd back there. He’s a ball hawk. But that defense doesn’t look the same. Obviously, you have Mario Williams, who’s somebody that’s 6’-8” over there that can really rush the passer. He looks different. Kyle Williams is back and he’s raising cane in there. This is a different defense. Offensively, it’s the same team. They spread you out. It’s interesting, when you think about a team that spreads you out, they do throw the ball all over the place, but they led the AFC in rushing. They were fourth in the NFL in rushing. Fred Jackson (is) a tremendous back, but it’s the same offense that you’ve seen. (On) special teams, they’ve always been loaded at returner. (Leodis) McKelvin, their punt returner, averaged close to 19 yards a punt return last year. Obviously, that’s a challenge. That first game, you recognize who the opponent is, but you want to see yourself. You want to see how we come together as a team and not hold anything back. We’ll get to see what this team is all about and I’m excited about it.”

On areas Mark Sanchez has improved in from last year:

“I think in every area. I don’t think there’s one area he hasn’t improved in. (Everything) from leadership to learning the system and opponents. His physical things, he’s throwing the ball better, with more zip and accuracy. From a physical standpoint, he’s a bigger stronger guy.”

On if he’s confident Sanchez can lead the team to playoffs:

“Absolutely I am. He shows it every day, in the classroom, with his teammates and in the weight room. He’s working as hard as anybody, anybody I’ve ever been around. He’s been really impressive that way. Physically, just being around the other guys, I see him stepping up and challenging his teammates, all those types of things, not that you (wouldn’t) expect it, but it’s like this is him. You saw it coming. It’s his fourth year. I mentioned this before, as a rookie he was looked at as a weakness on our football team, and I said there’s going to be a day where he’s looked at as the strength of our team and not a weakness. I think that day is right now.”

On the offensive line:

“I’m very confident in our offensive line.  I think we’re the only one in the league that has three Pro Bowlers on it so it’s easy for me to be confident.  They’re a tight group, they work hard, they study, they put in that time, they put in the time on the field, they work extremely hard.  I think it’s going to be an outstanding group.  They’re going to be challenged this week.  I mean, this front now when you’ve got (Marcell) Darius, you’ve got (Mario) Williams.  Kyle Williams is the other Williams. (smiling)  He’s pretty darn good.  He’s just short but man, he is a heck of a football player.  And I told him that.  I said one year, I’m like, ‘Man we voted you to the Pro Bowl, but that doesn’t mean you’ve got to take it out on us.’  But he really is tremendous playing.  He’s playing that three-technique form.  They missed him a lot last year when he was out. They really missed him.”

Aaron Maybin had this to say on how he feels going into the season:

“Honestly, I feel great.  This is, physically, the best I’ve felt before a season.  With me kind of having a little bit more time during training camp and during our preseason to get comfortable moving around with (the extra weight), I think was really helpful.  Now that we’re in the flow of regular season practice now and I’m able to kind of be in those situations that I’m going to be in in games, I still feel comfortable.  So, I’m planning on keeping it that way.”

On the level of excitement the team has now that they will play a regular season game:

“I think Coach Ryan probably said it best earlier this morning, where he said it’s kind of like you’re a kid (and) it’s the first day of school.  You’re not necessarily excited about going to your first class, but you’re excited about running around the halls and staking your claim.  That’s exactly what this team is looking to do.  We’ve had a long offseason, there’s been a lot said, a lot of people have tried to lump us into one category or the other.  But this is finally the chance that we get to go out there as a team and prove exactly who we are.”

On whether the Buffalo offense will be a challenge:

“Oh, very much so, and that definitely can’t be understated, how far Buffalo’s team has come over the past few years.  With me, starting out there and progressing, I’ve kind of been able to see that over the past few years.  They definitely have talent on both sides of the ball especially, defensively now with the recent acquisitions that they’ve made in the offseason.  Offensively, they’ve always had talent, but it was just a matter of putting the right drives together and being able to get those points on the board.  (Ryan) Fitzpatrick has settled in now.  He’s their bona fide leader.  They’re behind him, and they’re producing for him.  It’s definitely a game where you’ve got to be on top of everything.  You have to know what the game plan is, you have to know how they’re going to attack you and you have to execute.”

Santonio Holmes had this to say on if he is ready to play against Buffalo:

“I’m super excited about Sunday. It’s go time. I can’t sit around and expect anybody else to be a leader for this team and to produce the way I know how to. The coaches are excited about what the plan is going to be for us as a team and I’m excited as well.”

On how excited he is to begin a new season:

“The cool thing about it is that football season comes once a year. We know exactly when the time comes and when we have to be ready. Now is the time for myself and the rest of the Jets to be ready for football season. There’s no more lingering around preseason and focusing on the things that we didn’t do well. Right now, it’s all about how we’re going to contribute to this season. Are we going to be a fast starting team? Are we going to be the most physical team? Are we going to score more points than our opponents this season? Are we going to try to win every ball game this season? That’s our goal.”

On his chemistry with Sanchez:

“We’ll find out on Sunday.  We’ll find out just how much we’ve been putting (it) together throughout the offseason, spending time in the meeting room, just phone calls and conversations throughout the week, just to stay up on top of each other.  I think it’s going to be pretty exciting for us.”

Mark Sanchez had this to say on how important it is to get off to a fast start on Saturday:

“It’s important to play well the entire game. That’s start fast, finish strong, and everything in between. We’re going to need a great effort against a tough Buffalo defense and a great team effort in all three phases. I’m excited about the opportunity we have to get things going for real. It would be nice to get the first one, so we have to work hard.”

On the difference in Buffalo’s defense compared to last year:

“They’ve done some different things with personnel and obviously a new coordinator, but the most important thing is that they’re tough. They’re fast and they have a lot of great players. It’s important for us to take care of the football, play well, be smart, eliminate penalties, and play well in all three phases.”

On how excited he is to unveil a new offense on Sunday:

“You make it sound crazier than it is. It’s just football. We’re just playing, trying to score, and take care of the ball. Like I said, the most important thing that matters, and the only thing we have to prove, is to ourselves. We want to play well for each other. As far as the outside opinion, that doesn’t really enter our locker room and I’m confident that our guys can stay away from worrying about it. “

Tim Tebow had this to say on if he is excited for Sunday:

“I’m excited.  I’m excited to just play a real game.  It’s been a long time coming here, getting ready for Buffalo.  We’re excited.  They’re a great opponent. It’ll be a fun game.”

On the Buffalo Bills:

“They have a new defensive coordinator. They have a few good guys (on) the interior (defensive line) that are really good players. They’ve added some depth. I feel like they’re going to be a very hungry team. They were very streaky last year. At times, (they) played great and at other times let some games slip away they probably could have won. We have to go in there and execute, hold on to the ball, have effective, efficient plays, keep ourselves in third-and-short and I think we’ll have a chance.”

On getting the chance to play for the Jets:

“I am excited. I’m very excited (and) blessed for my opportunity here. It’s going to be fun. This will be fun for the first time too really go out there and play a real game for this Jets organization. I’m excited about it.”


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