1495 Sports Jets Quotes 8/22/12

1495 Sports is proud to bring these New York Jets quotes for 8/22/12. Included are thoughts from head coach Rex Ryan, and stars Darrelle Revis and Bart Scott.

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Coach Ryan began with these opening statements:

“Today we have some MetLife stadium employees that are going to watch practice. I think that’s always a good thing. They do a lot for us and it’ll be good to see those people out there.”

On whether the defense has the potential to carry the team when offense is not producing:

Yes, I hope so. I think you want to have a team, and you guys know me and my standard response, but you want to have a team that if one side is struggling for one reason or another, the other side can lift it up. You certainly want to have a defense that can do that. You want an offense that can too. I also like our special teams. It’s funny because our special teams, at times in the preseason, looks like the special teams we always think it is. They’re close to popping some. They had a couple great plays inside, some pooch punts, all that kind of stuff. We kind of lack some consistency there. Obviously, we had the blocked punt. T.J. (Conley) uncharacteristically hit two balls out of bounds. Our field goals and everything else, our kickoffs have been absolutely terrific. There are a lot of positives there. We just have to put it all together. Hopefully by the time we get into the regular season, we’re humming. You want to have a defense that can pick your team up, there’s no doubt. Again, do I believe we’re going to have to do that at some point during the season? Yes. Whether it’s at the beginning, end, or in between, yes I do. I also think the offense is going to have to do the same thing to the defense. That’s how you win consistently in this league. Both sides can pick the team up when need be.”

On talking to Revis about the defense needing to be in shape:

“We were talking (about how) I think this can be a really good defense, and I mean a really good defense, but (we have to) make sure that we’re on top of everything, keep our communication going, make sure we’re in great shape and I think that’s something we can do. Even push yourself to where you’re building endurance and everything else. The fact that you don’t have the two-a-days, a lot of times in those two-a-day practices, you build that kind of shape. I don’t want to find out, now obviously this is our second year doing it, that we’re not in as good of shape as we were back then. Push yourself even more. I know he (Revis) looked at me and absolutely understands where I’m coming from there.”

On If practice now starts to resemble the regular season:

“Well, we’re trying to put the schedule as close to that as we can.  The big difference is we’re still practicing against each other, so offense vs. defense where in the regular season; you’re going against scout teams which are simulating the defense that you’re going to play, and the offense that you’re going to play.  So that’s the big difference, it’s basically called (a) “carded” practice.  You’re not doing that here, you’re still going against this defense and our offense, so that’s the big difference.  But I want to purposely put our schedule, plan our schedule, where it would be as close to a regular season schedule as we could.”

Revis had this to say on the improved communication by the team:

“The word I’m going to bring up is experience. We’ve been playing together (in this system), some guys (are in) their fourth year (and) some guys (are in) their third. Guys are very experienced. We’re seeing things better and we’re communicating.”

On if Coach Ryan encouraged the team to do extra conditioning:

“Yes, Rex (Ryan) encouraged us to do it. I think that’s the trust he has in his team to just go out there and do it. Guys take it upon themselves to go out there and do extra cardio and do extra sprints.”

Bart Scott had this to say on whether he’s seen an emphasis on the education with the defense:

“I think so because we’ve had the opportunity to have OTA’s, we’ve had the opportunity to get the reps in certain situations, and (have) been able to talk about how we want to play things.  I think the guys are picking up on it fast and I think that’s essential to our success.”

On his level of confidence in the offense:

“I find my own way.  Right now, I’m focused on that we’re able to make sure that (the defense) can be the best that we can be. Until we pitch a perfect game, I’m trying to make sure that this unit over here (is) doing what we’re supposed to do.  We understand that they have a new system and they’ll be better and it’ll get better.  But we can’t farm their land, we have to worry about our business and make sure that we are where we want to be.”

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