1495 Sports Jets Quotes from 8/14/12

1495 Sports is proud to bring these New York Jets quotes from 8/14/12. Included are thoughts from head coach Rex Ryan along with Antonio Cromartie and LaRon Landry.

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Coach Ryan had these thoughts on if Antonio Cromartie will play receiver on Saturday:

“I’d throw it out there, but I’m just making sure that they’re working on it. No, I’m just kidding. It would be interesting to throw him out there and see what happens.”

On Yeremiah Bell:

“He’s terrific. He really is a complete safety. (He can be) a down-in-the-box guy, a high safety, a man-cover safety and a zone cover safety. You name it, he’s seen it and done it. He’s an outstanding blitzer, inside and outside, and he’s a natural leader. When everybody understands his story, which I don’t know if everyone is familiar with, he was not recruited out of high school. He spent two years working in the steel mills in Kentucky before he walked on at Eastern Kentucky. He walked on, earned a scholarship, and later on, went to Miami. He had some bumps in the road with some injuries. He would go back to Kentucky and work back in the steel mills. Then he found his way to becoming a Pro Bowl safety. When you look at him, he reminds a little bit of Tony Richardson. When you get to know him, he’s really a tremendous person. That’s why the day after the draft I flew down there to go visit him because we were wondering right then (if he would consider playing for us). We’re fortunate that he decided to come with us because we clearly weren’t the only team that wanted him.”

On how LaRon Landry is progressing:

“He is feeling pretty good. We changed his schedule a little bit. He practiced today when initially he wasn’t supposed to be rehabbing again. We’re trying to take care of him, but we’re putting him in there. He’s feeling really good. He’s progressing along nicely.”

On the team’s time in Cortland and its readiness for Saturday’s game:

“It’s really great to come here. There’s no question. We have basically been here three straight weeks. We had the trip to Cincinnati, but I think the three straight weeks here have been terrific for us. As far as being ready for Saturday, we’ll see. It’s not a game-plan situation for either team, but you go out there and you love to compete. We’re competing against the world champions, so we’ll see how it goes. I know there’s that Snoopy trophy, but I’d rather have that other trophy that they won. (We’ll) trade the Snoopy for it. It will be a great competition, it always is against them. There seems to be a lot of fight when the Jets and Giants play against each other. It seems a little more special than a preseason game. (It’s usually) very physical and those are great games to watch. We’ll see when we get there. This team has accomplished things. (We have) put in our base offense, base defense and all the base things on special teams. I think we’ve done a good job of molding our team together and trying to build those relationships. I think the guys have done a good job with that.”

Cromartie had this to say on if anything inspired him to play on both sides of the ball:

“No, I mean ever since high school and in college I was a two-way guy.  So it was just something I wanted to try to do up here too.  I mean there was no inspiration behind it, I just wanted to try to do it up here on this level.”

On if having a defensive back’s mentality gives him an edge as a receiver… 

“Yeah, I think so.  I mean just facing up against a defensive back, you know the “ins and outs” and also on how you want to try to get the defensive back to turn his hips and things like that.  So I think that will help me out when I line up at receiver a lot more.”

Landry had this to say on playing the Giants:

“I have played those guys for five years so I know them like the back of my hand.  I am looking forward to it.”

On his performance at camp:

“I feel good.  Things are coming along, communication is coming along.  Physically, I feel fine.  I feel ready.  Each and every day, I am out there and I am ready to go.  I set the bar high.  I am my worst critic. I really grade myself tough.”


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