1495 Sports Jets Quotes 8/13/12

1495 Sports is proud to bring these quotes from the New York Jets on 8/13/12. Included are thoughts from head coach Rex Ryan and Jets-stars Antonio Cromartie, Mark Sanchez and Tim Tebow.

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Coach Ryan’s opening statement:

“First off, I thought today, the tempo of the 7-on-7 period was like I have never seen before.  We had six-and-a-half minutes left in that period.  I think the offense hit on every pass except two so obviously the defense never responded as well as we wanted them to in those situations.  Now was the personnel flying in there a little faster than is realistic? Probably, but still I thought it was excellent.  It picked up the practice. I also thought to put a couple of Wildcat plays in there today was good and it just kind of gives you a different look out there.  So it was exciting to see that.  I thought at times, our offense really had the advantage during the practice, then in the last period the defense had the advantage.  Now that is something we’ve talked about.  Being consistent and having a good day, but finishing everything.  Then on defense, I liked the way we responded.  It was kind of flipped from a few practices ago, so at the end they were probably the strongest.  Each day, you’re working to get better at all phases, and I thought today we took a step forward, but at the same time, all the way through the body of practice we have to do it on a consistent basis.”

On Antonio Cromartie’s role in the offense:

“We’ll see. You’re not going to have him learn the entire offense, but maybe a couple of plays. There’s no reason he can’t do it. Certainly, he can be a weapon (with) the size and speed he brings to the table. We’ll see how excited he is when he gets smacked by a safety. (laughing) If somebody like that hits him, we’ll see if that changes anything.”

Cornerback Cromartie had this to say on how it felt to do individual drills at wide receiver:

“It felt good. At this point, I’m just learning the steps and trying to learn more about the position (and) running routes. I felt pretty good today about catching the ball too.”

On if he feels he is ready to play wide receiver in a game:

“It’s just about getting more reps. Today was my first time in individual drills with the receivers in the second half of the individual period. It felt good just getting back out there. Once a game comes around, you have to be ready, period, whenever your number is called.”

On if he is hoping he will be asked to play wide receiver in a game:

“I’m definitely hoping (it will be). I’m looking forward to it. I’ve been waiting for the opportunity to try to play both ways in the NFL for a while.”

Quarterback Mark Sanchez had this to say on Cromartie:

“Yeah, he looks good at defensive back, (wide) receiver, he can do it all, and return game. He’s a special athlete.  We have to find a way to get him on the field and get him the ball.”

On playing the Giants:

“It’s fun. It’s fun to play against those guys. That’s a great football team and a great organization. (They’re) obviously coming off a big year. It’s our job to, while we don’t really game plan for a lot of preseason games, it’s important for us to go out and execute and play well, especially against your crosstown rival. It’ll be good to see those guys again in a game like scenario.”

On what he thought about the game against the Bengals:

“It was great.  With just 14 plays, there is not a ton of film to watch but I was proud that we got lined up in the right spots.  For the most part, we looked good in protection.  We got fooled on one so we will look at that but having not prepared for a team like that, it is a good scheme to add and that is the way it goes.  It was good.”

Quarterback Tim Tebow had this to say on how practice went today:

“It was a good practice. I felt like we kind of came out and started fast, executed pretty well, seven-on-seven was probably the best one of the camp, and I felt like we did some good things offensively.”

On if he is excited about the upcoming game against the Giants:

“Absolutely, they’re a great team and congratulations to them for winning a Super Bowl, that’s great. (I) just have a lot of respect for them and their players, and it’ll be a lot of fun to get a chance to play them.”

On how the first game felt:

“Well, it was fun.  It was fun to go out there and play the first game.  Being in a Jet uniform was fun.  It’ll be fun playing at home.  I am (looking) forward to that.  That’ll be exciting.  Yeah, it felt good.  It felt good to go out there and get some plays.  It’s exciting.  I look forward to my second opportunity.”


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