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1495 Sports is proud to bring these New York Jets quotes from 8/12/12 as some of the members of the team chatted about their 17-6 loss to the Cincinnati Bengals on Friday and more. Fans of the Jets can check out the thoughts from head coach Rex Ryan, offensive coordinator Tony Sparano and players Quinton Coples, Austin Howard, and Darelle Revis.

Head Coach Rex Ryan began the day by saying:

“I had some good meetings today. There were a lot of good things on that tape and there were some other things that obviously weren’t so good on that film but you learn from it. The guys that really jumped out to me were two offensive linemen Austin Howard and Vlad Ducasse-they were coming off the ball and knocking people off it. Clearly we have room for improvement on both sides of the ball.”

On Quinton Coples performance at Cincinnati:

“I know he’s a bust, we should have taken this player or that player (joking), but if you make five tackles, five hits on the quarterback, a sack, a forced fumble, and a knockdown pass on third down, then I’d say he’s doing ok. To say the least, he’s the guy we thought he was. Now, it’s funny, Mike Pettine said “I’m going to put that game jersey out there in your practice locker room,” to get him to (play faster). The thing I think he’ll grow from is you think you’re in shape, but there’s something about playing in games. That adrenaline and everything else is going and he got a little winded, but he kept coming. That’s impressive and I think combined with the guys we have with him, the way Mo (Muhammad Wilkerson) is, Marcus Dixon the way he played. Obviously, Sione Po’uha isn’t out there, but (Mike) DeVito and Kenrick Ellis, this is going to be a good group.”

On Coples potentially becoming a dominant player:

“It’s not just necessarily flipping the switch, because you see it out here too, but on a consistent basis, where he could be a dominant player, there’s no doubt. At times you see the dominance here, but then there are other times where it’s like “what is he doing?” I think most of it is the mental part. Sometimes it’s hard.  One of the most physical guys I’ve ever seen play football is a guy named Otis Wilson, who played with the Bears. That first year though, Otis never really had the defense dialed in and I’m not so sure but I might have been able to block Otis. When you’re sitting back there and he’s wondering what he’s doing back there, we’ve got to get him past that stage. It’s got to be this is where I line up, this is my technique. Alignment, assignment, technique, and that has to be just like this to you and we’ve really stretched him. We’re putting him in for instance, what we call a taco personnel grouping, now he’s playing end. We’re in a base, now he’s slides in and he’s inside, so he’s all over. It may be the same call but you have to hear everything. Sometimes it’s sort of running together and that’s kind of why we backed him off a little. (And then we) try to build him back up.”

Sparano had this to say on areas for improvement on the offense:

“I would say finishing blocks, things at the second level, (and) route discipline. What that means is (the route is) too short, too deep, rounding it, those types of things, just details. Those are the things that I thought watching the film and being out there on the sideline that we needed most work on. It wasn’t about effort. Our guys gave tremendous effort out there and played really hard. It wasn’t really about execution or any of those things. Guys at times executed pretty well, but we really didn’t scheme one second for that team and played as vanilla as we can play.”

On pass protection against the Bengals:

“Not breakdowns. There was one protection breakdown. That happened to result in a turnover when they hit (Greg) McElroy (on) the (play that was reviewed.) That was a protection breakdown. The who is not important. That was just a protection breakdown. Other than that, the first one was a pressure that they came with that we really hadn’t spent a lot of time on. Obviously, we hadn’t spent any time on (it). It was the first time that they had seen it. Another one, it was a shame because Dustin Keller, on two of these pressures, was running completely open (with) nobody guarding him. We just didn’t get him the football (at that point). Another one (play) we went in there and instead of staying up in a five-step drop, we cut (blocked). That’s a heck of a cut. We knocked the guy down on the ground, but in a five-step drop (or a) seven-step drop, you can’t do that. It gives them too much time to get up and make the play. So these are the things that when you don’t practice live, and we’ve had that once or twice but not in that situation – one of them was a goal-line deal, but when you don’t practice that way, you don’t understand it so it’s good to get it in the game.”

On Tim Tebow’s performance during the Bengals game…

“He threw a couple of hots (routes) very well. He checked us in his first throw to Stephen Hill. He checked out of a run and into a throw at the line of scrimmage. (He) handled it very easily within the play clock and got us in the right play, made the right decision, and the right throw. (He) swung the ball to Joe McKnight in the flat on a hot (route) in what was an empty type of a protection which was very good. I think Joe maybe gained 12 yards on the play out there to his right. I thought he made some good decisions. The ball that he threw over there to Stephen on the sideline that resulted in a drop was a heck of a throw. (He) went through his progressions really well there. There’s maybe one or two that Tim would probably tell you himself that he wishes he had do-overs on but he also made some huge plays for us. We had several what we would call explosive plays by the way that we measure them. Not enough, but we had several of them and Tim had three of them.”

Coples had this to say on how it felt to play in a game:

“It felt great.  For the past couple weeks, our team has been battling against each other, making each other better, and the expectations of being great for each other. It was great to go out there and go against somebody else and put some stuff on film.”

On how he’s handling playing different positions:

“I expected that.  The coaches had told me when they brought me in. That versatility would be one of the key things. So, I take pride in moving around, and I also stay on top of my playbook to make sure I’m in the right place at the right time to make the play.”

On his expectations for the season:

“Number’s wise, I don’t really have any numbers. But overall, I just want to make sure I’m a productive defensive lineman and make sure I get to the passer.”

Howard had this to say on where he sees his role:

“Right now, that was the first preseason game.  Nothing’s set in stone.  As far as the season goes, right now, I’m not even looking to the season. I’m just focusing on this preseason, getting better every game and kind of focus on things like technique and staying in the playbook and making sure that I can do whatever the coaches ask me to do.”

On his biggest improvement:

“My biggest improvement to me is taking criticism and learning from the older guys.  Coach Gug (Dave DeGuglielmo) does a great job of making sure that we all know what we have to do on certain plays, and at certain times.  And just be able to be open to criticism and open to letting other older guys teach you up on what they see you need work on.  I think that’s huge.  And I think that we have a great offensive line who really look towards young guys and teach them up as much as they can.”

On the most helpful criticism he’s received:

“Wayne Hunter has taught me a lot at right tackle.  I haven’t played too much right tackle, usually left.  Technique-wise he’s gone over specific looks with me or whether it’s certain plays just to make sure that my footing is right or my hand placement is right.  It’s helped out a ton.”

Revis had this to say on if the team is focused on correcting mistakes:

“Oh, definitely. There (were) a couple mistakes out there, but overall I think the coaches were satisfied by the effort by the defense and offense as well. There’s a couple things we need to clean up, but I think we’re going in the right direction.”

On Quinton Coples’ first preseason game:

“Well he’s (a first-round draft) pick. We drafted him there for a reason and he’s showed why he’s a number one pick. He made a lot of plays out there, he had a great game. Also, it’s still a learning curve, he has a long way to go, but I think he’s going to do great (things) for us this year.”

On Yeremiah Bell calling the plays from the safety position:

“I think it was great for him. Yeremiah called the plays when he was with Miami, so he’s comfortable with that, he’s used to that. Even though Eric (Smith) went down, we know Yeremiah can step in and call those plays.”

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