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Mets Amazin’ Calls program as Chris Young meets Radhika Sawh

1495 Sports coordinator Stacy Podelski, who is a credentialed writer for Examiner.com was able to bring this great look at one of the Mets Community Relations programs:

The New York Mets continued their fine tradition of giving back to the community, one of the programs that the franchise has throughout the year is the Amazin’ Calls program which is presented by Verizon. Amazin’ Calls creates lifetime memories for children and adults who have displayed heroic acts of courage, show commitment to the community, overcoming health challenges or other deserving individuals.

Radhika Sawh meeting Chris Young as a part of the Mets Amazin’ Calls Program. Photo by: Stacy Podelski

On a beautiful Saturday afternoon Mets starter Chris Young became the latest Mets player to lend a hand in the cause, calling in lifelong fan Radhika Sawh, who was born with Beta Thalassemia, which is a genetic blood disorder that can only be treated with regular transfusions.

Sawh now gives her time and energy in showing others the importance of giving blood, helping out the New York Blood Center help those who donate put a face to the reason why the gift of life is so important.

Donating blood is one of the nicest, kindest things anyone can do,” said Sawh. “It is not just people like me that benefit, it is people who get into car accidents, people who get diagnosed with cancer, people who need surgery-there are so many people that need blood and there is no substitute for it you can only get it from another human being.”

Young, who was a part of the Amazin’ Calls program last season, jumped at the opportunity to do it again this year, “For her to come out here and bring her family to the game and support the Mets-for me it is great to see the smiles on their faces.”

The starter who was beaming from ear to ear while interacting with the Sawh family spoke to reporters about the importance of giving back to the community and the impact that it made.

“The great part about being a major league baseball player is that we have a platform to raise awareness and improve the lives of others we have found our calling to serve others.”

Chris left a great impression on Radhika who had this to say on the experience, “It was just really cool to be able to meet Chris, it was very exciting to meet a Major League Baseball player, especially someone like him,” said Sawh. “Chris was just a really nice guy and it was really exciting to meet someone who you normally only get to see on television.”

When asked about how the opportunity came about Sawh had this to say to Examiner, “As a recipient of blood transfusions I volunteer to speak for the New York Blood Center and I was at an event, Jill (Knee Director, Community Outreach at the New York Mets) was sitting right across from me and she was given an award recognizing her contributions; in the two blood drives she was able to get over 1,200 blood donations. Later on that night I spoke about how in my lifetime I have received over 1,200 units of blood so she felt a kinship and felt that I was a good candidate for the Amazin’ Calls program.”

The New York Blood Center, which is one of the largest community-based, non-profit collection and distribution organizations in the United States, dedicates in providing transfusion products to those in need.

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