1495 Sports Jets Quotes from Day Five in Cortland

1495 Sports is proud to bring these quotes from Day Five of New York Jets training camp in Cortland. Featured is head coach Rex Ryan and quarterbacks Mark Sanchez and Tim Tebow.

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On whether Darrelle Revis is back at full strength:

“I’m not real sure. That (limiting him in yesterday’s practice) was just a precautionary thing. He wanted to go, but if a player like Revis tells you he’s tight, (you have him sit out). He’s competitive. It’s not like he’s trying to get out of anything. These guys want to compete. They enjoy the competition. Especially now, they get out there, see that kind of tempo and know it’s great for both sides of the ball.  They just want to get out there. Chaz Schilens was trying to tough it through. I know he’s had a history of some major injuries. This is more of a minor type of thing. Instead of going out, pushing it, and popping a hamstring or whatever. We were more preventive than (usual).  We actually stopped. We had a two-minute (period) scheduled and I went and held us out of that as well.”

On the fast tempo of the offense:

“It is hard to fire off the ball 100 miles per hour when you are trying to catch your breath, get lined up, see the picture and get lined up. Tony (Sparano), Guge (Dave DeGuglielmo) and all of the coaches say don’t wait for the defense.  If they can’t get set up, that is on them and just that kind of tempo. You are not in your stance for forever. Sometimes, if you are down there as a lineman and you’re in your stance for forever looking around and kind of hold, that’s not a comfortable position to be in, so I think they like it. The other thing it does is it sets up your hard counts and other stuff like that as well. The defense is expecting you to fire off the ball quickly and do all those things. It sets up more of your cadence and everything else.”

On Tebow’s progress and knowledge of the offense:

“The thing I really notice about Tim is a lot of the times he’s looking to make that big throw down the field. The thing with him, especially if he’s going to be super dangerous, if he can get the ball out of his hands quicker, I think that’s going to help him. The other thing is his ability to run is a huge challenge for a defense. Right now, he has seen a lot of coverages, but quite honestly, I don’t know how many people are going to play two-man against him. If you play two man against him, which is a tough thing to read, it takes longer to get guys open. He’s going to take off and run with it. He’s trying to get the progression and throw the ball down the field, but I think when you snap it for real, you start seeing this guy run in those situations as well. I think that will help us, but I think that’s why we’re going to challenge Tim to really even get the ball out quicker. I think that will help him.”

On how you gauge Tebow’s progress at this point of training camp since his ability to run is such a major part of his game:

“No, you go on in and you’re just learning that this is a base offense. There’s nothing specific with his attributes and abilities specifically for him, but this is our base offense. He has to learn that as well. We haven’t played a game or anything else. I understand what you’re saying; you can evaluate somebody just so much on practice, but you want to see it when it’s live. (You see) how guys make adjustments, you see it all the time. There are some receivers that look like a million dollars on the practice field and they come out and can’t catch a cold when the bright lights come on.”

On Quinton Coples’ progress:

“He’s had some of those things where we’re rotating between four-man fronts, three-man fronts, some base fronts and then what we call a “taco”, which is an extra tackle in the game. All those things, well in one of them it may be the exact same call and in base you line up here and “taco” you line up here.  So, he got a little swimming with that.  We’re doing a lot of work with him, but he’s been impressive. At times, he’s really been impressive. The first day, I thought he was really slow to line up. I mentioned that to him, trying to challenge him with that. I’ve been impressed with him. I like the way he’s running to the football. I like how athletic he is. He is pushing the pocket and is making plays in the running game. He’s where I expected him to be.”

On what is the team’s base defense:

“The good thing about the players we have (is) it could be (different) depending on what we have back there. We could be in a 3-4, a 4-3 or a true 4-3. We could be in a three safety alignment with the guys that we have. We’re just multiplying. I think the best way to classify our defense is we’re multiple.”

Sanchez shared these thoughts with the media.

On the progress of the team:

“I think the most important thing is our tempo. Coming back from yesterday’s practice, the defense really had our number yesterday, so just coming back today strong, getting more completions, understanding the system and (making sure) everyone is speaking the same language. We’re improving by at least a down so that’s the important thing.”

On how the offensive line is coming together and how important they are:

It’s absolutely one of the most important things. Those guys up front, they have their work cut out for them, especially against our defense with the multiple looks and multiple pressures. But they seem to be handling it really well. The best part about those guys is their willingness to communicate, to really talk and not be afraid to make mistakes in camp. They’re having a lot of fun with it and I know Coach Gug (DeGuglielmo) is doing a great job pushing them, so they look great up front.

On if he’s enjoying the tempo of the offense:

“It’s awesome.  We’re moving fast.  I think it just keeps things more game-like because after a play during a game, you don’t get the chance to walk over, talk to Coach Cavanaugh and say ‘Hey what’d you see. Oh well, I thought this and that’s why I threw it here.’ You don’t have time. You move on to the next play or you’re going to get a delay of game. You know things aren’t right, so you have to just erase that play from your mind no matter if it’s good, bad or indifferent. (You have to) move on and hit the next play.  Then when you come back during the break when Greg (McElroy) or Tim (Tebow) is getting reps, then I can talk to coach Cav (Cavanaugh). It makes it more like a series in a game and I think it’s great preparation for the season.”

How the tempo in practice translates into success:

“It’s just a mentality.  You get into the routine of “Ok let’s talk about the play, what did you see, what did I see,” and before you know it, it’s been two-and-a-half minutes in between plays and guys are walking around. If you get guys really going and establish that tempo immediately, it just becomes a habit, and it can only help us.”

On if he sees improvement in Tebow over the past couple of days:

“I’ve seen improvement in everybody. That’s the most important thing. All of us are getting better. Tim specifically, he does a great job.  Especially when he pulls it down to run, this guy can move.  It’s not easy to track him. He’s elusive in the pocket and he’s made some really good throws, so it’s been a great improvement for all of us.”

Tebow had these thoughts:

On if he’s getting more comfortable with the offense:

“I am getting more comfortable by the day. I think just the plays and everything, that’s the easy part. I think it’s the adjustments vs. our defense, the checks, the audibles, and different things like that, especially when you’re going with some of the younger guys (are what’s hard). So you might be trying to get to the line of scrimmage and tell someone to do and be able to get it up and get the play off and so you just really have to know and know fast. Especially when you’re going against a defense that’s stimming and stuff like that, how our defense does. So I think it’s a great test because you’re going up vs. a defense that does a lot more, even on day four of training camp, than a lot of defenses would during a game.”

On if today was his best day of practice:

“I think you’d have to go and look back at the film. But from feeling it, I didn’t have a super lot of passes. Probably more runs in there, but I felt good. I felt pretty good about my checks and some passes. I would have liked to have one or two of the passes from skelly (pass skeleton drill) back. But for the most part I felt like I did pretty good in team and threw it pretty accurately. So I’ve got some things to improve on but I thought I did okay”

On the hardest part of camp:

“I’d say the thing I’m working on most is just the offense. In that I mean, your progressions, vs. coverages, your checks, all of those things. How it all changes based on the defense. Just making good decisions and checking the ball down and certain things like that.”

On the differences between practicing against the Broncos defense compared to this year:

“Yes. I don’t mean that one is better than the other. I just mean differences in our defense, (they) give you a lot of different looks, a lot of different stems, fronts, coverages, a lot of different things like that, which is awesome because as a quarterback, as an offense, very few teams you go against give you that many looks.  I think it’s great for an offense. Especially on day four. That’s what you’re going against, that’s what you’re checking off of. I think it prepares you for the preseason and then for the regular season.”

On the differences between the Broncos and Jets locker-rooms:

“I feel like there was really good chemistry in Denver. I feel like there’s a really good chemistry here. Obviously this is day four so it’s early. I think one of the things about a season and a team and how good you can be is how much you come together during a season. Through the ups, how you handle it, and through the lows, how you handle it. Does it bring you together? Does it pull you apart? I think that’ll be key for us. Right now, I think it’s been great. I think guys are really encouraging one another, they’re pushing one another, there’s great attitude, there’s great enthusiasm. I think that starts with the coaches and it trickles down to the players and everyone in the organization.”

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