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1495 Sports is proud to bring these quotes from the New York Jets, as they enter into day four of their training camp in Cortland, NY. Bart Scott, Darrelle Revis and Rex Ryan all chatted with media and below are the highlights of what they had to say.

On if it felt good to practice in pads:

“It feels real good.  You get more of a realistic look.  Guys get out and have another opportunity to realize how their fits are going to be.  It is good because you can go full speed.  You are not gearing down, trying not to knock knees and everything like that.  You can take the next step to being a more complete defense and understand how to play off of each other.”

 On how good he thinks the defense can be:

“As good as it wants to be.  We have to come out here and we have to put the work in.  We have to master the defense.  Now we are to the point where we have been in this system for four years, now it is time to take it from just what you see with the “X’s” and “O’s” and try and take it to the master level. To be able to take it to where you are asking graduate level questions, you are trying graduate level things.  Whenever you can get to that point where you can create defense it makes it look more remarkable than it is.  We have to understand where everybody is going to be and what everybody is going to do.”

 Cornerback Darelle Revis missed most of practice on Sunday with some tightness in his right hamstring.

 On if he’s concerned about his leg Revis had this to say:

“About the leg? No, I’m not concerned.  We’re just sort of being cautious right now.  The trainers are, you know John Mellody, doing a great job.  We’re just making sure we do our maintenance for me and being cautious about it.”

 On whether this is something he’ll be keeping an eye on due to past problems:

“ Yeah. Yeah. Yeah, I have had a lot of hamstring problems. So this is just something where we’re trying to take care of it before it even occurs.  It’s just a little tightness, loosened it up this morning and was ready to go.  But you know, John Mellody told some of the coaches to sit me out.   I think the deal out there today was they just wanted to sit me out and be ready for next practice.”

 On whether there was a specific play where he felt his hamstring tighten up:

“No, I just think it’s just the process of just getting back into it.  We ran the conditioning test the day before and we’ve been doing a lot of work.  Practice has been a little more intense this year, and I think that’s because of coach (Tony) Sparano coming in and it’s kind of a fast pace for the offense now.  So I think it’s kind of a bunch of reps we’ve been taking.  And my hamstring, I’m just trying to be really cautious with it.”

 Head coach Rex Ryan began the day by saying this to the media:

“First off, this just in, the weather was better today. I just want to put that out there. It was the first day of pads, so as a coach you look forward to it. Obviously, it’s been forever since we’ve been in pads. All the way back, we never made the playoffs. Three straight years, I coached or was part of a team that went to a championship game, although we lost all three. But, you’re used to playing a month later into the season. This one just seemed like it took forever to get here, to get those pads on, but it was good. Once we got out there, it was fantastic. If you include the nine-on-seven portion of the practice, our first 22 snaps of team were runs. I thought that was interesting. We even had a special category period that had nothing to do with the run and we just did 22 runs. We need to establish the running game and have our opponents understand that we are a running team. We will run the football, but 22-straight, I don’t know if I even envisioned that much. That was absolutely terrific. I liked the mindset we had. There were some guys who stood out today. We had a couple guys on defense, the young guys. (Damon Harrison) I call him the wrecking ball; he has the biggest helmet in the history of our franchise, number 71. He’s a big ole dude from William Penn. He looked pretty good. He’s a 340-pound nose tackle. It was his kind of day, a running day. He looked pretty good out there. Then, Austin Howard is a guy who I was really excited about going into the off-season. He proceeded to show up maybe 20 pounds overweight, so I wasn’t as excited about him, but when we got to training camp he was back in shape. He had the weight under control. He had his weight way back down to under-340. This is a big man, 6-8 or whatever he is, 340 pounds, but he comes off and he can bend. That’s what he showed last year as we got going. That was why we were really excited about him. We saw that today. He was really moving some people off the line today. That was encouraging. The competition, you talk about these black jerseys and who’s going to wear them. You had Bart Scott talking about making sure his has starch in it. They’re thinking about it and talking about it. Little things like that pick up the competition and it’s great. I like the way some of our backs ran today. Shonn Greene hit a couple of four, five and six-yard runs, but that is how you win. You win with those kinds of runs, so that was good. Joe McKnight had a couple of big runs for us today; Powell is showing up and then (Terrance) Ganaway. Josh Baker broke his nose today. What’s not surprising? When someone breaks their nose, you know things are going well for you, the first day of camp when you have pads on. That’s why he was wearing a red jersey. Ganaway filled in at tailback and at fullback. That’s good to see. He says, “Rex that fullback (position), it’s a little different in there.” (I said), yeah son, just keep blocking, as far as you know we’ll give you the football. He did a nice job in there, so that was good. I was a little disappointed we had a few too many false starts. We started the live part of our team drill and Mark (Sanchez) throws the ball out there to (Santonio) Holmes. We get about an eight, nine-yard completion in there, a 10-yard completion, and then we have a false start. We really have to be mindful of that snap count. Little things, but other than a few things like that, I was pleased with the effort today.”

 On what he saw from Aaron Maybin:

“A lot, and not surprisingly, (as) a guy who went to the same high school (Mount Hebron HS/Ellicott City, MD) as my oldest son, I expect a lot from him. The guy has been tremendous. Mike Pettine did a great job yesterday (when) he showed Aaron (Maybin) running to the football like he does. He said “Guys, as teammates you have to be embarrassed because this guy embarrassed the other 10 guys that were out there at that time.” They might have been thinking they were going hard, but this guy reminds me a little of Michael McCrary, in the fact that when I had this young man in Baltimore, he was relentless. That’s the way Aaron plays.  He goes 100 miles an hour, and I think LaRon Landry and him, that’s kind of how they do it.  He doesn’t play with any brakes.  He doesn’t slow down until he runs into something.  That’s who he is and that’s who he’s been since he’s been a New York Jet.”

 On Yeremiah Bell:

“It’s worth it.  He has stepped in from day one. He had a thinking buddy with him in Eric Smith initially.  He doesn’t need it now. He’s dialed in on this defense. It’s his defense now and he’s been absolutely tremendous. When you start blitzing him in live drills, he’s going to show up.  Today, there was kind of a little thud thing. He stepped in there and was backing off and Shonn kept going on one of those runs.  He has way more cover skills than he is ever given credit for.  He’s not just an in-the-box safety.  Neither is LaRon Landry. They can do multiple things.  Both guys can run. They’re smart and have ball skills. I think that’s what you’re seeing from Yeremiah.”

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