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1495 Sports is proud to bring these quotes from Santonio Holmes, Rex Ryan, Mark Sanchez and Tim Tebow from Day Two of the New York Jets training camp in Cortland, NY.

Coach Ryan had this to say of the day:

“The thing that I thought was interesting today was the 9-on-7 mentality, now obviously we don’t have pads on, so we weren’t very physical and all of that. (I) want to make sure everybody is clear on that so we are still in a finable (period) until we get the pads on, so we were not physical at all. But just the mentality, I can’t wait to see that drill every day. And the reason for it is, on defense we have kind of the mentality that we can stop anybody running the football. And on offense we had the exact opposite mentality, that we could run the ball on anybody. That’s set through Tony Sparano and Dave DeGuglielmo, that’s kind of the mindset we are trying to develop on offense and defense. So that’s going to be an interesting period. So when you come here to practice, when you got the pads on, that’ll be one you’ll want to watch for sure. The other thing that I really liked today that kind of jumped out, two things that I noticed, number one was the tempo of practice. I think the tempo of practice, to be able to get through the scripted plays, yet we doubled the reps. In a couple of periods, we actually doubled the reps. And that’s good for the threes (third-team), you try to see what they can do and you add the reps onto those guys at the end. Tony is always stressing tempo, tempo, get them in and out of the huddle all the time. And you see that on the practice field. The thing I like the most about that is we will be a team that’s in shape. There is no doubt we will be in shape, because that offense is going to force us that way. The other thing you’ll notice, we had a first and second down emphasis today, you see a lot of runs, play-action and the ball is going down the field. Even that first play when Darrelle Revis does a great job covering Stephen Hill, (Revis) tips the ball up, Hill makes the catch, great play and things like that. But when you look at Tony’s history, wherever he’s been, those receivers, I know you guys will do the research, I believe the receivers, from the tight end to the X, Z, all those guys are averaging about 15 yards a catch or more. I think that’s where you get that from, you’re starting to see it here, the ability to be in great shape, the tempo, and being able to attack a defense down the field. So you see that even from the first day, you start that kind of mindset and mentality that we have.”

On if he saw any of Tim Tebow’s plays on special teams:

“No, I saw him a little bit, just as Mike Westhoff said, we’ve got a thousand of them, so we’ve got some of those types of fakes in there. It will be interesting and I understand what people say, you don’t want him back there. But you guys see what he looks like, the guy’s 250 pounds. Go ahead and try to blast him if you want to, because he’s going to hit you back, I promise you that. He’s not just going to catch things over there, he is a football player. You have to think twice before you send them all out to rush because this guy can fake it. He can throw it, he can run inside, run outside, do a lot of different things, he’s smart. I love his attitude about playing that position. Eric Smith is another great one over there. We certainly have some weapons there. I don’t know if you want to rush the punter the way you might other teams.”

On if he was surprised at how crisp the offense looks:

“I think it’s the work that was done through the mini-camps and everything. The fact that we came in great shape was part of that as well. We go right back to day one installation, we feel comfortable with it. But yeah you’re right, I think we have a better grasp of our offense than we probably thought we would at this stage. Meaning that, it is the first day of training camp. The defense has been together now for four years so obviously they’re going to be pretty sharp. But the offense was sharp. So that’s really encouraging to me. It’s not surprising. The kind of teacher we have with Tony heading the group, Guge, same thing what we do defensively we do on offense, just repeat it. Who are we? Well if you ask our team, it’s the running game, boss-power base, boom, done next. They’ll all tell you the same answer or something close to it I hope. It’s repetitive, excellent teachers in the classroom, and mental mistakes aren’t going to be tolerated.”

On Santonio Holmes and Mark Sanchez being on the same page at practice:

“Yeah, I noticed it a couple times. The thing I was most impressed with was, I mean the one catch (Holmes) made was tremendous, when Sanchez laid it out there, great throw, Tone (Holmes) makes a great catch. (Sanchez) had to put in the only spot because Revis was all over it, but those are the kind of players both of these guys are. You know Tone can make those catches. But the one that jumped out to me today, it was against air, but Sanchez is saying okay, we’re playing like we have this coverage. So he goes “Hey Tone, you got this.” And I see Tone sell this hard, outside route like he’s going vertical, goes back in on the slant to get underneath, and the pass delivered right there. I said see these guys are on the same page. It’s interesting.”

Thoughts on Stephen Hill:

“He is young and fast. That’s what I thought of him. Now did anybody pick up the most impressive thing today? It was not the catch over Revis, even though Revis was in great coverage, catching the ball and all that stuff. I saw a block and I saw a corner go down. I never knew who it was. Oh, it was Revis, alright. I guess (with) that Georgia Tech background, (Hill) probably played with a full-cage facemask. I’m not sure. He’s impressive. You know how I felt, we drafted a wide out in the second round, traded up to get him, are you kidding me? But I definitely take credit for that second round pick. (Mike) Tannenbaum says ‘No, you’re not, that’s his pick’ and he’s right. But so far so good and, really, he’s been impressive.”

On Tebow’s performance at quarterback:

“Saw some good things. I think there’s some times where Tim, he breaks contain one time, it was great. The end, I think it was (Marcus) Dixon, did a nice job of closing. When you have that ground, it’s okay to throw (the ball) out of bounds. You don’t have to stand there, smack the guy away and then run. He’s so competitive, that hey, that first guy, I’ll shrug him off and then run. I like the way he’s looking down the field. He’s made some nice throws, and then there are times where he underthrew the big wide-out, Hill. But that’s going to happen, we all understand the kid (Hill) runs a 4.2 something. Let it go early. The hardest thing to do is have touch on that deep ball and he really does have it. That’s why I am surprised that the ball doesn’t come out a little quicker. But overall, I am impressed with Tim, the way he throws the ball down the field. Sometimes the touch on the shorter passes, he’s working hard at getting better at those things as well.”

Wide receiver Santonio Holmes had this to say on building a bond with Mark Sanchez:

“It’s building trust.  If he can trust me, that I’m going to be where I’m supposed to be, I’m going to do what I say I’m going to do and he’s going to feel comfortable about it.  I think the connection can only get better from this point on.”

Holmes also shared these comments on the first practice:

“It was fast paced.  Coach talked about how our offensive line did the 9-on-7 drill, and those guys got through about twice as many reps as we did last year because he’s been keeping that tally and seeing how hard we work as a group this year compared to the way we didn’t work last year and I think it’s working tremendously for us in our favor.”

On specific things he worked on in the offseason:

“There is a lot of things.  If I give them to you guys, I give them to all the defensive players that I have to go against.  I can’t do that.  I can’t open up that far.”

On the offense looking sharp:

“I think the mindset that Coach Sparano drills into our head every day in the meeting room is how much he wants this tempo to pick up.  And if we believe that he picked the right group of guys to play on this team, we have to carry out what his message is to us, and that is to have a fast tempo, and that is to wear out every defensive team that we play against, every snap.”

On Tim Tebow and what he brings to the team:

“He’s a football player.  Once he steps on the football field on Sundays, he gets his yardage, he makes the plays, he keeps the crowd excited, he keeps us moving, he keeps the chains moving, and I think that’s all we can ask for from him.”

Quarterback Mark Sanchez had this to say on how the first practice went:

“Awesome, it was exactly what we wanted. You already alluded to it, the pace, the tempo, the excitement.  That was perfect, exactly what Coach Sparano was preaching to us last night. I know he wasn’t sleeping because he was screaming at us last night and getting us excited. That’s the kind of attitude we need to play with and obviously we get results.”

On if the offseason work he did with Santonio Holmes has helped them:

“Absolutely, not just the work, but every rep you can take obviously helps you down the line. I think it’s just that attitude, the extra work we put in and the mentality that we put into it that we’re ready to attack this thing together. We really worked on our communication this offseason and it looked great. It really did look great. He was running hard today, coming off the ball, firing off the ball and setting a really good example for the young wideouts.”

On what he thought of Tim Tebow’s play today:

“He looked great in all phases. He was sprinting down on special teams like a monster. He made some good throws and had some good scrambles. The more we can do as a group; it’s a pretty special group in our room, so we’re thrilled to have him.”

On the deep sideline catch made by Stephen Hill:

“It was awesome and right out of the gate too. Rev made a good play to tip it and Stephen (Hill) stayed with it. It was another encouraging play and something fun, something all of us could rally around. It was big for Stephen. He didn’t show it much, but I know he was nervous. For a first day, for a first-timer like that, that’s big and it gives him a lot of confidence. You could tell that weight was kind of lifted off his shoulders. He got a catch. He was into the groove of practice and started rolling, so that was fun.”

On how much better Hill will get by facing Revis in practice:

“It’s going to make him so much better, (facing Revis), (Antonio) Cromartie and Kyle Wilson. This is one of the best secondaries he’ll face. Also, the physicality of those safeties, there’s nobody around like them. That’s huge for him. He’ll really need to work against these guys and will learn a lot from them.”

On if Shonn Green knows that it is his time to shine:

“He knows. He’s our big back. He’s our veteran in the backfield. He’s seen some great players in front of him and now he knows it’s time for 23 to take off and have a stat year. He’s seen a great pro in Thomas Jones and a probable first-ballot Hall-of-Famer in LT (LaDainian Tomlinson). Now he’s ready. He’s learned a lot from both of them and now he’s ready to play.”

On whether he is happy to come back to Cortland:

“Absolutely, just coming back here is so nice. They’re so gracious to us. They’re so welcoming and inviting. It’s the best place to have training camp. Hopefully, we’ll get the fans out here soon and have a blast with them.”

Quarterback Tim Tebow had this to say after day one:

“I feel pretty good out there, there’s always room for improvement but I felt like I did some good things and I’m happy with my first day of camp.”

On the challenges of learning this offense:

“Well you know, Coach Sparano does a great job of explaining it in meetings. He makes (it) so that you can really understand the crossing routes and plays, so that makes it easier.  Obviously, it is very complicated and you have to really drive at it and I feel like for the first day I handled it pretty well.”

On training for special teams:

“We try to have fun with that (laughing). I get a lot of running in which is different for a quarterback but we did some pretty cool things out there.”

On explaining the special team plays he has been working on:

“Explain them to you? I don’t know if I can do that. It was fun. I think the goal is to keep the other teams off balance and not let them know what we’re doing.  We want to have a lot of unique good looks and I think some of the stuff we were practicing was fun and we showed a lot of good things.”

On his chemistry is going with the receivers:

“It’s going really well. I felt like in one-on-one and even as a team, I think we did some good things for our first day.  I felt like the receivers are really going to improve the offense, I mean they are running crisp routes and I felt like the timing was pretty good.”

On if he felt pressure on his first day at a new training camp:

“I think always the first day you’re very excited, I felt like because I was with a new team I was a little extra excited and I’m just looking forward to getting out here and playing and really starting camp. So I guess I can say I was pretty excited. I don’t know if I was nervous, I think I was more anxious to be out there and really start the season.”

On whether he thinks being in Cortland with his teammates is a good bonding experience:

“Yes, I really do think it’s a great bonding experience. I feel like it is something I haven’t really had a chance to do in the NFL I feel like it’s huge.  It takes so many of the outside distractions away and you’re really just together.  Your spending time together and you’re tired, and going through camp, and the grind, and there are not many other people to lean on with your family and friends gone so you lean on each other and that’s good.”

How much does it help that he gets along with Sanchez:

“Well I feel like just competing and talking and hanging out-you want to learn together.  We spend extra time studying and watching film, all those things, so we’re together quite a few hours a day so it helps that we get along with one another.”

On how different practice was with the special teams packages mixed in:

“Well, I felt like it was very similar only in special teams instead of going to work on individual I go work on that so you change your mind set a little bit but you know it’s fun.  I had a good time out there and you’re so involved, you are making all the calls and all the checks, and that’s fun for me.”

On if he thinks of himself as a quarterback and a special teams player:

“I don’t really know if that’s how I look at it. I just look at it as I am a quarterback and then I sort of have to go be a quarterback on fourth down.  You know it’s been fun for me. It’s something that I’m learning and all the stuff we were doing today I feel like we did a lot of different looks and a lot of trick moves and it’ll be fun to see what happens with it.”

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